Soul Pendant Chapter 1

The Chrono Trigger Team

By Saul

"NO, CRONO. You can't take Marle for a date to Shakespeare's plays in 1700!" Lucca shouted.

"But she said she would die for seeing one. You were the one who talked her into it!" Crono said.

" I said no. That's final. You can't use the Epoch for your own porpoises. Time travel is a very serious thing!"

"Can I at least take it for a ride? Marle loves flying on it!"

"You won't try time travelling?"

"I swear it in the name of my grandfather Gero." Said Crono with a hand in the front.


Crono jumped into the pilot seat and started the engine. Lucca climbed to the top of her house, from there, she could see as Crono flew to Guardia Castle and picked Marle there. About a minute later, the Epoch started speeding to time warp speed. Lucca calmly watched this. When the ship was going to complete the world spin, she said, "You don't have a grandfather named Gero."

The Epoch suddenly stopped from Mach 25 to zero and Crono was sent flying into the sea. The strange thing is that he was backwards. Lucca smiled and took out a small piece with an antenna and buttons and pointed it to a strange contraption (Which in 1998 could be known as a satellital antenna). She pushed a button and the Epoch drived itself and landed next to her house.

"What the hell did you do, Lucca? Crono could be hurt!" Marle cried.

"He's okay. You were going WAY slower than normal speed. Didn't you notice?"

"We were... busy." Marle blushed.

"Ah." Lucca understood why Crono was facing Marle at the moment of the stop. "Well, we should get him."

Lucca flew the Epoch to the place Crono had landed and threw him a rope. He stared at her with evil eyes.

"At least you didn't get to swim to the shore."

"Very funny, Lucca. If you knew what you did just..." Crono started saying.

"I know."

Crono stopped and blushed immediately. He quietly sat. Lucca headed for the land when a red light flashed in the control panel.

"What the hell is that?" Crono asked.

"It's Gaspar's time alert. It lights whenever Gaspar needs us on a parallel time."

"But why? We just finished Lavos two months ago."

"I don't know. We're going to the End of Time."

Lucca entered four digits in the keyboard and the plastic dome covered the cabin. "Let's go! Mach 1, Mach 25, Mach 256, 9'624, 856'907, 16'498'052, 99'999'999... Time Warp! Yahoo!"

Marle stared at Lucca in amazement as they arrived to the End of Time.

"It's been a long time since I last did this."

The dome opened. They jumped high. There seemed to be no gravity in the End of Time, anyone could move almost freely wherever they wanted, the problem is that there was nowhere to go.

"Hey." Exclaimed Gaspar as soon he noticed them.

"What happened Gaspar? We came as soon the alert enlightened."

"I was losing the hope in that you came. It has been about a week since I called you. Probably a disturbance slowed the signal in the succession of time waves."

"I understand." Lucca said while the others obviously didn't get a thing on the conversation. "What was the emergency?"

"It involves your futures. Could you get the entire team?"

"I'll go." Said Lucca and she jumped off the platform.

"Looks like we'll see Ayla and the others sooner than expected." Marle said before being blinded for the lights of the Epoch warping.


65'000'000 BC

Ayla was enjoying her honeymoon. She and Kino had had their wedding one week ago. The first wedding in history, indeed. Usually the chiefs didn't marry after being elected chief, but she had done and it would have to be celebrated. Marle had talked something about that to her once.

They were spending a week next to the river. It was romantic. They hadn't found this river before. It was their last day here.

"We have go?" Kino asked

"Yes. Ioka need. Reptites may attack." Ayla answered.

"Reptites not finished? Big fire Lavos fall on them."

"We not sure. Some survive, maybe."

"Ok. Go back. Kino happy now Ayla love Kino."

"Ayla ALWAYS love Kino."

"But now Kino sure."

Ayla braced Kino. She no feel good when soft but... oops... She wasn't usually this tenderly to anyone, but Kino made her feel like she wanted to.

Suddenly in a flash of light the Epoch blasted into the sky.


"Epoch? What that?"

"Epoch big ship. Can go anywhere. Can go tomorrow too. Our children live there. Can go very after that. Strange people there. Crono, Marle, Lucca and others on it."

"Kino understand. You go?"

