Meditations on Zealan Wisdom

By Sam Alexander

1.All things which are borne of dreams must someday return to dreams.

Zeal was fashioned of Dreamstone; furthermore it was the dreams and ambitions of so many Enlightened Ones, and probably Earthbound too. Enhasa, was, in fact, the city of dreams-- where because of the efforts of the monarchy, the inhabitants could simply "sleep the days away"... I think it is reasonable to say that Zeal was built of dreams. And indeed, when Lavos annihilated it, it was no more than dreams... it's dreams were even soon forgotten by all except for Janus, who lived in many different time periods, from the Prehistoric to the End of Time. In fact, it was the destruction of Zeal which completely depleted Terra of all it's Dreamstone, with the exception of that used by the Gurus to create the machines and the Masamune which survived.


2.Find the pathway of knowledge, it leads to the gateway of wisdom.

Now this maxim is quoted from a scholar in Zeal; in Kajar, if I recall correctly. And with it we can prove an interesting property... I propose that either 1.Machines are incapable of wisdom, or 2.Robo possessed wisdom. For Robo obviously possessed knowledge of extreme measures, possible more than humans can comprehend. Then by the above maxim he must have been able to attain wisdom, unless machines are incapable of wisdom. Noteably, Robo almost seemed to have found emotion, as was shown in the Green Dream Sequence. Could this hypothetical mechanical emotion be a consequence of a wisdom found through his vast knowledge? If so it is easy to prove that with wisdom comes emotions....


3.All life begins with a Nu and ends with a Nu.

This was written in "The Secrets of Life", by Belthasar the Guru of Reason. Now this prophecy is at least partly true, in fact, for as you will recall, Belthasar's life ended as a Nu, when he installed himself into the Nu at the Keeper's Dome. If we thus assume that it is always true then we can conclude the following interesting things: Spekkio is either a newborn or near death (recall that Spekkio is in fact a Nu, a pink Nu no less, as is seen when you battle him at level 99); and Belthasar was at one time a Nu!


4.The black wind begins to howl... one of you will shortly perish.

This is quoted from your friend and mine, Prince Janus. Now his prophecy was indeed true, since shortly after those words, Crono died at the hands of Lavos (it is my theory that Crono attempted to cast a spell such as 'Luminaire 2' or 'Ultima'). But from this we cannot deduce that Janus (or Schala, for that matter, as she, too, could detect the Black Wind) was omniscient, for it seems he had no idea whatsoever that soon almost every person in Zeal would die, though indeed they did. Thus we see that there is in fact some connection between the Black Wind and the party (Crono, Marle, Lucca, Ayla, Robo, Frog), or perhapse more specifically between the Black Wind and Crono. Since Schala gave her amulet to Janus for his protection when the Black Wind's presence became known to them, it is a reasonable assumption that there is a connection of some nature between the Black Wind and Schala's Pendant, and then there is a connection, either direct or indirect, between Schala's Pendant and Crono. Recall that Marle's Pendant was in fact the same as the pendant Schala wore, but not necessarily as the pendant Schala gave to Janus. However, if we assume that the pendant Schala gave to Janus was identical or similar to Marle's pendant, then it is perfectly clear why this connection exists between Schala's Pendant and Crono, since for a very long time Crono carried Marle's Pendant for her.

Further on the subject of the properties of Schala's Pendant, we reason as follows. The Ruby Knife was especially strong against the Mammon Machine; The Mammon Machine and the Ruby Knife were both constructed of Dreamstone; thus we can probably assume that Dreamstone is weak against Dreamstone. Now the Masamune was never, in fact, created for the purpose of battling Janus, rather for battling the Mammon Machine. And yet the Masamune lowered Magus' Magic Defense. Therefor we can conclude that Schala's Pendant is made of Dreamstone and that it protects against magic; and the reason we conclude this is that Dreamstone ails Dreamstone, thus the Masamune would weaken Schala's Pendant if and only if Schala's Pendant was made of Dreamstone, and thereby lower Magus' Magic Defense.


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