Wind Star

By Sentry

Part One

He loved her just as any man loved a woman. She was exactly what he wanted to love when he decided to settle down. But he always found himself wondering if she returned his love. And if she did, would she wait for him? He didn’t know how to tell her how much he loved her.

If he hadn’t been caught up in other affairs at the moment he would have told her just how much. But he had tried that before; he always choked. How would she know that he loved her if he could never tell her how he felt? He had more important matters to deal with at the moment.

Time and time again he had tried to clear his mind and focus on the task ahead, but each time his thoughts drifted back to her. He often thought of the day he had left, how he had mounted the horse she had raised herself, and how he had ridden off in the other direction without saying good-bye.

‘I’m a fool!’ he cursed himself.

He pictured her in his mind. He could see her long red hair waving gently in the breeze. He remembered the way her honey glazed green eyes lit up every time he looked at her. He could still remember how good it had felt when she brushed his hair behind his ear. Her touch had been so gentle, so real it had scared him.

He had never been in love and didn’t know what it felt like, but was sure that he was in love with Malon. He wanted to hold her in his arms and smell her sweet perfume. He wanted to get lost in her eyes like he so often had before. But most of all he wanted to know that she would be there when he needed her. He wanted her to return his love.

He was sure now that love was the only name for what he felt for her. He needed her to know that he wanted her and that he would always be there for her. He felt so many things at once he couldn’t express himself.

He had to tell her. If he didn’t… If he couldn’t clear his mind then he wouldn’t be able to succeed and the people would suffer. How would he get her the message? He would think of that later.

He sat on the cold dungeon floor and took out a piece of parchment, a bottle of ink, and a quill. All of which had been borrowed from the princess. He began to write…

Dear Malon,

It’s me, Link. I’m all right, but I find that I miss you more and more each day. I’ve never felt anything like this before. All I think about is you.

You’re my first thought every morning and my last thought at night. I dream about you every night without fail and I think about you all day long. I just can’t seem to clear my mind of you.

But I don’t want to get you out of my mind; I don’t know what I would do without you. I want to be with you forever...if you’ll have me. I think that I’m in love with you.

I couldn’t tell you to your face so instead I’m writing you this letter. Every time I tried to tell you that I love you I got tongue-tied and forgot what I wanted to say. I only hope that I’ll live long enough to give you this letter...and to hear if you love me or not.

If you never get this letter, then I failed you and all of the innocent people who would then suffer for my mistake. I pray that I succeed and am able to return to you. But I need to know if you love me. And if you do, will you wait for me?

With what must be called love,


Link put the letter away and began to pack up all of the supplies he had just used to write his letter to Malon. As soon as he had finished his packing he got up and headed towards the next room in the dungeon.

Before he opened the door he looked into a puddle that had formed nearby. He saw his reflection; turning his head he shuddered. What would Malon want with him? He looked into the puddle again and saw his blonde hair shining in the dim light. His hair was golden blonde, the same color as his mother’s had been. The Great Deku Tree had kept all of the mementos his mother had been carrying the night she died. He stared into the puddle harder and saw his flaming blue eyes reflected back at him. They were his most prominent features, his hair and eyes.

Link thought about what he had been like the last time he had seen Malon. He had still been immature and had played pranks on her. He had grown up a lot since he had last seen her. He almost didn’t recognize himself.

He wasn’t ugly or unsightly, but he was very self-conscience. He just wasn’t fit to be with Malon. He was hardworking and strong, both physically and mentally. But still, Malon deserved more than he could offer her. He had lived out of his pocket and almost always went hungry. He had wandered from town to town trying to find a place to stay for the night.

‘This would be no life for her. I can’t drag her into my problems,’ he thought to himself. ‘As soon as I am able to leave the castle how would I support her? I’m not the man she deserves,’

After a little more thought he decided not to send Malon the letter. He loved her so much that he was willing to give her up so that she might live a happier life than he could ever hope for. But he would always love her.

‘I wonder where Navi is,’ he thought to himself. ‘She has been very quiet lately,’

He looked around and saw that Navi, his fairy, had peacefully landed on his shoulder. He was so caught up in thought that he hadn’t felt her. He sighed and opened the door leading to the next room.

‘Survive for her,’ he thought as he looked out into the room that was empty except for an island in the middle of it. He walked out to it and sat under the tree for a second to check his items. His bow and arrows, Megaton Hammer, and bombs were all ready for the battle he knew awaited him in the next room.

