The Year of Robo Epilogue

December 2300 (2)

By Robo

December 19, 2300

"Robo, I have a surprise for you," said Belthasar.

"Greetings, Master Belthasar," he said as he bowed. "Greetings, Melichoir," he said. Melichoir nodded back. "And greetings, President Davis." Davis nodded. "I had no knowledge of this surprise," Robo said.

"That's what makes it a surprise," answered Melichoir. "Honestly, how can you be so smart, and yet so dumb at the same time."

"Well never mind, let's board the Epoch," Belthasar interrupted.

"If your idea is to take me to another time period for me to find a home in, I would not recommend it. Finding a new home in the past for me could easily change the course of history in ways we cannot imagine."

"No," Melichoir replied. "Belthasar and I have been discussing, and there is a place perhaps for you after all. It's up to you."

"And you'll get to meet an old friend, from what these two tell me about the place they are going to take you," Davis said.

"Well, I am ready," Robo answered. "I suppose this is good-bye, Master Davis. Congratulations on winning the election."

"You could have easily beaten me, had you ran," he admitted.

"True," Robo considered. "But after the long war with the Mother Brain, is Guardia ready for a robot leader? I believe the answer is no."

"Let's get a move on," laughed Melichoir. "Before Belthasar and myself die of old age. And with in our age, that isn't a bad prediction." He chuckled, and climbed in.

Belthasar also climbed in the back seat, leaving the pilot seat unoccupied. "Would you do the honors, Robo? Just activate the Epoch. We already have the coordinates punched in."

"Epoch ready for takeoff," Robo said, as the time machine lifted off and sped through time. It was a quick, smooth ride, and in a short time, the Epoch was docked. Robo looked out the window, and saw nothing but a black, empty void all around him. "Where are we?" He suddenly knew the answer. "The End of Time!"

They walked out of the Epoch, and found Gaspar sitting at the lamppost, awake for once. "You're here!" he cried. "Both of you! And the delightful robot too."

"It's been a while," Belthasar said. "We are here to, if you would want to-"

"Yes, I know why you're here," he answered. "I am the Guru of Time, and I am constantly watching over all of you."

"Never could pull the wool over the eyes of Gaspar," Melichoir laughed.

"I know what you're up to," continued Gaspar. "Coming to take me out of here. You two want to take me to that crazy future world where Belthasar lives. I know what you're up to."

"We just though-"

Gaspar cut him off. "Well, it's about time! Sheesh, I thought you'd never get around to coming. Just a minute, okay." He pulled of his trench coat, revealing the red uniform he wore during his days from the Kingdom of Zeal. He took off his brown hat and replaced it with the Zealian style red hat he once wore. "I can't say I'm glad to say good-bye to this place. Staying here all the time with only Spekkio to keep you company is enough to drive one insane."

"I am glad to see you united," Robo said. "But at the risk of sounding rude, I must ask, why have I been brought here?"

"Well, from what I understand, you have no real home. No real family. Your friends live in the past and have their own lives," Gaspar said.

"Correct," answered Robo.

"So how about it?" Gaspar asked. "Want to stay here? You'd make a great Guru of Time. You're immortal, so you dying of old age would be no problem. You're a robot, so the solitude wouldn't do you in. You would just stay here, keep a close eye on the time periods, and should another group of time traveling arrive here, you get to advise them along their quest," added Gaspar with a wink.

"It would be an honor," Robo said with a courteous bow. "Good-bye Master Belthasar. Good-bye Master Gaspar. Good-bye, Master Melichoir."

"One more thing," said Gaspar. "If you're the new Guru of Time, you have to wear the hat." He took out his brown hat and placed it on Robo's head. Robo would have stated that the hat looked silly on him, but that would be rude. "Now, you look like a guru, sort of."

"Take care of yourself," Melichoir said.

"Well, the Lavos are dead, and the Mother Brain destroyed," Belthasar said. "Do you think now the world is finally safe?"

"The world is never truly safe," answered Robo. "New evils always surface to take the place of their predecessors. But I will always be here, ready to travel through time and assemble a new group of heroes, if necessary."

"That's super," said Gaspar sarcastically. "But we really must be going. However, if anyone is taking my place, I'm glad its you."

They climbed into the Epoch. The retired Guru of Reason, retired Guru of Time, and retired Guru of Life waved good-bye, and took flew away in the Epoch.

"Well," said Robo. "My first day on the job, so to speak."

"Hey, is the old geezer gone?" came a voice. Into the room stepped Spekkio, Master of War. "Hey, Gaspar wasn't kidding! You really are the new Guru of Time! This is great. You're that toy that wasn't alive, aren't you? I bet you have plenty of good battles to tell about. Like the time you all fought Magus in his castle, or the time you defeated Dalton at the Blackbird, or-"

"Here you are," Robo said, handing him the book Lucca gave him. "In it tells our adventure, and every battle we faced. I am sure that you, the Master of War, will find it interesting."

"All right!" he cried. Spekkio returned to his room and started reading.

"Well," said Robo. "All is well in the time periods. Wait a minute, something interesting is going on in the year 600 A.D....."


A note from the author:

Well, I am finished! Now that this story is complete, I do not have to write it anymore. I suppose now that it's finished it is also fair game to be criticized by the Fanfic reviewers. Let me save them the trouble. There were some very obvious problems in the story. The biggest was that I did not really plan out the story at all. When I first started, I had no idea where it would end. Even worse was that I just made it up as I went along, and regretted many events and characters I introduced in the story. I wanted to give a story where Robo had the leading role, but this story was almost more of an insult than a tribute to my favorite Chrono Trigger character. Now that I have written it, I can think of so many more great plots this story could and should have had. On a final note, I would first like to thank "Icy" Brian making my, and everyone else's stories possible as well as thank my fellow Fanfic author and good friend Dragon Knight, for suggesting the idea of having another Lavos crash into the planet as the finale. And as Johnny Gomez says, "Good fight, good night!"


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