The Titanic Twins Chapter 1

Enter The Family

By Saul

"Nadia, I love you so much!"

"Silly. If I didn't knew that I wouldn't have married you."

"So I must suppose that you don't want me to say it any more."

"Not really." Nadia, known years ago as Marle, lunged forward and kissed him deeply.

"Em," he said after less time that Nadia would have liked, breaking the kiss. "I don't think King and Queen should wander around and do... this in public."

"Ugh, royal attitude. Force me into it and maybe I'll run away again."

"I'd like to see that, with our son and all. But I insist we should return to the castle." He said, directing the walk in that course.

"Don't push me." She tried to give him a cold look. "Maybe you don't know me all the good you think you do, Nicholas."


Crono and Lucca stared at the couple for far away. "They seem to be quite in love, don't they?" Crono said still looking.

"Yes, they sure do. It's good, many princesses were forced into marriage in the past. Lucky thing she happened to fall for a nobleman."

"Yeah..." Crono said with just a hint of sadness. "You know, when we got together after that fight when we were teens, I'd have bet anything that we would... well, end together, you know, they lived happily ever after."

"Well Crono, life is like that. One day something is 'as sure as the existence of the universe' and the next it's vanished." She replied quoting. "The world unfortunately is as it is. It was hard that a single peasant like you would have ended with the princess. Had it not been for you being 'The hero of time' it would have been impossible."

"I know. I was really sent down to Earth when we cut. But then again, I wouldn't mind flying up a few clouds again..."

"That again. You could be considered a sage in romance if you used that quote in a contest or something like that."

"Nah, that's too personal. Well, I guess that if Nadia's happier that way..." He sighed.

"Ya stop acting like that!" Lucca elbowed him slightly. "Aren't you happy the things turned the way they are now?"

Crono's voice went humorous. "Well... maybe... can't say I'm really sure..."

"Hey!" Lucca turned him to face her. "You do, right?"

"Hmmm..." Crono simulated thinking until Lucca's eyes started to waver. "Of course I do, love. Besides, there is no bond between people like the one when you've known the other all your life." Then Crono took Lucca on his arms and kissed her passionately.


"Ahem!" The couple heard and separated hurriedly.

"Leave them alone, Zeros! It's statistically good that even at this old age they still maintain any passion."

"Now what do you mean by old age?!?" Crono asked at his children, playfully being angry.

"That's right, but relationships that are based in physical pleasure may degrade as the couple ages." Zeros replied to her sister. Unlike her, he didn't like to show he was every bit as smart as her mother.

"Weren't you kids going to play somewhere else?" Lucca asked, still blush in her cheeks.

"Kids?!?" They both turned to the parents and exclaimed at the same time, interrupting at the same time. They were sixteen.

"Well, if you call my 41 years 'old age' I think I'll start calling you babies." Crono continued, now that he had their attention.

"You're right, slightly elderly sir." Zeros said with a bow. "I actually came here in the purpose of telling you that I'll be borrowing the Star Sword. We're going to participate in the battle event of the millennial... well, the fair of this year."

"Millennia-twenty-fifth fair." Tania corrected, getting a hate stare from Zeros. Both twins hated when the other someway outsmarted them.

"The Star Sword? I'd have thought you'd pick something stronger." Crono commented.

"I don't think they'd allow any weapon it is know you used in the Lavos adventure. It would surely be unfair advantage. Besides, I have always liked stars, particularly our birth constellation of Gemini."

"I guess there you see yourself, Pollux." Tania intervened.

"Small mistake, my sister. If my memory isn't wrong, Castor was the older twin. So that would be me."

"Yeah, three minutes. Gosh, how older you are!"

"Older is older." Zeros said matter-of-factly. "Well, we shall be departing now."

"Bye, sweetie. Don't get yourself hurt." Lucca said kissing him.

"See ya. Good luck!" Crono said.

"Bye!" Said both twins waving their hands as they were on their way.


Zeros wore cloth white pants and a blue vest of the same material that looked like the upper part of a kimono. He had facial features from both of his parents, but he looked more like his father. His hair was the same tone than Crono's but instead of having it on spikes, it fell all around his head in small jutties that sometimes covered partially his eyes. He had blue eyes and carried the Star Sword in the same sheath his father used at his age.

Tania's hair was long, reaching shoulder height, and varying from dark red to purple depending on the light and climate. Her body also shared characteristics from both progenitors, but she had more resemblance to her mother and blue eyes like her brother's. She hadn't inherited her mother's myopia, so she didn't carry glasses, but a pair of metallic half-spheres that covered the ears. Those could've passed by big headphones in the future, and were partially hidden by the hair as well as the band that linked them in the back. As for the clothing, Tania dressed with a long-sleeved shirt, placed under a vest that stopped around her waist, just below her belt, and shorts. She also had boots like Zeros', but these reflected the light a lot more, and a thick plastic white bracelet in her right arm.


The twins arrived to Leene Square, usual place of the fair. The fair itself had grew to exceed to zone of the square, so some tents were in the grass.

"So here we are, the Millennia-twenty-fifth fair." Zeros articulated, never forgetting a mistake corrected by Tania. "Even more fun than the original one."

"Sure, but I still hate missing the first one. Why don't we register right away?"

"Good idea."


They went directly up the stairs, not stopping anywhere but making notes to visit certain attractions later. Turned left at the Nadia Bell then went straight until they were out in the open again, in front of a big tent that read "Battle Tournament". There were two tables with: some papers, a person sat besides it, and a "Registration" tag.

Zeros and Tania lined up in the short queue and soon arrived to the table. "Good..." Tania looked up and saw the sun was past the half in the sky. "...Afternoon. We'd like to inscribe ourselves in the fighting tournament."

"Okay. Teen category, right?" Both nodded. "Do you know that in that category fights must be in pairs?" Both nodded again. "All right, give me your names, please."

"Zeros and Tania Triggara." Zeros said.

"Oh, yes, I've heard of you." The girl said as she wrote down in a paper. "The children of Crono Triggara and Lucca Arrowni. And the brothers that got the second and fourth place in the Big Adventure competition five years ago."


"Twins?" The girl asked perplexed, as Zeros and Tania were alike enough to be brothers, but not nearly mirrors of each other, past obvious differences as sex.

"Twins, not identical." Tania explained. "Identical twins happen when the fertilized egg replicates itself creating another alike being before becoming a zygote. In our case, two different eggs were fertilized at the same time by sperm..."

"Em, I don't think I'll be understanding. Sorry to do this to you, but there are other people in line. The tournament will begin in about one hour and half."

Tania looked back. "Oops, sorry! We'll be here." She said as they moved out of the way.


"So, what do we do now?" Tania inquired.

"I guess that check out the rest of the fair."

"You must enjoy it Zeros, these can be the last hour and half of your life."

"Ha, ha, very funny." Zeros replied sarcastically. "I wonder if they opened another Big Adventure this time."

"I don't think we fit the age target, this time."

"And, I'd still beat you to the Golden Egg of Truce Canyon, this time."

"Probably not if you and that Dawson guy don't cheat by throwing me in the waterfalls!"

"It was not a cheat, and besides, if you're going to cross a river using a log, you've got to do it fast." Zeros smiled.

"Well, at least Dawson beat you to the first place. Ha!"

"But Tania, what kind of spirit is that? You should have tried that the prize had remained in the family."

"In the family? Like when you 'accidentally' threw a snow ball at me in the Snowball Aiming in the Winter Festival, when I was winning and beating you closely, only to let yourself pass me but allow some other guy win?"

"As you said, that was accidental."

"Yeah, sure!" Tania rolled her eyes.


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