I, Yoshi Chapter 1

The Dawn of a New Day

By Ryan-oshi

I woke up early on the morning that changed my life and laid out my destiny forever. Lying in my self-braided hammock, the cool breeze of the morning sifted over and under my green body. The feeling of the coolness forced one of my eyelids to open and then the other. As I caught a glint of the sun peeking over the sea’s horizon, I stretched my arms and scrambled out of bed. After brushing my morning tongue, I pushed open the door and stepped out to greet the dawn’s air.

Upon peeking my head out, I spotted a rather diminutive package smiling at me from the ground. It was wrapped in a crimson paper with a spotted bow that glistened in the morning sun. I carefully picked it up and placed my right ear hole to it, hearing nothing. After that, I shook it gently, but the resulting sound didn’t give me any hints as to what it was. So, I resolved the strip the paper off and pull off the box’s lid.

Inside, I discovered a piece of paper wrapped around some sort of solid object. I took off the paper, revealing an antique relic. It was a golden yoshi figurine. I polished the age of shipping off and looked at it from all angles. Nothing unusual. Convinced that it was a present, I looked for a nametag, but found none.

That’s when I discovered that the wrapping paper was actually a letter enclosed with the figurine. I folded out on my patio table and examined it. It went something like this:

Dear Ryan-oshi,

I call for your help from the island of Juat in the South Tropicine Isles, some ways north of your own Yoshi’s Island. In a dream, your name and address came to me. If you are receiving this now, you will know how strange and miraculous this is. My yoster people are in grave danger, and my dream begs your assistance. I cannot write any longer, for the danger is that great.



At this, I understandably sat down, trying to piece together the urgency in my mind. I was but a young yoshi at the time, no older than 268, but I knew this call for help was serious. We are a noble species, never refusing help, and I knew, even if this yoshi was simply confused, I had to try and help. I would not refuse such a call.

I immediately packed every necessity I could pack on my saddle, and I bought some new shoes, the best. It took me until that afternoon to get ready, and by that time, rumors of my leaving had pervaded the town like a fruit disease.

After leaving the shoe store, a familiar yoshi walked up. His color was red, indicating that he was frustrated. This was one time when I was grateful for our weakness. “Hello Jua-oshi. What can I do for you today?”

He simply stared at me and tilted his head. Then, he rudely pointed to my shoes and pack. “Awful bunch’a packing for a trip to town, huh? Where ya going?”

I found his look and speaking tone disgusting, but I dared not let him on to anything. “I’m visiting a friend in the Mushroom Kingdom. One of my best friends lives on Yoster Isle, and it’s been fifty years since I’ve seen him. Anything else about my life you would care to know?”

Resulting from my carelessness, which I now regret, Jua-oshi stepped over and grabbed the letter out of my pack. I tried to retrieve it, but a crowd was forming, and he was surely already well through it. “Well, it seems that you’ve been called on a ‘mission.’ Did you write this up yourself so you could play ‘secret agent?’”

I started to turn red, so I quickly snatched the letter back and scowled. “Be on your way, Bad Yosh. I’m busy, and I don’t care what you think. Maybe I am chasing a dream, but if there’s someone that needs helping, I’m going.”

Jua-oshi shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Whatever you say, it sounds crazy. I’ll leave you alone, though. I wouldn’t want to bother a crazy yoshi.”

I ignored his childish comment and continued on my way, noticing that the gathered crowd was displaying mixed emotions. Some were laughing, some were confused, and a select few were actually glad that I was doing some good. I paid none of them any attention and walked towards the fairy. If I could make it to Donut Land by dark, I’d have a good early start the next morning to make it to the Donut Land Sea Port near the haunted house, which was now an inn, fortunately. A few brave mushroomers had chased out the ghosts.

Later that afternoon, I passed by my humble house for what could have been the last time. I didn’t bother pausing to stare at it though; I didn’t want to change my already vacillating mind. If yoshis could feel depression, it would have descended upon me then, but our happy programming forbids it. I thought about my beloved fruit and continued on.

