A Once Distant Memory Chapter 17


By Shaun Curran

I took Dalton's dagger and Magus took his keys. Shikeo and Quelchen bound him to the same shackles that I had been in. I took the keys.

"Going to leave me to die, eh?" asked Dalton.

"Correct." I took the keys and searched for a hole. Finding one, I dropped the keys straight down. Dalton's look was one of horror.

"NO!" he screamed," those were the only ones!"

"All for the better, I'm sure," said Shikeo. I walked up to Dalton and backhanded him across the face.

"You're being left here to die for the rape of my sister," I said angrily.

"I... I had nothing to do with that." Blood foamed a little from Dalton's mouth. I must have struck a vein.

"So what? You were in on the plot. I hope you die a rotten death." And with that, the six of us walked out of the dungeon, closing the door behind, and leaving Dalton, with his protests, behind.

Quelchen and I crept up the stairs leading out of the dungeon and entered a dimly lit room. I heard footsteps and just as the person passed us, I tripped him and he fell. I neatly cut his neck and he shook all over. The person I had just killed, Kamus, was quite dead.

"Neat," someone said. I looked. Kamus?

"I knew you'd try something like that, Janus, so I had a clone made up of me, and yes, obviously, a celeron. Now, my question for you is, do you feel like dying today?" I pulled out my sword.

"Dying isn't on my agenda; it's on yours!" I cried. I turned to Quelchen.

"Get back to the ship," I said to him. He rushed down the other end of the corridor.

We fought viscously and savagely. Kamus was very good with a sword, and it was only because of my size that I was able to dodge some of his powerful upper-slices. I fell, sword in hand, and he stood over me, ready to slice my chest open...

I threw Dalton's dagger directly into his heart. By some miracle of God, it penetrated him and struck the very organ I was aiming to pierce. He sank to his knees, clutching his chest.

"...You are free to go, Janus."

"Next time," I said, as he sank into unconsciousness," don't mess with the Guardian Shadow."

The Blackbird sat, its gas bag having been replaced, and its side badly damaged. Shikeo smiled at me as I appeared. I couldn't say thank you; it would have ruined our relationship.

So I said," not that flying thing! I hate that thing!" Shikeo's mouth dropped.

"Get on," he shouted. I did. I looked down at the fortress we had just escaped. Yes, we were still in Mirana, what part of it, I didn't know.

"Hey Schala," I said. Magus laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Not now, Janus."

"But-" I turned to Schala and saw Shikeo and her wrapped in a deep, passionate kiss that seemed to last for eons. Magus leaned over to me.

"It's not polite to stare." I looked back at the fortress, my face burning hot. I was embarrassed, but I could say one thing: it was good to be alive.




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