A Once Distant Memory Chapter 12


By Shaun Curran

It was about midnight when I paused for a few minutes to regain my voice. It had grown feverishly in pitch as I spoke. I didn't know how many hours had passed: I couldn't tell how long I had been talking but it felt like an insanely long period of time.

The door opened and Dalton walked through. His hair was disheveled and he looked angry. He simply marched up to me and backhanded me across the mouth. I think his hand drew blood, but I wasn't sure.

"Feel better?" I asked. He hit me again. I have to learn to shut up.

"I hope you're satisfied," he said with a growl," your friend destroyed the Armageddon Cannon!"

"Eh?" Magus asked, summing our confusion in one single word," Shikeo is dead." Schala's face beamed. Shikeo, alive? How?

"Well, I did see him with my own bare eyes, Magus, so don't question what I did and did not see!" Dalton backhanded me once again and flew out the door, slamming the cast-iron gate with such a clatter that I winced.

"Janus," said Schala," I do not know who Shikeo is. I knew that by the way Dalton came in here that Shikeo is on our side but aside from that I do not know anything else.

"Really?" I asked.

"Well, the things you said in your story. I know that by what you told me." I sighed, a little subdued about Schala not being able to remember who Shikeo was, but I was not entirely unhappy. At least I knew now that he was alive.

"I don't remember either," said Quelchen," just what you said about him." I sighed again, but my hopes soared about Shikeo. He was alive! And the destruction of the last-remaining Armageddon Cannon only meant that he had not forgotten about us and was coming to rescue us! I continued the story with more relish. The revelation that Shikeo was alive gave me a tiny bit of relief, although my shackles told me I should think otherwise.


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