As I turned from my house, I spotted a figure approaching rapidly in the distance. Upon closer inspection, I surmised it to be my best friend, Ki-oshi. We had known each other since we were hatchlings, and I loved him like my closest brother (or in our case, my clone (yoshis reproduce asexually, and are therefore all clones of the original yoshi) ). His basic mood was happiness, meaning he was usually yellow. His spirited nature served as the perfect balance for my serious one. Returning his wave, I barely had time to withdraw my hand before he gave me the standard yoster hug. “It’s good to see you too, Ki-oshi.”

He relinquished his bear grip. “I was so worried, Ryan-oshi. I heard from the grapevine that you were leaving on some adventure, and I just knew you didn’t want me to come ‘cuz you feared for my life or something, but you should know I go wherever you go. I’ll protect you the best I can, and cheer you up when you’re blue.”

I hesitated immediately. “I…don’t know.”

He shook his head and crossed his arms with a sly look on his face. “Well, it doesn’t matter what you know, because I’m coming whether you like it or not, Ryan-oshi. I’m not going to leave my best friend all by his lonesome on the weary adventure trail, no way.”

Facing such an insistent plea for accompaniment, I conceded to let him come with me. I certainly regret ever considering not letting him come now, for he remained a constant companion and a loyal friend if there ever was one to be written of. Together, we embarked on our journey, walking into the unknown.

It was getting close to the setting of the sun when we came to the tollbooth near Iggy’s Castle. The bratty koopaling was as greedy as his father and even more demented. Standing at the booth were two terracotta, holding spears and sporting mean looks. I cautioned Ki-oshi to be calm, but it was far too late for that. He stepped up and immediately started shouting. “What’s the meaning of this? This road is public, and just because Iggy’s gambled all of his allowance away doesn’t mean he can charge free-loving folks money that can be used for fruit. You two better let us pass, or you won’t be feeling to good in a few moments.”

The two guards looked at each other, shrugged, and one of them charged Ki-oshi with his spear leveled. He fluttered over the top and gulped down the guard from behind. After making an egg out of him, he threw the egg at the other one, knocking them both down a steep decline on the other side of the road. “Ki-oshi, I have plenty of money with me. My novels make more than enough to buy fruit with. Besides, none of the other yoshis ever leave the village.”

He nodded his head, but he was still angry. “I know, pal, but it’s the principle of the thing. I hate being illegally ripped off, and I hate these koopas. There’s not a creature more foul on Plit than a koopa.”

I wasn’t so sure. After all, I’d never ventured far from any yoshi paradise. There were many uncharted lands, including my destination, that could hold much more horrific surprises than a bunch of turtles. Still, the fairy was not six miles from where we were, and it was quickly getting dark. “Come on, Ki-oshi. We’ll have to step on it if we’re going to reach Donut Land by nightfall.”

After another fifteen minutes, we arrived at the boat and hopped aboard. The captain knew Ki-oshi and gave us a free ride. The boat was a good one, and we arrived at Donut Land quickly. I thanked the captain for his sailing skills and touched foot on the Land Of The Rolling Plains just as the first star winked into existence on the clear, night sky. “Isn’t it beautiful Ki-oshi?”

Ki-oshi would normally not have cared, but I would like to think that the glistening stars twinkling above us before our adventure really kicked off were enough to leave him dazzled. “Yes, it sure is, pal.” He stretched out his hands and rolled out his hammock, fixing it between two high rocks. “We’ve got a big day ahead of us. Let’s get some sleep.”

While Ki-oshi snored loudly in the backdrop, I stared at the heavenly sky for most of the night, letting the stars fuel me and guide me. I pulled a pendant from under my saddle and held it close. “I’ll miss you. If you’re up there, please watch over us.” A shooting star sailed across the sky and disappeared below the horizon. “Thanks.”

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