Child of an Ancient Chapter 4

By Shigan Lee

They are coming….

 The sensation of closing spirits struck her as her sweaty hands shot upwards in a slow gesture which finished the complicated memory spell. He wouldn’t remember a thing of the passing events, a good thing for both of them. Her voice finished the last lines of the ancient words of power as the lifestream’s glow faded. She looked down at the man lying in front of her. It was for his sake they had come and it was because of her that they had gone through so much trouble.

 Her friends…

 She bent down to kneel beside him, she mustn’t feel bad for this. This had been for the best,  the best for both the planet and humanity. It had been her last plight as a Cetra and a protector of the planet. She grasped the young man’s hand and squeezed it.

 What a wonderful thing… To be able to feel again, something she thought that she had lost forever. The cold wind of the northern continent bite into her clothes and felt as knifes against her skin as she saw the moon rose. She enjoyed every bit of it… To be able to see, feel, hear, smell and taste this world again. She would enjoy this as long as it lasted. It wouldn’t be long, she knew it. But it would be enough… She couldn’t ask the planet for more than it could manage. Even god had his limits.

 She returned her attention to the man. He was asleep, and would probably remain like that for several hours. Her heart ached when her eyes fixed on his peaceful face. The blond hair was still damp from being drenched in the lifestream for a horrific week. His screams were still an echo in her head, she wished she could have helped him but it had been hopeless. The planet had its ways and could be quite ruthless when it came down to things. She had done what the planet had wanted. She was disgusted for her using of him, but it had still been her desire in the end and it was too late to regret anything. The shame burned like a cold fire inboards as she thought of it. But what could she do when it had been the wish of the planet? She was a Cetra, one of the planet’s servants. She could only obey when the deep, commanding voice demanded something…

 She couldn’t resist tracing her fingers down the lines of his masculine featured face, down to his cheek and finally stopping at his slowly rising and sinking chest.

 God he was handsome, and god she loved him…

 Tears suddenly flooded her eyes and dripped down on his face. She squeezed his hand harder as the tears made their way down her chins and she tasted the salt in her mouth. The ache was tearing her apart. She wanted to fling her arms around him and hold him once more… only once more…


 She had gotten what she had wanted, the planet had gotten what it had wanted. This business was finished, she was forbidden to ever see him again. She almost laughed at the irony when she remembered the romantic novels she had read when she was younger. The stories that told you that love always would win, win over whatever that parted the two involving persons.

 So silly she had been then, she had actually believed it. It had only been the silly dreams of a young slum girl. But now she was facing the reality, the cruel reality of real life. Something parted her love and herself, a wall that would always stand as the ultimate obstacle between them.

 Love might win over war, hate and greed but death would always beat it. Death would always be standing between them like a high mountain that could not be climbed by mortals.

 The sensation of spirits hit her again. They were very close now, she had to hurry. Drying her tears, she released her iron grip of his hand. She bent down her head and placed a last kiss on his dry lips, then she stood up and began to walk away when they suddenly separated. A tiny whisper, cracked by his dry throat escaped him. It was a word, a name that the woman didn’t catch in her hurry to leave before her friends would find him.


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