Rise of the Grand Golem Chapter 2

By Sabin Guy

Dozens of military ATACs had poured out of a near by building and Bastion was beginning to worry. He was pretty sure he could take them, but his ATAC was sure to sustain some damage. He moved forward to begin the battle. As he brought his sword up for a strike, "Wait!"

He looked over to see Claire's personal ATAC coming towards him. "What are you doing, stirring up trouble in my country, Bastion. Can't you just stay out of other people's business?"

"Good to see you, too, Claire," said Bastion sarcastically, "We just came to see the new ATAC you dug up."

"You mean you came to steal it! Get out of here!"

"Quit being so paranoid," yelled Sadira, "We don't want your stupid little robot."

"Well, I guess you can see it, but only for a second."

They walked off towards the excavation site located about three miles from the border. As they walked, Bastion and Sadira talked quietly.

"She was acting just like a little kid," Sadira said.

"I know. What's wrong with her? She knows we wouldn't steal anything from her. There's something not right about this."

They arrived at the excavation site and entered a large building with lots of security. No one could ever break in to this building. At least it seemed that way, but as they walked in, a thin blue ATAC stole quickly and stealthily inside.

As they passed the last security check point and entered a large room, they saw a large black ATAC. It was bigger than most ATACs height wise and wider too. It reminded Bastion of a steroid using body builder. It held a broad sword in each of its hands.

"We call it the Grand Golem," said Claire, "It's powered by an earth element stone called the Gaea Crystal. We haven't tested it yet, but our research suggests that it's very powerful."

"Hey, kiddies. Long time no see."

Everyone looked around the room. The stealthy blue ATAC was standing up on a rise a little way away. They all recognized the voice. It was their ninja-friend Andrew.

"How did you get in here," yelled Claire, obviously infuriated.

"Wasn't too hard," he answered casually, "security's a little loose around here. You should fix that, someone might break in here. So, what's this thing?"

Claire stood trying to contain here anger. Andrew always did enjoy annoying people. Bastion and Sadira were glad to have him back.

"This "thing" is the Grand Golem," said Claire angrily.

"Who came up with that name?" asked Andrew.

"I did for your information," Claire yelled.

"Oh. Anyways, I came to volunteer to be the test pilot for this thing."

"What!? We're not taking volunteers! Being the Grand Golem's test pilot will be the biggest honor ever bestowed on any ATAC pilot. Only the best warrior will be the test pilot."

"Exactly why I'm here."

"Huh!? You're n.."

A huge explosion stopped Claire in mid sentence. A huge hole had been blown in the northern most wall of the building and tons of ATACs were streaming in. They all began to run to their ATACs. Andrew ran to the Grand Golem.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Claire screamed at him.

"Do you want my help or not?"

"Why don't you use your ATAC?"

"Out of fuel."

"I don't believe this. Well, then no, I don't want your help."

"Come on Claire," Bastion pleaded, "We need his help."

"Fine, but if you scratch it I'm going to kill you, you wannabe playboy."

They activated their ATACs and the battle began. There must have been twenty of them and they were a strong model. It appeared to Bastion that they were from Dionne-Lehve.

Bastion ran forward to engage the enemy. He leapt into the air and came down with a crushing blow on the head of one of the ATACs. Sadira then attacked with a Spiral Dive finishing him off. Bastion turned and parried a blow, then turned the other way and slashed the attacking robot. Then he drew his blade up, slashing the enemy right up the middle.

As an attacker ran up behind Sadira, she did a back flip over his head and jabbed her sword straight into his back. Then she kicked the ATAC and sent it flying off her sword. Just then, Bastion finished off the last of them with a Soaring Dance attack.

"That was easy," said Bastion, "wait, where's Andrew."

"I noticed him fighting near the exit about the begging of the battle."

"That dirty pig stole my ATAC. I knew he couldn't be trusted. This is all your fault," Claire screamed at them.

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