He checked his shield and sword. All ready for battle he stepped into the water and started to head for the door leading to the next room. He looked down at the water. Something was wrong! He didn’t have a reflection anymore.

Slowly he turned around knowing that his next enemy was standing behind him. Unsheathing his sword, he slashed suddenly and hit his opponent, an exact replica of himself only transparent. He kept slashing madly and shielding himself with his shield.

He took a hit from the now shadow version of himself. He slashed again and made contact with the shadow’s arm. It stopped attacking and slowly dissipated into the air. It left behind a teleport to the entrance of the dungeon.

He knew all of the weaknesses because he had fought it before. He had beaten it in the water temple before he fought the monster, Morpha. But why was Dark Link in this dungeon? Was it the ‘ghost’ that has haunted Princess Zelda? He knew he had seen that room before!

He went back upstairs and into the thrown room of the palace. Princess Zelda wasn’t there, although her father said she was in the courtyard. Link hurried out to her.

She was sitting under the gazebo overgrown with roses that were surrounding her favorite reading spot. She had a book and was reading intently. She had always been a bookworm! Link approached her slowly as to not disturb her.

Once he reached to steps and started to climb Sheik’s head popped down from the roof of the gazebo. Link stopped and stared at Sheik who dropped from the roof onto the ground in front of him. Link wasn’t surprised at all because Sheik had an unusual talent for showing up right when you least expected. Link yawned and waited.

It was a very strange story, really. Zelda was Sheik. After Link defeated Ganon, Zelda decided to create Sheik as a real person. She gave him a mind and a heart. He was as real as real could be, yet he chose to stay close to Zelda. She would have let him go anywhere and do anything but he wanted to stay with her. He was as loyal a guardian as Impa had been to the young princess.

Sheik let him pass and Link sat down next to Zelda. She looked up from her book for a minute and smiled. “So mister hero, did you get the ghost in the dungeon?”

“Of course!” Link said sounding snocked.

“You look tired,” she said reaching her arms out to him.

He leaned away and stood up. She innocently looked up at him and stood up next to where he was standing. “Do you need a vacation?”

Link snapped to attention. Did she just offer him a vacation? He had only left the castle grounds once since Ganon had been sealed away, and that was to find Navi.

Navi answered for him, “YES!”

Zelda looked up at him with her gleaming blue eyes. She nodded her head and said, “As long as you like. You deserve a long vacation. We’ll do anything for our Dragon Slayer!”

He nodded his head in approval. He knew exactly where he was going to go. ‘Malon…’ he thought.

Part Two

He saddled Epona, Malon’s horse, and rode towards Lon Lon Ranch. He hoped that Malon loved him, but he hoped even more that if she didn’t she wouldn’t hate him. He had to confess to her. She deserved to know, right?

He rode into the ranch and hopped off of Epona. He led her to the pasture and let her loose. Then he walked around the ranch for a while, looking for Malon.

After about thirty minutes he was frustrated. He decided to leave her the letter he had written in the dungeon of the castle. It was the most heartfelt and honest thing he had ever written.

He found Malon’s father, Talon, inside the ranch. He was sleeping, which was normal for him. Link rang the bell at the front desk and waited. Malon’s father woke with a start and looked at him.

“Ah! So you’re that man here that is supposed to marry my daughter, Malon,” he said it as more of an accusation than a question.

“Um, I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” his voice cracked as he took a step back from the desk.

“Daddy!” a shocked voice from inside the office said.

“Sorry,” he said to Link.

“I’m here because I need a place to stay for the night. I’m just passing through and I only need to stay for one night,” Link said eyeing the door.

“Sure! We’ve got plenty of room,” he answered.

“We don’t have any empty rooms left, Daddy!” the voice came again.

Link was sure it was Malon’s. He wanted badly to run behind the desk and see her, hold her. But he knew that he couldn’t.

“Can he stay in your room, sweetie?” Talon asked quietly.

“No! That won’t be necessary!” Link blurted out quickly.

“WHAT?” Talon said looking at Link questioningly.

“I can stay in the loft. I don’t mean to make the lady uncomfortable,” Link said eyeing the door again.

“If you insist,” Talon said quietly.

“No,” Malon said from the other room. “He can stay in my room. I wanted to stay in the loft anyway. It’ll be warm tonight!”

Talon smiled and led Link upstairs to Malon’s room. Link thanked Talon for his hospitality and offered to trade rooms if it got too cold for his daughter in the barn.

