Birthright Part 7

By Dave Church

As consciousness regained control over Crono’s mind, his thoughts put them in a random order. Blurry vision came to his eyes. When all the swirling colors came into focus, he could make out Phil bending over him and the king helping Marle up.


“You be quiet. You suffered quite a fall there. Just lie there for a minute.” Crono noticed that Phil had Lucca’s gun with him. They were in the courtroom. Guards were carrying out the chancellor’s body, and Bane’s guards still littered the floor. The king seemed to have recovered, and was giving orders to the remainder of his knights.


“I said shut up.” Phil was going to win this one, and Crono was happy to oblige at the moment. He had a throbbing headache. Suddenly he realized what he was doing there.

Crono started to get up. Very clumsily, he tried to get a stable footing. “The chancellor is a traitor. Bane’s a fake. We have to let the people know.”

Phil craned his neck to look at Crono, and smiled. “I know. The king has regained control, and I stopped of Bane. He’ll be hanged later today. As for Lucca, she’s ok.”

“How?” Crono asked, still somewhat dazed. Marle came over and hugged him as he asked the question.

Phil seemed somewhat embarrassed to answer. “Well, I used Epoch to take her to the future to see Robo before the bleeding became fatal.”

Both Marle’s and Crono’s jaw dropped as he said this. Marle released her embrace on Crono and turned toward Phil.

“Where did you learn how to use Epoch?” Marle asked.

“Lucca taught me before we busted out Crono.” Phil looked toward Marle, and seemed ashamed. “I’m sorr-

Crono blurted, “No, no don’t worry about it. How did you find out about Robo, let alone find him?”

“Luck. Lucca also informed me about various people you met during your adventure.” Phil stood up, and addressed the king. “Now that they have regained consciousness, shall we head to the hanging?”

“Lead on,” said Crono, with Marle at arm’s length behind him. Phil, the king, and some guards headed out with Crono and Marle trailing them.

There was one thing left to do…


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