Year of Robo Chapter 3

February 2300 (1)

By Robo

February 1, 2300

Robo sat all alone, in his private room in the Geno Dome. He had studied the program the Mother Brain had given him, and now had it memorized.

It had all begun on January 14, 1999 when Lavos erupted from the ground. Although unknown travelers (unknown to everyone except Robo, of course) had blasted through it with an unknown flying device and destroyed the creature's core, the robots, actually Mother Brain, believed that the humans' inefficient method of security was no longer acceptable. By 2002 she freely admitted her plans to the robots and tried in vain to gain the support of her fellow robots, but only one, Atropos XR, decided to betray the humans. The humans as a result, partially wiped out Mother Brain's memories the following year.

Sadly they did not know of Atropos' involvement, who kept the copies of the Mother Brian's memories in her files. For the next several decades, Mother Brain became the loyal servant to the humans again, who gave her complete control of the Geno Dome and production of the robot by the year 2085. Atropos decided it was time to give back the memories to her old master. With her memories back, Mother Brain decided that she was correct in her old decisions of overthrowing the humans, and secretly programmed the robots worldwide as well as robots to created in the future to give in to her way of thinking.

Finally in the year of 2113, she led her attack and took control of the Geno Dome and conquered the Trann Dome. In 2118 they took the Bangor Dome and Arris Dome. By 2121 she captured Lab 13, giving the robots a huge advantage as they began construction of chemical weapons and genetically engineered mutants. Finally in 2133, with the help of Johnny, they captured Lab 32. The humans had almost been conquered until they met slight resistance from The Factory and the Proto Dome in the east. The robots were ready for an invasion in the year 2143 but the battle took an unexpected turn and the humans scored a fluke victory. They continued to fight until the robots were forced to retreat in the year of 2175. They changed their strategy of attack to form a plan designed to win a long term war, and came back in the year of 2200 with this new plan. The humans also had prepared for this, and once again became more organized and prepared. They have been at war for the last century, neither side seeming to gain advantage...

"R66-Y, the Mother Brain requests you immediate presence," Robo stopped recalling the past events and noticed R-82Y standing at the doorway. "Yes, I will see her momentarily, you are dismissed," The blue robot walked off. "The future has been through a lot, Lavos is destroyed but know there is a new battle to be fought. And am undecided about which side to take." Robo left his quarters, with a feeling that very soon he would have to chose sides in the very near future, whether he wanted to or not.

"Welcome R-66Y, I trust you found the history programs we sent to you amusing?" Mother Brain had insisted that Robo be caught up on what happened before the incident that Robo had lied to them about his memory eras ion. "What it didn't include, was that unlike the other R Series, you were installed with additional weapon systems. In addition to the standard Rocket Punch, Cure Beam, and Laser Spin, you were equipped with the Tackle, Heal Beam, Uzi Punch, and Area Bomb," she laughed wickedly. "We thought you died in one of our attempts to take the eastern domes. Your weapon systems were so important to the victory of that battle and it lead to our retreat in 2175. The only other robot equipped with these advanced weapon systems was Atropos XR."

Robo did not want to think about her. In the alternate future, she had been his girlfriend, as hard as it seemed for him to believe. When he returned, she tried to kill him for protecting his human friends. He guessed she would be worse in this future. It was interesting to Robo that the R-66Y in this future had died, and thus caused the fluke victory of the humans in this future. It also seemed in this future that they had not developed the plasma beam, or as he called it, the Shock, in this future. It was a powerful weapon and the Mother Brain would probably take him apart and remove it from him if she knew he had it.

"In fact, you lead up to the invention of the XR series," she continued her story. "Atropos is the only one right now, but in 10 years we will begin mass construction of them! They won't stand a chance!" Now she looked grim. "We do have new problems again. The humans are more than what meets the eye. There are reports that an old man appeared one day, for no reason and began to lead them. I also believe they have a hidden dome we do not know about, and that is where they are really centered. I also believe they move back and forth using the Sewer Access, but we have not been able to catch or stop the, despite recent efforts to use our mutants to block their transportation. Actually, you could be our worst threat. It is possible that you now have regained your independence since your memory incident. So you have a choice," she made a made a button light up, and in a matter of seconds the room filled up with hundreds of robots, several of the R Series, and finally, Atropos herself. "You may join us once again or die. You will be given 30 seconds to make up your mind. After which, you will be deactivated, permanently. Do not throw away this opportunity."

Atropos walked right up in front of Robo. For the first time since he arrived, he was face to face with her. She was just as he remembered, painted a metallic pink, and with that huge, blue bow on her head. She whispered, "Join us and you will regain your legendary status, plan attacks once again, and most of all you will get to have dates with me." She laughed.

Robo stared her straight in her eyes and said, "Mother Brain, I do not need thirty seconds to make up my mind. I accept your offer." The robots in the room, including Mother Brain and Atropos, raised their left arm in salute to Robo's decision.


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