“Before I leave you,” Talon said turning around to face Link. “Malon has fallen in love with a young man, Link was his name. Have you ever heard of him?”

Link nodded his head and sat down on the bed. “I know him,”

“And what of him? Does he live? Where is this man? Malon was heartbroken when he left. I would do anything to make her eyes light up again, the way they did when he was here. I want to hear her laugh the way she did when he was at the ranch. Please, if you know anything about him, tell me!” Talon said staring into Link’s now lifeless eyes.

“What must you know of him?” Link asked calmly.

“Is he alive?”

“Yes and well. I believe he loves your daughter,”

“Where is he?”

“I’m not sure. He is just a lost little boy trying to find his way home. But your daughter, Malon is her name?”

“Yes, yes. It is Malon,” he said quickly.

“She will find that he is closer than she thinks. But I’m not sure of where he is exactly, but I know he’s near,” Link answered.

“Can you tell me no more? For Malon?”

“What else must you know?”

“What can I do to find him?” Talon asked pleading as he fell to his knees in front of the door.

“How much does Malon love this man?”

“Enough to die for him. And that is what she is doing. She is slowly dying of a broken heart,”

Link stood up and said, “Tell her Link was here. Then give her this,” he said as he handed Talon the letter that contained all of his feelings for Malon. He looked at Talon and started to move for the door.

“You!” Talon said standing up.


“How can you be so heartless? How can you walk out on her again?” Talon asked looking into Link’s eyes with hatred.

“I’ll give it to her myself then,” he said taking the letter from Talon and walking out of the room.

Part Three

Link walked to the barn and climbed up the ladder to the loft where Malon was sleeping. She was so peaceful, like an angel asleep on a cloud. He didn’t have the heart to wake her.

He decided that his letter was not enough. He climbed down and walked back to the main building and sat down and the table. He lit the lamp and took another piece of parchment from the desk. He also borrowed a quill and a bottle of ink.

He decided to fully pour his heart out into this letter. It would tell her everything that she needed to know. He sat and thought for a moment, then began…

Dear Malon,

This is Link. I’m all right, but I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about you. How are you? It’s been so long and I regret that. I’ve missed seeing you. I don’t know how much I’ve hurt you, or even if I hurt you at all. I wish that I didn’t hurt you at all.

I’ve come to find that on my journey, the longer I was away from you, the more I missed you. I’ve never had such a feeling in my life. It was like someone had ripped my heart out. I wanted my heart back, but I realized that I couldn’t have it. My heart was you. And it still is.

All I think about is you. You’re my first thought when I wake up every morning and you are my last thought before I fall asleep at night. I dream about you every night and the dreams of you protect me from the nightmares that I used to suffer from. When I wake up I can’t clear my mind of thoughts of you.

But the funny thing is that I don’t want to clear my thoughts of you. I don’t know what I would do without you. I want to be with you forever...if you’ll have me. I think that I’m in love with you.

The more I think about you the more sure I am that I’m in love with you. I don’t know how I survived without you during the lonely and cold nights alone.

I’ll be waiting for you. In my heart I know that you’re the one. If you still believe in love, in will find the way. Do you believe?

I’ll be gone when you wake up and read this letter. I hope you love me too, and I thank you for the use of your bedroom. It is quite lovely.

With all the love I can give,

Your Fairy Boy

Link lifted the parchment and reread the letter, his love letter to Malon. The words had come from his heart and he had ment them with every ounce of strength in his body. His only hope was that Malon really did love him back and that she would find him.

He went back to Malon’s room and saw that her father was sleeping in her bed. Link quietly placed a bag full of fifty rupees on Talon’s lap.

He quietly grabbed one of Malon’s ribbons and tied the parchment tightly shut. The bow wasn’t perfect but neither was the author of this heartfelt letter.

Link had chosen a ribbon that was yellow. It was the color of buttermilk, so close to the color of Malon’s own skin.

Link left the main building and headed to the barn again. He climbed the ladder and laid the parchment next to the sleeping figure of Malon. His love for her ran deep. He couldn’t compare it to anything he had ever felt before.

This might have been the reason why he stayed, or it might have been because she was too beautiful to leave alone in the dark. One of these was the reason why Link stayed, but he never really could figure out exactly why.

He decided to leave. He kissed Malon’s cheek gently and then left the barn. He went to the pasture and mounted Epona. As he was riding out of the ranch he heard Malon yell after him.

