To Forgive Chapter 1

Midgar Ruins

By Rozalynn

Running across the field of fresh, immature grass, was a young girl with a buster sword strapped upon her back. She was heading toward the ruins of Midgar in an excited rush. Her recently cut hair had an awkward feel to her, because she was use to it being longer. The clothes she wore now were new too. Earlier that day she had gone shopping for clothes with her mom and had acquired a haircut as well. She would have worn a tank top but since it was the end of January she had on a hooded sweatshirt instead.

Ever since she was a little girl, she had known it was her destiny to be different from the other girls who wore skirts and dresses. She had liked dresses when she was small, but as she grew, she found that it was hard to fight in them. So she preferred pants because they were easier for her to move in. Sora knew when she went back to school people would think she was a boy with her short hair, but she would deal with that when the time came. For now she was going to train. As she approached the vast dead city, she wondered what she might find there in the ruins.

Sora stood in front of the large metal doors leading to the abandoned slums of Midgar. The glass that had once surrounded the slums, now lay shattered on the ground. The only way to get in since, the gates were all locked, was through the empty panels where glass had once been. Without the glass to keep out the beasts of the area, they had taken advantage of it and infested the city.

With her dad's sword securely on her back, she climbed over metal panel that had held the glass, being careful not to get cut by any of the shards. Once Sora had made it over safely, she made her way through the overgrown foliage. This sector had been lucky enough not to totally get crushed by the plate above it where the higher class once lived. It had fallen down crookedly and was now resting sideways on an unknown source.

She had always wanted to come here to this place to train, and now that she had her dad's old sword she could protect herself from the monsters that lurked there. Even though Sora had just turned thirteen she was still very strong, and skilled with a sword. She had been waiting for this day, when she would receive her father's buster sword, and it had come. So here she was in sector five to train.

Sora found it rather strange that there were no monsters around. She had expected to find some because of all the rumors. Besides why would her dad keep her from this place if there weren't hoards of demons to fight? Standing there in the foliage, she mused over the question. She didn't realize or sense the demon watching her through the dense shrubs. It watched her with glowing green eyes, and readied itself to pounce. Before Sora knew it, she was pulling the sword from her back and swinging it at the demon countering its attack of curved razor claws. She managed to force it away and got a good look at it.

It stood on its back legs with its back hunched forward. Upon its head grew two elk looking horns. The demon was panting with its mouth wide open. Inside were jagged looking teeth and there foaming green slobber dripped everywhere. Under its black fur was greenish skin, giving a greenish tint to its looks. The arms hung loosely at its side, letting its claws touch the ground. The demon's leg muscles tensed and it sprang toward her with its head lowered. Sora jumped back instantly and used her sword to block the attack. The demon managed to get one blow in by striking out with one of its long claws making a large gash in her right arm. She hadn't expected it to attack so soon and it looked like she wasn't going to win, so she ran. Sora took her sword and flung it at the beast hoping to distract it. Thankfully it worked and she took off running down a small path in panic.

It wasn't long before she found a place to hide. It was a small rundown church, which seemed to be a good place to go if a demon was after you. Sora ran to the doors and pulled them open. At this moment, the demon came springing around the corner in a furious rage. Sora went quickly through the doorway and hauled the door shut.

Once she was inside the safety of the church walls, she dusted off her new clothes and gave a sigh of relief. Sora realized she wasn't alone, when she found herself just inches away from the tip of a long sword's blade. Holding the hilt of the sword was a boy about a year older than her. What shocked her most was that he was standing nearly six feet away and the tip of his sword was still inches from her chest. Sora was amazed that he could hold it too for it looked so extremely heavy. The expression on his face was intense and defensive, but slowly it softened and he let down his sword. His hair was cut unevenly, like someone had chopped at it with a knife just to get it short. The color was also weird; a silvery grey, which seemed to be a very odd hair color for a thirteen year old.

Before Sora could say anything he spoke; "Oh it's just a girl," and turned away to set his sword down on the ground.

"Just a girl huh?" Sora retorted, "I'm not like one of those weak little girls you know."

"You could've fooled me."

