Problems Arise Chapter 3


By Shadowangel

Magus waited for her move, his hand on his scythe. She suddenly seemed to disappear, and reappeared behind him. He whipped around, scythe in hand. She ducked under his blade.

“You must be faster than that! How sad, how pathetic,” She mocked. Magus just gritted his teeth and cast Fire2.

“Idiot!” Keyra spat. She cast Ice2 and his spell turned into so much steam. The spell that she had started before was gathering energy. The energy flowed around her like water before gathering into a glowing sphere. She blew gently against the sphere and it floated over to him. Magus was slightly confused by this attack. She sent a bubble to hurt him? He attempted to blow it back at her, but it hovered right in place. He poked at it to try to push it. The moment he touched it, it blew up with a huge blast. The force of the blast threw Magus back. He slammed against a tree. His eyes bled so much that the world was colored a dark red. He was cut in many places and severely burned. Still, despite all, he stood to press the attack. He reached into his cape in one fluid movement to seize his dagger that he always kept with him. He threw it at her so swiftly that it was a blur. It dug itself into the flesh of her shoulder. She looked at the damage for a minute before ripping the dagger out.

“Now, it’s my turn. I’ll kill you and love every single second of it,” she crowed. She began to murmur again, and Magus took this as an advantage. He tried to slash her throat. She had seen it coming before he moved. She dodged him, and as he blew past her, she stuck her fist out. It connected squarely with his stomach. He immediately doubled over. She pulled him up by his long hair. He was roughly shoved onto a tree.

“Now, you need to stay here. You’re little friends are coming to rescue you. But, I don’t want you getting in the way.” She told him nastily. Bright yellow rings formed in her hand. She pinned his hands, feet, and neck onto the tree with the rings. She then sealed his mouth so he couldn’t blab out what she was.

“What the heck happened here?” Lucca cried, rushing into the clearing. Keyra had slumped onto the ground, trying to act like she had fought something dreadful.

“Are you OK?” Marle asked, running over to her.

“Yeah. I think so.” She said innocently.

“What happened?” Lucca asked, coming back from where she had looked at Magus to make sure he was alive.

“I got attacked by something. Whatever it was had already attacked Magus and Crono.” Keyra gasped.

“Crono? Where is he?” Lucca pressed, elbowing Marle in the ribs when she had started to panic.

“Last time I saw him, he was over there.” She pointed to a corner of the clearing. “I don’t know if the Thing is still here, so be careful!”

“No worry! It left!” Ayla put in. Magus had woken up and glared at Keyra with pure hatred in his eyes. He struggled against his bonds, but he was far too weak to break them. He tried to speak, but his lips were sealed. While Marle, Ayla, and Lucca were busy trying to figure out what attacked, Keyra walked over to Magus and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“I win…” She whispered mockingly. Magus threw himself at her, trying to free himself in his rage. He knew that she would kill them all.

She’ll kill them all. How can I stop her? There must be some way to get out of these rings. I don’t know of this spell. I have no clue what the counter spell is. Where did she learn these? He wondered. Marle came over and called Ayla. She followed Marle and they both disappeared into the forest, leaving Magus alone with Keyra. She smiled evilly.

“Well, now I can finish what I started. How wonderful.” She laughed at his anger. “You can be as angry as you want. It won’t do you any good.” She raised her fist and punched him a few times in the stomach. All he could do was grunt as hit after hit pelted him with agony. She was so absorbed in this that she didn’t notice that Marle, Lucca, and Ayla had come back with an unconscious Crono.

“What the…what are you doing? You’re going to kill him!” Marle screamed at her.

“Oh, shut up. I’m trying to kill him, you idiot. Now, let me do what I started, before I decide to kill all of you, too.” Keyra said angrily as she socked him in the face again.

“You’re what attacked them!” Lucca cried.

“No crap. Of course I did. You’re going to hear this sometime, so I might as well say it now. I, Lavos, have taken over the power source you call Keyra.” She said annoyed. “So, go away and let me do my work. I have an entire world to conquer, so I don’t have time for all of you.” Lucca drew her gun and fired at her. It connected in the shoulder. Keyra brushed the ashes off, annoyed. She used Lightning2 on them, knocking them all to the ground.

“Let it be known that I will have my revenge. The streets, nay, the world, shall be stained red. Blood red. Bear this in mind, mortals. After all, everyone has to die sometime. I will take away all that you treasure, all that you love, just for the fun of it. Let the fall of mankind begin.” She laughed. She then disappeared in a flash of dark light, her laugh still ringing in the air.

Now that Magus is beaten up and Crono unconscious, what will the CT gang do? Frog is still trying to get Robo, and not back yet. Lavos is going to be a lot harder to beat. How can you beat a being with superhuman speed, strength, and senses? Hopefully Keyra doesn’t do too much damage before she is stopped.

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