"Ayla not know." Ayla roared for the Epoch to notice her. Lucca heard and landed the Epoch nearby. Ayla and Kino went to the landing site. Lucca had just got out of the ship.

"Lucca here. What wrong?"

Lucca couldn't help laughing when she heard Ayla. If only she talked like that... "Gaspar is calling us all. I have to pick up all the team."

"Ayla go." She said.

"No! Kino not want Ayla go!" Kino protested.

"Kino, this important. Gaspar wise man. Even smarter than Lucca." Lucca frowned when Ayla said that. "Gaspar know when important."

"But who protect village?"

"You. You strong. Reptites fight, you fight. Village burn, you build. Kino know chief too."

"Kino ok. But Ayla not gone for long."

"Ayla won't."

Lucca and Ayla climbed into the ship and Kino slowly walked back to the village.


600 AD

"Where could Frog be?" Lucca asked as soon she landed the Epoch.

"Frog? Ayla smell Frog. There!" Ayla exclaimed pointing the Cursed Woods.

"He has gone back to his hideout."

The girls entered the Cursed Woods and were attacked by two Gnawers and a T'pole. Lucca incinerated one Gnawer and Ayla dispatched the other with her punches. Then Ayla shouted, pointing at the T'pole, "Frog! That frog!"

"No Ayla." Lucca answered shooting the T'pole. "Big frog."

"Big frog? Mammoth big!"

"Not that big! Don't you remember Frog? He has the body of a person but the head of a frog."

"Oh! Yummy frog? Ayla remember."

"Yes, yummy frog." Said Lucca rolling her eyes. "Where is it?"

"Ayla not know."

"Great. We had better go to the castle."

And to the castle they went. They were greatly received and a party was willing to be done, but Lucca declined the invitation. She asked for Frog and found out he was cleaning the magic cave of monsters.

They decided to help. Both headed for the magic cave and found Frog slaying some gremlins.

"Lucca? What does bring thou here?"

"Hi Frog. Gaspar has told us to regroup the team. We have been looking for you."

"I'm in a mission for thy Queen. I canst deceive her."

"Ayla, Lucca help. Frog come with us."

"I guess I have no choice. Gasper must have a strong reason."

The three easily defeated all the monsters in the path and emerged in the other side, but when came back in, found more. They defeated them but found even more when came back. Lucca tried to determinate the source of the monsters and tracking the bat marks found a place where the walls seemed to be pushed one against the other.

Frog took out the Masamune and sliced the wall. It effectively revealed another passage. The group followed it and what they found at the end left them open-mouthed.

It was a hideous, sticky body of meat that spewed Vamps each certain time.

"It... it's a monster generator!"

The creature opened an huge eye, and emitted a freaking chill. Every Vamp woke up.

"En Garde!" Exclaimed Frog. Everyone assumed battle positions.

Lucca casted Fire 2, killing most bats, but the master monster took little damage.

"It must have a magic-shielded skin, thus it has been living under Magus's lair." Frog explained.

Ayla did a Rollo Kick, but she actually rebounded of the skin of the monster. Frog tried a Leap Slash, and it divided the monster into two.

"Yes!" Cried Lucca, but her face turned in astonishment as the monster placed itself back together and spat a burning liquid that hurted all of them, and the remaining bats attacked.

Frog casted Heal, but he knew that couldn't hold it for too much time. Lucca and Ayla took care of the remaining bats, including ones the generator created.

Lucca came up with and idea. "Ayla and Frog, attack together!" They jumped at the same time in a Drop Kick. Frog sliced the monster in two again and Ayla landed over the pieces, stomping and separating them.

Strands of skin of each part moved towers the other and tied. The monster started to regenerate, then Lucca threw a Mega Bomb in the middle of the parts. As soon the monster became one again, it blew up in millions of pieces, covering everyone in a gross substance.

"Yuck." Ayla calmly said.

"If you feel despair, why don't you shout?" Lucca asked.

"No. Ayla's word, Yuck means Bath."

"I think Crono has the same opinion about bathing too."

"Ayla no understand."

"Don't worry. Can we stop in the castle for... cleansing, Frog?"

"Thy Queen will be pleased to have you as guests."

The group went to the castle victoriously, and a couple of hours later the Epoch was flying back to the End of Time..


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