The Second Incarnation Part 9

Heart of Darkness

By Shelly Ichishita

Shinra Headquarters, the next afternoon

Reeve walked down a foul smelling corridor. "Vincent, it's getting dark don't you think we should head back to camp?" Reeve followed the former Turk down another equally dark and dank hallway. "Vincent, come on, this is place is too much even in the daylight. We've been searching since daybreak."

Vincent turned to face his friend. "Okay Reeve, we'll leave after we search this last room." Vincent pointed toward a set of metal doors.

That's funny. Reeve thought. I don't remember those doors being there before. Reeve and Vincent entered the room. "Looks like another computer terminal access site to me." Reeve assessed the room. "Doesn't seem to have been damaged at all does it Vincent?"

Vincent turned to answer his friend but the ex-Shinra executive was gone. "Reeve?" He frantically ran into the corridor. "Reeve!" He had disappeared. Vincent felt chilled to the bone. If anything happened to Reeve it would all be his fault. He should have listened to Reeve and gotten out of the building. Vincent thought about it some more, he shouldn't have risked his friend's life on this hopeless quest. Lucretia was gone to him and no matter what he did he wouldn't be able to get her back. By coming to the former Shinra Headquarters he had put Reeve's life on the line.

Vincent knelt on the ground and cradled his head in his hands. His anger and frustration were building up and he could feel the Chaos beast emerging. Vincent struggled to keep a handle on his emotions, if he changed now he wouldn't be able to search for Reeve, but he couldn't control it any longer. His form started to morph and he let out a guttural cry.

Somewhere in the desolate building a computer screen blinked to life.


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