A Birthday Gone Wrong Epilogue

By Shnuff

Magus entered Schala's house through the front door to find Schala there, waiting for him.

"What was it that Crono said you wanted to tell me?" she asked.

Magus hesitated. He stepped inside, deep in thought.

"Well?" she requested, expectantly. Her arms were folded in front of her chest.

Magus looked down, contemplating his answer. "I'm… not who I appear to be."

Schala wasn't satisfied. "That much was obvious. First you were the Prophet, and now, Magus. You mean to tell me that you're lying again?" She walked into the sitting room, and sat down. She motioned for him to sit down as well.

Magus' heart sunk. Can I do this? He thought. He looked into Schala's eyes. Does she know?

Magus kept thinking about how to go about telling Schala that he was her long lost brother.

"Before I was the Prophet, I lived in an era 12 600 years after this one, also known as 600 AD," Magus said. "This time period is known as 12 000 BC."

Schala nodded, and questioned, "So that's how you knew what was going to happen? It was ancient history to you?"

Magus shook his head. "No," he said. "The history records of that time period don't go back this far." He continued with his story. "I was thrown back to this time period by a being called Lavos."

Schala shuddered at the mention of Lavos. "That Lavos is an evil creature. It's good that you and your friends destroyed it."

Magus was confused for a minute, and then realized that Crono and the others probably told her about their little adventure while he was helping the queen.

Magus' voice was cracking. "I summoned Lavos to my castle to try and defeat him. Crono and the others intervened, and I was thrown back here."

Schala's good hand covered her mouth in shock. "You tried to defeat him? Why?"

Magus' tone changed to one of anger. "Revenge for banishing me to the Middle Ages."

Schala was confused again. "Didn't you come here from the Middle Ages?" she asked.

Magus nodded. "As a child, I was known by a different name. I grew up in Zeal, too," he replied, his voice cracking again.

This surprised Schala. She looked him over closely, and thought she recognized him.

"Who are you?" she asked, looking him in the eye.

Magus took a deep breath. "My name was… Janus."

Schala's good hand once again came up to her mouth in shock. "Janus?" she said, looking him over. She stood up, and came over beside him. He stood up as well.

"Oh god, it is you," she said, hugging him.

Magus returned the embrace, tears starting to come down his face. Years of anger and hatred for being separated from his sister were gone. The two remained locked in the embrace for quite a while, tears of joy coming from their eyes.

"Janus…" Schala said after a while. "What happened to you?"

He released his hold on her, and stepped back to arms length. "It is… a long story."

"Stay the night here," she said. "Share it with me, brother."

He sat down, and the two talked the night away…


Glenn awoke in the middle of the night with a start. It wasn't unusual for him to do this, as he lived near a wooded area.

But, this felt different.

The memory of the previous day's escapade flooded back to him. After Crono and the others had found him, they took him and the Queen back to their time. After Glenn had returned Queen Leene to a relieved King Guardia XXI, they told Glenn they'd be back tomorrow with gifts. Crono apologized for forgetting the gifts, but Glenn had convinced him not to bother. What gift can thou purchase for an amphibian?

After that, Glenn had returned home. Where he would be alone. Life as a frog was a lonely life, but protecting the king and queen was something that was invaluable.

He got up to walk and stretch his frog legs. As he got up, he felt different. Taller, somehow.

He looked at his hands, and saw human hands, with 4 fingers and a thumb.

He got closer to his door to make sure he wasn't seeing things, and saw the same thing. He also saw human feet, with 5 toes each.

He ran his hand along his face, and felt a beard growing. He rubbed his hands together, and pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

He picked up the Masamune out of it's sheath, and looked into it. He saw a human face staring back at him. He had long green hair, with a mustache and beard growing. He flexed his arm and leg muscles, and felt their power.

He looked over to the ladder that led out of his hole, and noticed a set of gold coloured knights armor, and realized that a gold colour meant you were the knight captain. There was a note attached to it. It read:


Hope you enjoy your late birthday gift. Go see the king tomorrow.

Crono, Marle, Robo, Janus, Schala, Lucca, and Ayla


Glenn could barely contain his excitement. He was human again. Then he noticed that Janus was listed, but not Magus. He smiled. He knew that the curse could only be lifted if Magus was dead. And he was. Magus was a product of all the hatred that Janus felt toward Lavos for separating him from his sister. And with Schala back in Janus' life, Magus was truly dead.

He was glad for someone that had once been his sworn enemy. He couldn't wait for the morning, and realized that he couldn't live here anymore. He changed into the armor, and headed out of his home, taking the Masamune with him. After getting out of the hole, He stopped for a second.

"I thank thee, Janus," he said, to no one in particular.

Then, he walked into town, to find a place to get some sleep.


Masa: Did you hear that Mune? He's actually thankful to Magus!

Mune: He didn't say that! He said "I thank thee, Janus!"

Masa: Janus, Magus, same thing!

Mune: Have you been listening? It's not the same thing!

Masa: Oh yeah. But why is he thanking Janus when Janus isn't here?

Mune: I dunno. But Glenn will be able to thank Janus pretty soon.

Masa: Quiet. You're giving it away.

Mune: And what about this Cloud guy I keep hearing about from the Entity?

Masa: Would you shut up already? Don't spoil it!


End of "A Birthday Gone Wrong" by Shnuff

Thanks again to Icy Brian for putting up my stories and putting up with my laziness. I'm working on being prompt, but it's coming slowly. Thanks also to people who drop me a line. I like feedback and other things like that. As Mune mentioned, I'm working on a crossover story for CT and FF7. Anyone who's read "Birthright" may remember a character called Bane. He'll make a return in this one. Should be pretty good, if it gets approved. Hopefully, it will. Later!


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