This made her fall silent. Sora realized how much she'd been acting like a fool. She had been reckless in throwing her own sword, just to escape. This thought ashamed her, causing her to look at the ground.

"You okay?" he asked after awhile.

Sora looked up at him startled. She hadn't thought he would care about her feelings. She shook her head quickly and responded, "Yeah I'm okay, I guess. It's just that I through my sword at this demon, because I was loosing, just so I could get away."

At this he laughed, "Why would you do something like that? Most of the monsters here are harmless."

"This one was different. I know it was because of the way it looked. I've never seen or heard of anything that was so green."

"Green huh?" was his response, "That's odd, I've never seen one like that around here." He remained silent pondering with one hand on his chin and his eyes to the ground.

Sora waited, thinking he would say more but he didn't. They stood in silence for awhile until Sora decided to break it, "Um could you tell me your name?"

"Oh! I almost forgot about you!" he said laughing again, "I'm Seph, at least that's what my mom calls me."

"My name's Sora Strife," she replied, "Don't you have a last name?"

"Not that I know of, but enough of that! Lets go find your sword!"

Sora was astonished at Seph's enthusiasm to help find her sword. Her first impression was that he was a caustic and impolite guy, but the outgoing thoughtful person he had turned into surprised her. Before her response could leave her mouth, Seph had already slung his sword over his back and grabbed her hand, so he could drag her out the doors.

Once he had pulled her through and out into the open area in front of the church they looked around. The monster was nowhere to be seen.

"I don't see any demons here," he said, "Are you sure of what you saw?"

She nodded, "Yes, I'm sure. It even gave me this cut, see." Stretching out her right arm she showed him the wound.

At the site of it he winced, "Ow, that must of hurt," he said.

"It didn't-" she started to say, but stopped when she saw it behind Seph. It loomed above him, breathing hard with rage.

"What's the matter?"

Sora simply pointed behind him. Even that small gesture gave him the message.

He stood there rigidly not making a move. Sora couldn't figure out what he was planning or if he was planning anything. Seph slowly reached for his sword. Once his hand gripped the hilt of his sword the demon attacked.


Cloud sat at the counter in Tifa's bar waiting for Sora to return. He knew where she had gone, but he was worried about her. Nowadays he was constantly worried about her. When she was little it was easier because she didn't have school. She didn't have many friends that he knew of, the only person outside their family was, Bailey, who came over once in awhile.

He didn't want her to feel what he felt when he was younger. Cloud knew what it was like not to have any friends. Sora didn't seem depressed, but he still worried just like any parent would do.

Tifa came through the kitchen door behind the counter holding two plates full of excellent smelling food. There was no one else in the bar at the time because Tifa always closed it for lunch.

"Where's Sora and Aeris?" she asked.

"Aeris is still tending her flowers and Sora is off training in the Midgar Ruins," he said with a sigh.

"Sora's training by herself?" Tifa said in a shocked reply, " how could you let her go alone? With no one else with her either!"

"Come on Tifa she'll be okay by herself," he said trying to calm her, "besides I've taught her enough to keep her out of trouble."

She sighed giving up the argument. Instead of replying she set down the two plates of food on the counter and made her way to the other side so she could sit down.

"Looks good," Cloud said, "it's amazing that you haven't stopped cooking for us yet Tifa."

"Well if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have anything to do," she answered picking up her fork.

Cloud nodded. He was ashamed for having Tifa feel like she had to repay him. Trying to get it from his mind he began to eat. At that moment Aeris came in.

"Has Sora come back yet?" was the first thing she said.

"No," said Cloud, "not yet."

"That's what I thought. I'm getting a little worried about her."

'You should be' Tifa thought 'I've been worried about her ever since this morning when she left. 'Tifa got up and grabbed her half eaten plate. "I just made some lunch, Aeris, do you want some?"

Aeris nodded, "Oh sure! I'd love to have some of your cooking Tifa."


