A Treatise on Zealan Magicks

By Sam Alexander

1.Recovery springs; these springs heal the mind and body. They seem to indicate magicks of a holistic nature. They might also be related to the Sweet Water of the prehistoric age. Whatever the case, it seems that you can run over a Recovery Spring infinite times without it losing it's power; of course this might not necessarily be the case. But whatever the case, I am prompted to propose: Zealan Recovery springs are either of infinite power, or have an extremely large quantity of MP.

2.Alfador; Alfador always follows Janus, even when he is in adult form. If Janus is not in the immediate vicinity, however, Alfador seems not to be affected in any way. This suggests that possibly Janus has about him an enchantment which makes him attract cats; however, Crono's cat and the cat at the millenial fair seem unaffected, thus possibly this hypothetical enchantment only works in the Dark Ages.. it is also possible that Alfador is under some kind of hypnosis which attracts him to Janus. This would suggest that Zealans possess a hypnotic power. However, there is no evidence that the Zealans hypnotized the Earthbound. Of course a lack of evidence does not prove anything, but if we assume that they did not hypnotize the Earthbound, then we can probably be safe in saying that Zealan hypnosis either 1.doesn't affect humans, or 2.doesnt exist. Now, there is a possibility that Alfador was once human and, like Glenn, was transformed into a cat; however, if you choose to kill Magus, Alfador remains feline and thus is this possibility overruled. Maybe Alfador just likes Janus?

3.Levitation. It is obvious that some kind of magick is used to lift Zeal off of the ground. Let us consider the properties of this levitation. I can disprove that it is of the nature which lasts forever once cast-- for if it were, then Zeal would have continued to float when Lavos destroyed it. It is possible that this Levitation is of the nature that it lasts so long as the wizard or wizards who cast it lives.. then when Lavos attacked Zeal (presumably with Destruction Rains from the Heavens), this wizard perished and thus the city fell. Now we can easily prove that this levitation is NOT of the nature that it lasts as long as the Sun Temple (from which Zeal's power was originally derived) lasts, for when Lavos attacked Zeal, the Sun Temple was not affected. Now we could imagine that there is some sort of invisible plane beneath Zeal on which it rests, but this cannot be the case, for the continents of Zeal are shaped like cones and would thus disbalance and topple over.. it is however possible that the cone part of these continents stabs into such a hypothetical place, but the plane could not extend in certain directions, lest it should block the Zealan waterfalls. Now consider Magus' levitation. His is probably different from that of Zeal, for he rises up and down rhythmically, and it is evident that this is not the case with Zeal, as otherwise there would be perpetual earthquakes thereat. It is still possible, however, that the rhythmic oscillation of Magus' Levitation is caused only by his wavering concentration, and that the levitations of Magus and Zeal are in fact the same.

4.Ni. Ni are odd creatures and it seems that they were not created by Zealans, for there was a Nu in the Prehistoric (namely, in the Hunting Grounds). If all Ni are like Spekkio, then they all possess both Shadow and Elemental magic. But this mustn't be the case, for Elemental magic was prohibited in Zeal, and yet Ni continued to dwell there. Therefor we conclude: Not all Ni are like Spekkio.

5.The Black Rock. Now, the Black Rock allows the triple tech Dark Eternal. It is in one of Belthasar's hidden libraries. But Dark Eternal is of a shadowy nature.. so why would Belthasar want it?

6.Prophesy/Enchantment. Melchoir told the lady with the sapling that her tree would someday save the forest. Thus there are three possibilities: 1.The Tree was enchanted to someday save the forest, 2.The Tree was destined to someday save the forest and Melchoir prophecied such, or 3.Melchoir was bullshitting though his teeth and happened to be lucky. However, the tree cannot have been fated to save the forests, because if it weren't for Crono's intervention, it never would have! Therefor either Melchoir predicted the future, or he is a lying bastard. I'll let the reader decide.

7.Schala's Pendant (the one she gives to Janus). It is proven in my previous "Meditations on the wisdom of Zeal" that Schala's Pendant (the one she gave to Janus) is made of Dreamstone and protects against magic. This suggests that Schala had access to Dreamstone. Furthermore, if we assume that Schala died in the Ocean Palace, then we conclude that whatever enchantment she passed on it was not of the nature which passes away with the wizard. But if we assume that the enchantment in fact IS of the nature which lives precisely as long as the spellcaster, then we can conclude that Schala is still alive, even at the end of the game, for Schala's Pendant still functions at that time! of course, all this is assuming she was the one who created it...

8.Teleportation. Doreen, sister of Masa and Mune, leapt up and spun around and teleported. And Magus teleported.. recall when you examine the sparkly thing at the Cape, which looks like a tab.. he appears behind you and then teleports when you turn around. Nobodu seemed surprised to see Doreen teleporting and so we can conclude she did it often.. maybe she taught the trick to Janus.

9.Creating Monsters. It is probably that Queen Zeal created the Mystics to guard Mount Woe. Also, Dalton either created or summoned Golem, Golem Twins, and Golem Boss. Now it seems that if you use Zeal magick to summon a creature which is dead, the portal sucks you into it.... this is because Dalton tried to summon the dead Golem Boss and got sucked in. Of course it just seems this way and isn't necessarily.


Well, that's all for now. I might make a second treatise on the subject later. Send objections to Janusxpun@aol.com.

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