He stopped Epona and turned around. Malon was standing outside the barn and holding the letter. She dropped the letter and ran to Link and Epona. Before she got there Link jumped off of Epona and held out his arms to catch her in a long awaited embrace.

After a joyful reunion Malon looked up at Link. ‘She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s just as beautiful as she was the day I left her,’ Link thought to himself.

“I-I read your letter,” Malon said as she gently brushed a strand of Link’s hair behind his ear.

Link had been waiting, rather unknowingly, for that touch his entire stay at the castle. It was a touch no one could, or would, ever give him. He felt so reassured and he knew that he really did love Malon.

He got lost in her honey glazed green eyes and he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. He cupped her chin in his hand and gently kissed her. It was the boldest thing he had ever done to a woman. But he liked it.

“I love you,” Link said after the kiss broke.

“I’ve always loved you, Link; ever since the day that you beat Ingo in that race. I loved you for saving Epona, I loved you for the way you looked at me, and I loved you for everything you did after that,”

Link pulled Malon close and held her for a long time.

Epona whinnied and galloped back to the pasture.

Talon whistled as he walked to the barn. He looked over at Link and Malon. “I knew you were the young man here to marry my daughter!” he yelled over to his daughter and Link.

Part Four

Princess Zelda had just heard the news. Her heart was breaking; she was happy, yet sad at the same time. She was happy for Malon. They had been friends forever! They were like sisters. But her heart was breaking.

She hadn’t realized it before, but she did now. She was in love with Link. It was everything about him, his eyes, and the way he talked and acted around her. It was like he was afraid of acting irresponsibly in front of her. She loved him because he was so real. Nothing could compare to the way she felt around him. But it was too late to tell him.

She loved Malon like a sister and couldn’t hurt her. But she was killing herself by not telling Link how she felt. The more she thought about Link and Malon, the more frustrated she became.

‘How could Link do this,’ she thought to herself. ‘He was mine! I give him a break, let him have some time off and suddenly she’s the one? But he wasn’t mine in the first place. Ugh! I really do love him!’

“Are you OK, princess? You’ve been on the same page for fifteen minutes,” Sheik gracefully dropped from the ceiling and sat down next to Zelda.

“I’m fine!” she shouted.

“This isn’t one of those Dragon Slayer things that just so happens to involve a certain hero, is it? Is it the one that is engaged?” Sheik gently placed a hand on Zelda’s shoulder.

She quickly shrugged it off and said, “And if it was?”

Sheik looked into her flaming eyes. They were full of a passion so great that no one would have thought the princess possessed such power. ‘I’ve pushed her too far this time. Change the subject. Change the subject!’

Zelda raised her hand to slap Sheik across the face but she stopped herself. She looked up at the sky. “Don’t tell anyone, please, Sheik,”

“I won’t tell. But you must promise that you will respect Malon. They are in love, and that is something that no one should tamper with. Will you promise me that?” Sheik asked looking into the princesses tearing eyes.

She nodded her head in understanding. Link and Malon deserved each other. Sheik left the gazebo and walked towards the castle.

Zelda sat down on the other side of the bench, where Sheik had been sitting. She watched the sunset; it was beautiful. The wind gently played with her hair. She brushed a strand that had escaped out from under her crown behind her ear.

As she watched the sun disappear under the protective castle walls a tear stained her perfect face. She had always been the beautiful one; no one had ever noticed Malon when Zelda was with her. Maybe she had one more chance to win Link’s heart. Her only chance was her beauty.

She would show Malon. Link deserved a better woman than Malon. Don’t get her wrong, Zelda still loved Malon, but she wouldn’t settle for second best. She would win this battle…

Part Five

Link smiled down at Malon. She looked beautiful standing in the moonlight. The moonlight shined in her hair and cast shadows all over the pasture they were standing in. Link brushed a leaf that had fallen off of a tree and onto Malon’s shoulder onto the ground. She turned her head around and smiled back at him.

His eyes lit up at the sight of the gentleness in her eyes. Link was starting to wonder weather or not he would ever return to the castle. Malon wanted to leave Lon Lon Ranch but Link had no where to take her.

“Malon? Where do you want to go; where will we live?” Link asked her putting his hands on her waist.

“Take me away, Fairy Boy. You lead and I’ll follow,” she said looking up at him. She hadn’t even thought about their future; she was caught in the moment. It was only she and Link; together at last.

He lifted her up and held her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Ingo, the ranch hand, and Talon watched from inside the main building.

