Revenge For Our Fathers Part 5

By Dave Church

"So Lavos gave this guy magic for some reason," Crono nodded and listened. The two were sitting by the streetlight in the end of time, snacking on a lunch Crono had made.

Magus nodded as he bit an apple. "It's beyond me. It seems whatever magic he sucked out of me, he gave to this boy."

"But at his age, he wouldn't be able to use it properly." Crono sat up straight.

Magus nodded. "It would take him a while to harness all the effects."

"So where do we start looking..." Crono suddenly gasped out in pain.

Help me...

"Aacck! The pain, the pain!" Crono wheezed. "This guy is sending... wait!

It's from Marle! He's hurting Marle!" Crono doubled over. He writhed on the floor.

"How do you know?" Magus asked, showing an expression of wonderment.

"I could hear her voice. She's in... 11 973 BC! We have to go there!" said Crono, the pain obviously subsiding.

Spekkio ran into the room. "Is something wrong? I heard someone screaming!"

"Nothing," said Magus. "Nothing at all." The sight of Crono on the floor made Spekkio think otherwise.

Spekkio, not one to be fooled easily, retorted, "Oh sure. Everyone screams every once in a while. You people are crazy!"

"It's a symptom of a sickness he's suffering. Makes him do that every so often." Magus tried to keep a straight face as Crono gave him a crazy look.

"Oh." Spekkio, apparently buying the story. He headed back into his room and shut the door.

Crono glared at Magus. "If you were almost anyone else I'd have.."

"It was the best option at the time, and a heck of a lot funnier than the other one I thought of."

"I wasn't aware you had a sense of humor." said Crono, now smiling.

Magus' smile faded. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me. Let's get going."

The two headed toward Epoch to go find their comrades....


"Ah, It appears your friends have tracked us down." A somewhat tired out Marle blinked as Ian recited this from outside the cell. "Oh, my mistake. They appear to be headed for 12 000 BC. Marle looked at the cell pairings: Ayla and Robo, Kino and Glenn, Atropos and Gaspar, Lucca and herself. And Crono's mom, still unconcious in a pillar of light near the control center. Not great combinations, except for the last one. Lucca and Marle had worked together for quite a while. They knew each other quite well. Maybe Ayla and Robo....

"I think they know where we are. How could that be?" Ian looked around. No one had access to anything that could let Crono know where they were. Maybe the robots did. Ian turned to Robo. "Did you do it?"

Robo stared. "Do what?"

"Signal Crono where we are." Ian looked at Robo, expecting a reply.

"No. I am not capable of doing that." Robo kept an eye on the screen, where Crono and Magus appeared to be darting through Ian's cronies outside of the ship.

"Are you lying?' Ian looked suspicious. On the screen, Crono disembarked onto a saucer like object. Robo expected it to be the ship.

"I cannot lie," Robo said matter-of-factly. "My circuitry was not programmed to lie." Crono appeared to be looking for an opening. How the heck was he staying on top of the ship? They appeared to be in the air. Crono had just gotten out of Epoch and was looking for an entrance in. Why was Magus still on Epoch?

"How do I know?" Ian still was not convinced. Marle, Lucca, and Glenn noticed that Crono was on the verge of coming in.

"Crono find!" Ayla yelled out, noticing the screen. Crono appeared to have found an entrance.

Ian turned. "Hmm... time to make it interesting..."

Suddenly, everyone except Marle was unconcious.


End of Part 5

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