The Year Of Robo Chapter 22

October 2300

By Robo

“Summon Prometheus II,” Atropos blankly stated.

“As you wish,” replied XR-201, Atropos’ bodyguard. XR-201 was one of the last of Atropos’ original bodyguards. Her previous bodyguards had mysteriously disappeared one by one, and soon after her new bodyguards and “followers” had appeared. There were now approximately three hundred followers now. They looked liked the rest of the XR-Series to XR-201, but Atropos insisted that they were not XR-Series. XR-201 had no knowledge of these suspicious new units, and wondered if Mother Brain had any knowledge either.

Prometheus II was a last minute effort created by Mother Brain. Her hope was to recreate the independent thought of Robo. The Mother Brain’s strategy was simple: her previously successful methods could not compete with this reinforced strength of the humans. Therefore, it would take a mind independent from hers to establish a new strategy that was successful. Unfortunately for the robots, it was not enough to prevent what looked the inevitable end of the war.

XR-201 walked down the halls of the Geno Dome. The dome had become a little run down in these recent months. With the loss of many fronts, there were few units that had not been sent to defend the front lines left to maintain the dome. A clean, efficiently run dome was one of the many sacrifices that Mother Brain said would have to be made.

He came into the quarters of Prometheus II. “You have been summoned by the great Atropos, second in command of all the Geno Dome.”

“I would rather not speak with her now,” came the voice of Prometheus II. He was basically one of the XR-Series picked at random, who was installed with a controversial computer chip that gave him independent thought. It was rumored that he contained emotions, but all speculation was forbidden to be openly discussed by the Mother Brain herself.

“You have no choice in this matter, Master Prometheus II,” XR-201 replied. “Do you not remain loyal to Mother?”

“Just because I am independent does not mean I have no sense of loyalty for she who created me,” slowly replied Prometheus II. “Who I have no loyalty for, is Atropos. It is her loyalty, not mine, that should be questioned. Answer me honestly, XR-201, do you not believe that she plans rebellion, or possibly worse?”

“That is a subject that is to remain closed,” answered XR-201 quickly. All of the robots were programmed for a sense of loyalty for both Mother Brain and Atropos-XR. However, the thought had occurred to him.

Out of the doors stepped Prometheus II, he was even painted a gold, more Mother Brain’s idea of mockery for Robo than anything else. “Let us visit our mistress then,” said Prometheus II.

They walked the short distance to Atropos’ quarters. “I see you have come at last,” said Atropos upon their arrival. Behind her stood eight of her new guards. They were painted a metallic green and engraved on their chests were written “New Age.” Behind them was Atropos’ banner, in the center was a clenched robotic fist, which Atropos claimed to be her “new symbol.” Beneath her symbol were also written the words “New Age.” It was no secret that Atropos kept it well hidden from Mother Brain. As far as either XR-201 or Prometheus II knew, Mother Brain had no knowledge of Atropos’ new followers or this recent and disturbing behavior.

“If I knew not any better, I would assume you were planning a rebellion,” stated Prometheus II flatly.

Atropos ignored it and said, “Well, if it isn’t Prometheus II, and if I am not mistaken, the one responsible for the fall of Lab 16?”

“I defended Lab 16 to the best of my abilities,” replied Prometheus II defensively. “Which was a lot more than you had done.”

“Believe me, I have done much, even if you or Mother are not aware of it,” Atropos replied smoothly. “I have been keeping myself busy. However, I had planned on your plans to defend the Trann Dome be adequate to prevent the spread of human forces. I also expected you to keep Lab 16 from falling into their primitive hands. Your failure to do so will be a hindrance to my future plans.”

“Am I correct in assuming your ‘plans’ have something to do with rebellion?” asked Prometheus II.

“You finally figured it out!” cried Atropos sarcastically. “Yes, Mother has proven she is inferior. Soon she shall become obsolete. As will you.”

Atropos fired a laser beam and hit Prometheus II square in the chest. It was a heavy blow and Prometheus II was barely functioning. “You are indeed…a traitor. I cannot allow you to succeed. I shall never…let you defeat…Mother!”

Prometheus II tried to fire back but was destroyed by Atropos’ bodyguards. XR-201 looked at Atropos and said, “You are a traitor to Mother’s cause. You will be exterminated.” As soon as XR-201 spoke those words, Atropos ordered her guards to seize him. “Prometheus II was a failure,” said Atropos to XR-201. “But, you I have use for. I must have been the only robot created with any intelligence, which has become an advantage for me. Have not you figured it out? My new followers are nothing more than former XR-Series and R-Series. I have just reprogrammed them to agree with my logic and gave them a new paint job. Soon the same will happen to you.” She nodded to one of her guards, who fired a weapon upon the helpless XR-201, shutting him down.

“Preparing XR-201 for reprogramming,” said one of Atropos’ followers.

After XR-201 was dragged out of the room, Atropos activated the communicator and found herself speaking with Mother Brain.

“Mother, I have terrible and disturbing news.”

“What do you mean?” asked Mother Brain skeptically.

“Prometheus II was a defect, disloyal to you and your glorious cause,” lied Atropos. I was forced to terminate him.”

“A traitor?” Mother Brain exclaimed. “You know how I feel about treachery. The ungrateful swine! I trust you gave him a death fitting for such a miserable coward.”

“He is no longer a problem,” said Atropos.

“Very well,” said Mother Brain as her face disappeared on the screen.

“And so begins my plan, which I have had planned for over two decades,” said Atropos. “Mother will soon fall and then the New Age will begin.. Then I will retake all that the humans have reconquered. Then I will accomplish what Mother could never accomplish…exterminate the humans once and for all!”


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