“They are perfect for each other!” Ingo said chuckling at the reaction he got out of Talon.

Talon’s eyes grew wide and he looked at Ingo. “Are you kidding? They may be cute together, but that boy had better not try any funny stuff while I’m around. I’m watching him carefully,”

“You know that you’ll have to give her up sooner or later, right?” Ingo asked taking his eyes away from the couple in the pasture.

Talon walked over to the table in the center of the room and sat down. He nodded his head as he said, “I knew that she’d leave the ranch someday, but I didn’t know when. I trust Link to take care of her and to love her, which is all I can ask of him. But I never knew this could hurt so much. Does this always feel so bad?” Talon asked Ingo who had sat down across from him at the table.

“I think it’ll always hurt a little. But when you see how happy they are, that’ll ease the pain a little. And think about how happy Malon has been lately. Of course, what do I know anyway?” Ingo said patting his companion on the back and walking out the door.

Talon leaned back in his chair and thought. He thought about his wife, and the day Malon was born. ‘I was a nervous wreck!’ he thought, chuckling as he recalled the day. ‘It was a happy day; Malon was such a spunky little baby! She was so tiny, and I was afraid of her! I was afraid that I might hurt her,’

Talon eventually fell asleep. He was dreaming about Malon and Link, his wife, and the day Malon was born. He woke up in the middle of the night after suffering from a chain of haunting nightmares.

‘Losing Malon is like losing a part of my wife. Malon is exactly like her mother in every way. I don’t think I could lose her,’ Talon thought as he drifted off to sleep again.

Part Six

Princess Zelda had chosen to wear a long blue dress; it brought out the color of her radiant blue eyes. She would win Link’s heart when he and Malon came to ask permission for their wedding ceremony to be held in the castle courtyard. Malon wouldn’t even need to know what happened when Link seems to slip out from under her nose.


Malon and Link rode Epona and Malon’s horse. They rode to the castle followed by Talon, Ingo, and the rest of the workers at Lon Lon Ranch. The other members of Malon’s family would meet them at the castle.

Once they arrived at the palace Princess Zelda and Sheik happily greeted them. Malon and Zelda quickly hurried away to Zelda’s room to make a few last minute preparations before the wedding. Link stayed in the courtyard while the rest of the travelers were led to their rooms in the palace.

Link and Sheik stood in silence. They never had anything to talk about. They were so different; Sheik was quiet and laid back while Link was sometimes untrusting and cautious. There was nothing to do except wait for Zelda and Malon to come back. Link and Sheik stared at each other for a while longer.

“Link! Sheik! Come quickly! It’s Malon!” Zelda said running into the middle of the courtyard. “The dark ghost kidnapped her!”

Link, who had only a second ago been daydreaming, suddenly snapped to attention. “What?” he tried to soak in Zelda’s words.

“Quickly! Come with me!” Zelda said grabbing Link’s arm and pulling him off towards her room.

They reached Zelda’s room and there was no sign of Malon. Link’s eyes burned with a mixture of rage and sorrow. He clenched his hands and made fists. He tried with all of his might not to yell.

“Where did they go?” he asked through clenched teeth.

“They just disappeared into thin air! I don’t know,”

Link looked over at the open drawer in Zelda’s desk. There was a piece of parchment tied in yellow buttermilk ribbon; Malon’s ribbon.

He grabbed it from Zelda’s desk and read it. She had her back turned to him. Link opened it and read…

Fake Princess
Kill Boy
Rule Hyrule

All he had done for Zelda was a hoax. He figured the dungeon was all a big joke to draw him away from Zelda so she could be kidnapped. And a fake princess had been planted in the castle to take her place. That would explain the fake princess part. Kill the boy…

Link looked up at Zelda and asked, “Where is Malon?”

She turned around from the window. She was holding a dagger in her hands. No there were three in all; every single one had been sharpened. They weren’t daggers they were throwing knives!

Kill the boy…

Part Seven

Zelda raised her hand to throw them at Link. She drew them behind her head and prepared to let the deadly blades fly. Link looked at her and smirked. Then he crossed his arms over his chest.

“So, this is how it’s gonna end, huh?” Link asked chuckling.

Zelda dropped two of the knives and finally the third one. She reached into her boot and drew a dagger. “I know that you and Malon love each other, so I wish you well,” with those, her last words, she stabbed herself in the heart.

“Where is Malon?”

