The Second Saga Chapter 7


By Shera

Cloud breathed as the wind past his face. Highwind's lower balcony was the best place to think.

"Cloud?" Tifa walked up behind him. "How did it happen?"

Cloud sighed, His hair was jubilant again and his clothes were a royal purple. "Sephiroth.with the strength he had left he escaped the lifestream, hunted me down and entered my body. Taking over was the easy part. I was so physically tired from my great gale on him he just literally flicked me over and started building up his power again.

Tifa gazed at him, "Cloud."


"I." She remembered the Gold Saucer incident where she just couldn't spit it out. That would not happen this time!

"Cloud, I love you!" There. It was done.

Cloud looked not even stunned.

"What's wrong with you!? I just said I love you! Do you know how hard that is!?" Tifa demanded.

"I know you do."


"I love you, too. I've realized losing Aeris was not as bad as it seemed. Her death only opened my mind to my true love,"

Tifa was overwhelmed, her heart raced. Cloud loved her as much as she loved him! Cloud brought her closer to him and kissed her. She melted, the wind played with their hair. And again Highwind soared high over Midgar. Cloud and Tifa knew they would never part. Their love for each other was too strong.

The scene left the lovers and fell upon Barret with Marlene. Never, would they part. Marlene might find out about her real father and actually realize who she thought was her father doesn't have the same skin tone, even by a bit.

Cid, alone, landed Highwind beside Rocket town. The whole population - which wasn't very much - was waiting for him. A roar went up as Shera ran up to him and congratulated him. He looked at her and smiled. His hand patted her back and she found herself suddenly in his arms. "You're so good to me." he whispered over the roar of the crowd.


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