The Year of Robo Chapter 16

July 2300 (2)

By Robo

July 18, 2300

The Mother Brain had summoned Atropos-XR for a private meeting, where it was very likely that Atropos would be punished for her failure to kill Robo.

"Atropos," began the Mother Brain, "I do not see how you could not handle Prometheus. He had no weapons, and I had given you Prometheus' weapons system as well. You were supposed to kill him using your own weapons and his weapons as well."

"It appeared that he had been one step ahead of us," explained Atropos. "He must have altered his weapon systems before we captured him. I tried to use Prometheus' weapons, but they were incompatible with my programming. And there is more to him than meets the eye," she added. "I hit him with literally everything I had, but his endurance is incredible."

Although she spoke the truth, Mother Brain did not believe her. She thought that Atropos lost because she was afraid of Robo. "Well, I will not blame it entirely on you. These last few months have taken a toll on all of us, especially you You have had to plan each and every attack on Lab 32 and the Factory and I am proud of you, but it is taking its toll on you. I am going to make things much easier for you."

Atropos liked the sound of this.

"Which is why I have come to a decision," continued the Mother Brain. "I have concluded that so you will not have so much to worry about and therefore will function better, I am assigning you a partner."

Atropos did not like the sound of this at all. "Mother! I can take care of anything and everything by myself. I work alone, no partners!" She did not want another robot to take credit for the victories against the humans which were soon to come. Even worse, she did not want another robot to eventually replace her at Mother Brain's side. Atropos did not like what the Mother Brain was cooking.

"It is not as if you have any choice," said the Mother Brain. "But do not worry, this time I will pair you with a more suitable partner. My spies have studied the force known as magic and learned the secret of the most powerful magic is to mix it. Any combination of water, fire, and lightning magic will create Shadow magic. I have been able to simulate this type of magic, which is not unlike the Laser Spin which you, the XR-Series, Prometheus, and R-Series use. However, this new robot which I have named Death, contains so much more than that."

A door opened and in walked a seven foot tall robot, wielding a sword as tall as himself. "The secret to Death's power is mixing fire beams, ice beams, and lighting beams internally. The end result is a force remarkable similar to Shadow magic!"

Death walked straight past Atropos and bowed before the Mother Brain. "I will do what that fool Atropos could not accomplish. Allow be to demonstrate, Mother, so that I may make a believer out of Atropos."

Mother Brain opened a door, and in walked R-77Y, one of the few remaining of the R-Series. Before he had a chance to enter the room, Death shot out a beam of darkness, and completely destroyed his victom. "Of course, that is one of my weaker weapons," said Death to Atropos. To Atropos he whispered, "As soon as I show Mother my true power on the front lines, you and the other XR-Series will become obsolete."

Death left the room and the Mother Brain said, "What are you still doing, hanging around here? Go with your new partner and lead the XR-Series on the final assalt on the Factory!"

Atropos left, grumbling curses under her breath about the Mother Brain. She knew if she did not do anything about Death, her days would be numbered. Death glanced at her and said, "I do not like having to work with inferior units, even the XR-Series. But until the Mother Brain realizes that she has only wasted her time with the likes of you, in appears as if I will put up with you. For now I must got to the Factory for our next attack. I will see you there." He teleported himself to the Factory, while Atropos stepped into the Teleporter, soon to follow.


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