With the last ounce of strength she possessed Zelda reached into her pocket and fell to the ground. Link waited and then pulled her hand out of her pocket and removed a note, it said…

Secret passage behind bed

Link looked behind Zelda’s bed and saw a trap door. He opened it and went inside. Malon was sitting, propped up against the wall, with her hands and feet tied together. She was unconscious.

Link walked into the room and picked up Malon. He was about to leave, but her heard a small cry from further inside the passage. He carried Malon into the next room and set her down. He reached for his sword; it wasn’t there. Neither was his shield.

He took a step further and his eyes lit up with hatred. Princess Zelda, the real one, was lying on her back looking up at Sheik. She was bleeding and her dress was torn.

“This is what jealousy gets you, princess, or should I say…Mayel! Do you regret being jealous of their love?” Sheik asked her furiously.

She weakly nodded her head.

“REGRET! That is disgraceful!” Sheik yelled as light escaped from his fingertips and hit Zelda.

She screamed in pain.

“Link and Malon are both dead because of you! I sent my magic beings to kill them! They are dead so they can be together! They will stay away from you and all of the others that try to destroy their love!” Sheik said letting another lightning strike hit Zelda and laughed as she screamed in pain.

“STOP IT!” Link yelled.

Sheik looked up at Link. “I am teaching her about what jealousy get you,” Sheik said looking at Link.

“No one deserves that!” Link said glaring at Sheik.

“She must learn!”

“Not like that! You are the disgrace, not by any means is Zelda wrong,” Link said walking over to her and lifting her off of the floor.

He carried Zelda to Malon and stopped. “Carry Malon,” Link ordered Sheik.

“You may have beaten me once but you will not succeed this time!” Sheik said turning into an image of Dark Link.

Link set Zelda next to Malon and stood up to look at the replica of himself. “They really didn’t do that bad of a job on you, ya know? I think that I stand up straighter and my nose has never been broken before,”

“What are you talking about?” Dark Link asked sounding confused.

“Think about what I said and add this to it; you really don’t look like me. It might just be that you’re wearing black and my color really isn’t black. I’m more of a green person don’t you think?” Link said smirking.

“What are you talking about?” Dark Link put his hands on his head and sat down.

“I thought I’d finished you but I guess I was mistaken. Have you ever considered wearing red? It would look nice on you…I think. No, maybe you should wear blue,”

Dark Link stood up and stared at Link. “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

“No,” Link said walking closer to his evil counterpart.

“But I am exactly like you. I know everything that you do, I act exactly like you, I fight identically to you, and I love the same girl that you do!” Dark Link exclaimed looking into Links eyes.

“I’m not afraid because I know what your weakness is,”

“What would that be?”

“Thinking and concentrating; you can’t do both at the same time. I can, though,” Link said stabbing Dark Link with the dagger that the fake Zelda had used to kill herself with.

The body fell to the ground and it slowly turned into the body of Sheik. Link sat down next to Sheik who was slowly regaining conciseness.

“What happened?” Link asked Sheik.

“I-I…don’t know. I was trying to save Zelda but I was attacked by you!” Sheik said sounding confused.

“That was the dark ghost, I think,”

“Where are we?”

“We are in a secret passageway behind Zelda’s bed. Should we get them outta here?” Link asked pointing to Malon and Zelda.

“Yeah, I think so,” Sheik said as they carried them into Zelda’s room and gently sat them on the bed.

Part Eight

The day was perfect. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze that cooled the castle courtyard. Today was the day that Link and Malon would get married.

Everyone was ready and the ceremony was about to start. Link was waiting for Malon and Talon was about ready to walk her down the isle.

Princess Zelda started to walk up to Link; she was wearing a yellow buttermilk dress. It was Malon’s favorite color. She reached the front and stood across from Link.

Now it was Malon’s turn to enter. Link was speechless. He was getting married to the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Malon and her father were making their way to the front.

Malon’s dress was white and silky. Her beautiful red hair was wound into a perfect twist of a bun that Link couldn’t describe. He could hardly see her even though she was right in front of his eyes.

Talon let go of Malon’s arm and Link took her hand. Together they walked up to the priest and into their new life together…


Author’s Note: So, how was it? This is my first fanfic and I wasn’t really sure where to go with it of how long it should be. I hardly ever read the romance fics and I wasn’t sure how I would make this one turn out in the end. Did I do too badly or was it OK? Please don’t be too mean but I would love to her what you have to think about it. It’s if you wanna drop me a line.

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