Revenge For Our Fathers: Epilogue

By Dave Church

It was a dark night. A fire was crackling nearby. Camping gear was laid out near the fire. Crickets were chirping, and there was a light breeze. The leaves were rustling in the trees. Marle and Crono were flat on the beach, holding hands.

"I'm glad we got to spend some time together before we got back," Marle said.

Crono smiled."Well, I figured your father wouldn't let you out of his sight when you got back to 1000 AD, and then I wouldn't be able to see you."

"Good thinking." Marle sighed happily, and stared at the stars.

"So how did you tell the difference?"

"What?" Crono was in something of a trance. It was peaceful, and Marle's question woke him out of his peaceful state.

"On the ship," Marle replied. "There was two of us. How did you know?"

"Loyalty," Crono said. He propped himself up on one elbow to face her. "That comment about shooting both of you so that we could be safe. No villain would put themselves at that much risk."

Marle remained silent. She sat up. She was still curious. "How did you locate us and Ian?"

Crono inhaled somewhat nervously. "You know when Ian was torturing you?"

"How do you know about that?" Marle asked.

"Well, he was channeling magic energy into you, and it built up until you cried for help." Crono sat up, facing her. "Some sort of mind power due to all that magic. And there's still a lot of questions to be answered. Who was Ian's mother? How the heck did he get to the End of Time? How did he "magic-proof" his ship? How did he find out about Dalton's death?" Crono was still curious.

Marle went and put her arm around him. "Well, I'm glad he's gone."

"I don't think he's dead," Crono said.

Marle gasped and turned to look at him."What?"

"I saw him going down through the air when I got to Epoch, but he was headed toward the water. He didn't get as lucky as I did. Thank goodness I had that remote control Lucca gave me." Crono yawned. "Well, I guess it's time to turn in for the night. Adventures wear me out. " Crono kissed her and got up.

"You go ahead. I want to keep looking at the stars." Marle turned toward the stars and laid on the beach. "Crono?"

"What?" said Crono.

Marle turned to look at him. "There are probably thousands of other nuts, like Ian, in different time periods who want to kill you, me, anyone in our group. I think we got lucky this time, because Ian was too sure of himself and underestimated our abilities. Will you be ready if it happens again?"

Crono thought about that for a minute."No," he said. He went back to her and clasped her hand in both of his. "We will be ready."

He got back up, went to his sleeping bag near the fire, got in and went to sleep. A few minutes later, Marle also decided to hit the hay for the night.


Ian got to a shoreline. He recognized the area around him as the last village, or the first, depending on how you looked at it.

His face was badly scarred, his hair disheveled, his cloak was torn badly, he was soaked head to toe, his ship was destroyed, and his magic- mostly used to keep animals away- was near drained. All the magic potions were on the ship, so he could not restore it easily. Only time could do it. But he had enough magic to do one last time travel.

He went to.....(This is to leave an opening for a sequel)


Writers Note-

I'd like to thank Brian Work for taking the time to put my stories up. If I get a positive reception from this one, I will do more.


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