The Story Continues

A Note In The New Version of The Story Continues

If you're one of the few whom caught something of the original "The Story Continues" you'll notice some big changes in plot and characters. There are bits of that plot included in this and the original story will return, with some changes, after a while. I'm doing this in parts of several chapters, that I'll try to make independent so you can treat them as different fanfics.

This takes place around 25 years after "Broken" but has nothing to do with "Soul Pendant" or any other fanfic. The opinions about the world, time, history, entities, etc. may not match with those of another fanfic written by me or any other authors. As I said, this starts from the ending where Lavos was beaten in 'The Final Battle' with Crono and without Epoch or Magus.

Unlike "Soul Pendant" the world of this story is set in a more realistic world that the one of the game. Battle won't necessarily be in turns and there can be parries. Being damaged may hinder their abilities. A person that loses all his or her HP will be knocked unconscious and after that can be permanently killed. I may not be taking things exactly as they are in the game.

The humans of this planet are very similar to us so they call their own planet Earth, but this has nothing to do with the Earth we live in. It is a relatively small planet of a population of around 100'000 inhabitants in 1000 AD where you can walk from one end of the continent to then another in a day. In the present, aside from the Kingdom of Guardia composed of Truce, Porre and Sandorino when it existed, there is also the Kingdom of Choras ruled by King Jamerson. Peace treaties have been signed with both the mystics of Medina and Choras, which has never been at war with Guardia.

You may also note that I may be using the last names from "Time Strikers". They seemed to catch and more and more authors are using them. I planned to use my own, and I truly think "Crono Triggara" for "Chrono Trigger" is dumb, but "Zeros Triggara" sounded too good to not to use. I may not use all of them, though.


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