The Second Incarnation Part 5

Going Fishin'

By Shelly Ichishita

"Yuffie, I really don't see how I'm going to spear a fish with my paws."

"It's alright Nanaki, just try to catch them between your paws, you're fast enough. Besides, just think about how good it'll taste after Tifa's done with it."

"Okay, I'll try." Nanaki said as the two walked toward the surf. It was a good night for spear fishing, the water was clear and the moon was high. Yuffie and Nanaki submerged themselves in the salt water careful not to startle the fish. Yuffie spotted a school of angelfish and already had three on her spear when Nanaki cried out and started running towards the shore.

Yuffie was irritated because Nanaki scared off all the fish with his cry. "What?" She snapped. She quickly got over her irritation when she saw whom Nanaki was running to. It can't be. She thought. But the figure standing in the sand was unmistakably Aeris. Yuffie was standing so still that the school of angelfish came back and were swimming around her legs, she quickly speared a few more, just to be sure that they had enough for dinner tomorrow, and headed back to shore.

When she got there Nanaki was talking up a storm to Aeris. He was excitedly shooting off questions about her return. Yuffie could she that Aeris didn't quite understand him, she kind of stood off to the side with a pinched expression on her face. Yuffie nudged Nanaki. "Come on, come up for air, huh?" Aeris looked at her gratefully before she fell to the sand.


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