Once the dust cleared, the demon lay in a heap of green ooze. They both stood, exhausted from the fight, breathing hard. Sora was set in the familiar pose of her father, with both of her hands on the hilt of her sword. On the other hand, Seph was positioned in a pose unknown to her. His stance resembled that of a samurai. Once he let down his sword, (so the tip of the blade rested on the ground) he wiped the sweat from his brow, with his free hand. At that instant he dropped his sword and with a heavy sigh he flopped to the ground and so did Sora.

Once she had caught her breath, she spoke, "I've never really been in a battle before. I mean, not one that was this hard, like this was."

"I haven't been in one either."

"To me you sure looked like it."

"Really? I only practice with my mom," said Seph, "whenever she comes that is, which isn't very often."

"Oh," she said simply. Not wanting to pry anymore into his personal life, she decided to concentrate on other matters at hand.

Seeing she wasn't going to continue he stood up and said, "Come on I want to show you something."

"What is it?"

"You see that hole in the plate above us?" Seph asked, pointing to the gaping hole, which provided the light inside the sector. It had been created when one of the energy blasts from Meteor.


"Okay, then lets get going!" he said, pulling her along the path.

This took her by surprise, causing her to stumble a little, as he led her by the hand. He only picked up the pace when he sensed she was accustom to his sudden action.

Seph led her down a worn dirt path that had slowly begun to be overgrown by new plants because of the sudden appearance of the sun that had come after Meteor. Beside from the plants there were still the familiar piles of rubble that had been there ever since Cloud had walked the same path. They had only been going down the path for a good four minutes when Seph took a sharp right turn.

What Sora saw before her had once been the only town in the sector five slums. It was clear to her now how the hole had been formed and the result had been the destruction of the town, which was now a pile of ashes.

"Come on… This isn't what I wanted to show you," he said, tugging at her arm, "Snap out of it! Come on!" Sora didn't respond, instead she sank to her knees, taking in the destroyed town.

Sora stood in the middle of the town as it had once been before meteor hit. There were people were running in panic seeming to realize what was happening. Sora looked up just as a vortex of energy came crashing through the plate above. A rush of fear ran through her body right before it hit. The surroundings blew apart around her. She saw it all happen just as it had done so many years ago. Tears came to her eyes in great streams down her face as the thoughts and images ran through her mind. /There had once been people living here… and they were killed because of Meteor…why did that have to happen… to all those innocent people/, she thought.

Seph gave up on communicating to her by yelling, sensing that she wouldn't hear him, he knelt down in front of her. He put his hands on her shoulders, and looked into her eyes that where unfocused, trying to see what she was seeing, and hear what she was hearing.

He sat there with her for a minute or two until her eyes focused on his. Then he spoke, "Are you okay?"

Sora's eyes fell to the ground, "I'll be okay," she said as she stood up.

Seph on the other hand, stayed where he was, on the ground. Looking up at her, he searched her eyes for some sort of sign; once he seemed to have found it he stood.

"You really had me scared for a moment there, Sora," he said showing a small frown, which didn't stay on to long before he was smiling again, "Come on then, this next place wont be tooooo bad. It's very pretty exactly!"

Once wiping away her tears she gave a small nod and followed him through the wreckage. Seph stopped in front of a doorway that had been created by some of the debris that had fallen from the plate above them. The weird thing about it was the way the light shined through so brightly that you couldn't see what was on the other side.

"Lets go in together okay?"

Sora shrugged, "Okay."

All at once, both of them were bathed in the white light of the sun. They were blinded for only a moment but as their eyes became accustomed to the light, a beautiful sight confronted them.

The place Seph had led her to, had once been Aeris' home. The house still looked the same except the roof had been blown off when the town next to it was destroyed. The lucky thing was that when the vortex hit the town it moved away in the other direction from the house.

Sora was surprised at how beautiful it was. The flowers Aeris had grown near the house were now overflowing over the edge of the small piece of land that had now was an island. Over the years the river had eroded the land away, which had caused the separation of the two. Now it seemed there was no way to get to the flowers on the other side. The only way would be to swim across it. Then she realized she could hear the soft fluid sound of the waterfall. From what Sora could tell was probably the only way there was a river.

In no time at all Seph was in front of her with his arms spread wide, a smile on his face, asking, "Isn't it beautiful?"

Being speechless at the moment Sora could only manage a nod in reply.

"Come on!" he said turning away from her.

By this time Sora regained control of her emotions and began to wonder what he was up to because he was now pulling off his shirt. She hoped he wasn't going to take off his pants or anything else. Sora's questions were soon answered by Seph jumping into the river.

"What are you doing!" she called, but there was no answer from him. This worried her and in no time crazy thoughts intruded into her mind. /What if he can't swim or maybe one of those monsters is holding him underwater? He also might be trying to trick me. I can't give him the satisfaction of tricking me./ Sora slowly inched closer to the edge making sure not to be tricked into falling in.

It was too late though; he had already successfully tricked her, into coming close to the edge. At that very moment he jumped out of the water, grabbed her, and pulled her in.

Sora plunged into the water. The sound of the world above disappeared in an instant and was replaced by the sound of flowing water. It was like she was in a whole different world and staring back at her was Seph.


Everything turned from watery blue to a neon green. It was more like neon green threads of energy than liquid. The green threads were going through her and at the same time connecting with her. But Seph was there just the same staring back at her. Sora could sense she was now naked, the only thing covering her was the green energy, and it didn't seem to bother her though. They stared at each other for awhile. Their stare was broken when Seph started to disappear before she eyes.


The world was shattered by a burning sensation in her chest caused by the lack of oxygen in her lungs. Sora surfaced just shortly after Seph. After she regained her breath she looked over at Seph, wading in the water, wondering if he had seen the same thing. He seemed to show no signs of seeing it. Seph just lounged in the water like it was a bed.

"Isn't it wonderful," he said with a sigh.

"Not really!" was her outburst reply, "I'm all wet. How am I going to explain this to my parents?"

" I'm sorry, geez…"

"I don't think you mean it," she said with a hint of sarcasm and one eyebrow risen.

Before he could respond just as sarcastically, she lunged at him, pushing him under the water. Thus causing a full-fledged water war.


An Hour Passes

After a tiring swim in the river they both got out and lay down on the ground to dry.

Sora let out a sigh. She had, had the best day of her life. The only thing that bothered her was the fact that she would have to go home and face her parents. Well, she knew her mother wouldn't have a problem with her being gone so long because she always knew if there was something wrong. It was always Tifa who worried too much. Sora knew that Tifa loved her like a daughter because she didn't have any of her own. But sometimes it just got on her nerves. Always worrying about little things. If Tifa weren't there though, Sora wouldn't be as disciplined as she was now. She had to admit, when Tifa wasn't stressed, she could be a very nice person to be around.

Seph's own sigh broke her train of thought, bringing her back to reality. She looked up at the hole in the plate above realizing that the sun had disappeared behind it.

"I suppose you have to go right?" came Seph's voice out of the air.

"Yeah," Sora replied and started to make her way back to the entrance.

Seph got up quickly and followed her out. The whole way they walked in silence, until they reached the giant metal doors, he spoke.

"Why don't you come back tomorrow?" he asked. "I'm going to be needing a haircut soon," he said jokingly pulling up one of his longer strands of hair.

"I can't," she said, "But I'll come back next weekend, with a pair of scissors, of course."


Sora turned, looked at him, smiled, and then nodded, "Okay, I'll see you then. Bye!"


Once she checked that her sword was in place she climbed over the barrier and ran in the direction of Kalm. A little way up the slope she stopped and looked back. She could just make out Seph's waving hand good-bye, so she waved back, and then returned to her short journey home.


Cloud was in a state of ultimate worry by this time. It was four o'clock now and Sora had been gone since noon. Even though Aeris wasn't showing any sign of worry, he still had to because if he didn't something might actually happen. He didn't have to worry too much longer because Tifa burst open the front door.

"Sora is back!"

"Oh good!" he said, relieved to hear those words, "Is she okay?"

"Come see for your self," was her quick reply, before she left out the door.

Cloud got up and followed her out.


Her mother, Aeris, had greeted her when she had arrived at the house. The instant Sora reached her, she begun telling Aeris the things that had happened to her while she had been away.


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