Legacy of Honor Chapter 4

Search for Friends

By Silveran

Doguola Pass.

A gorge that runs through the crags and rocky hills of a mountain range that included Mount Randoria, which stood two thousand dorma high. The Church considered this particular place sacred.

It is believed that St. Ajora was transfigured by the ‘light of God’ proving his divinity to be the ‘Son of God’.

The story goes that he had climbed Mount Randoria with three of his disciples. After a long climb to the mountaintop, St. Ajora went aside to pray. The disciples sat down to rest, but they soon fell asleep. When they awakened, they saw something strange and gloriously beautiful...

Alone with St. Ajora on the mountain, they see him transfigured. His face shone with the brightness of the sun, his clothes became dazzling white. Then, right before their eyes, a bright cloud descended upon the mountaintop and out of the cloud came the voice of God:

This is my beloved Son in whom I am pleased. Hear him out.

The disciples were so afraid that they fell to the ground. But St. Ajora bent down and touched them and said: “Do not be afraid.

The next morning, as they walked down the mountain, St. Ajora warned his disciples not to tell of what they had witnessed. Being the loyal disciples that they were, they obeyed...

Whether the story was fact or a fabrication of the Church, no one really knows. But it was this story that claimed the mount holy. Priests trained and fasted on the very mountaintop they believed St. Ajora had transformed hoping to attain the same transformation or to hear from God as the disciples had witnessed.

But as time passed, the mountain saw fewer and fewer priests until no priests came. The mountain became silent and the story forgotten...

Though priests do not climb Mount Randoria any longer, they still traverse the Pass that ran at its base as they had for the past centuries. Most traveled alone, unafraid of the hidden dangers the Pass presented.

There have been reports of falling rocks and cuar attacks. Thieves also hid among the rocks looking for innocent travelers to rob.

But the numerous knights now scouring the cliff face did not bother searching for such vagrants. They had more important individuals to find.

A figure lurked silently within the crags watching as the knights began to light torches. The last of the day’s light vanished and the glow of those torches dotted the rocky hills like a swarm of fireflies.

And were easy pickings for the figure.

Alicia drew her bow and aimed at the nearest knight who was having a hard time climbing over a particular ledge. She let go of the string, her aim true as she heard the knight grunt, in turn, losing his grip on the ledge and falling a few feet below, his scream echoing off the walls of the valley.

But where one fell, another seemed to take his place.

It had been like this for the past week. The two knight maidens had hid in caves and when a group of knights came too close, they would defeat a few of them before moving to another part of the Pass.

But that was when the knights were only a few.

When word had reached Lesalia and Bervenia, however, they realized their peril and were now trapped with no hope for escape. Knights had come in swarms and mercenaries too, hoping to get some of the bounty money placed upon their heads.

The mercenaries possess the immediate threat to the two knight maidens. They were more experienced in the search than their armored counterparts and were better equipped for such a task.

The redhead knight maiden nimbly jumped from ledge to ledge to find another spot where she can attack unsuspectingly at her pursuers. She needed to keep moving, to keep confusing her hunters. It was the only way they could survive until they could find a way to escape Doguola Pass.

Her job would have been easier if Lavian was still with her. As Alicia jumped to the next ridge, she threw three shurikens below where two knights and a mercenary stood. Then, as she landed on the ridge, she fired another arrow at a mercenary across from her before disappearing into the crags once more.

She gasped from the exertion of evading and attacking. Needing some time to rest from her endeavor, she searched for a spot that would hide her from her enemies. Fortunately, she stumbled unto the perfect hiding place.

There was a niche within the rock wall just big enough for her to fit through. She gathered some nearby brambles to use as covering of the niche before squeezing herself through the crack. After shifting to a comfortable position, Alicia took advantage of her respite to reflect on the events of the past week.

She and Lavian were doing well evading the search party that came after them from Yardow. They outran, outwitted, and outfought them, dwindling their numbers to a few. But everything changed when more knights started to appear supplied by Lesalia and nearby Bervenia. There were enough to overpower them but somehow, they were able to repel them.

But then came the mercenaries and their methods of searching. Unlike the methodical search by the knights, mercenaries search randomly, unknowingly searching the same place more than once.

Mercenaries also worked individually. The Shrine Knights took orders from one commander while the soldiers of fortune took orders from no one other than themselves unless they were under some kind of contract. Most of the mercenaries in Doguola were under some sort of contract, working in companies and taking orders from their company leaders.

The first company to find the heretics would receive the reward unless the Shrine Knights found them first. That was enough motivation for them to search relentlessly.

Alicia held her breath as some of those mercenaries stood in front of her hiding spot, her eyes burning at the brightness of their torch.

“They could be anywhere!” one exclaimed in a harsh whisper. “Strike from anywhere!”

That last statement could have been true if Alicia wasn’t cramped in her hiding spot.

“Be on the lookout!” another warned as the group moved on, their light fading away leaving Alicia in semi-darkness once more. “We don’t want to lose any more members!”

Deeming the area to be safe, Alicia heaved a sigh of relief. That’s the closest she’s ever seen her pursuers except for the time a mercenary company had accidentally stumbled across their hidden cave.

It took the two knight maidens by surprise and, no doubt, would have been captured if their enemies were not as surprised as they were. That small window of time was all it took for the knight maidens to attack and escape. Fortunately, the company’s number was not overwhelming and was easily overtaken by Lavian and Alicia with the help of their chocobo mounts.

But their fortune only lasted for so long. As the two knight maidens rode away, a mercenary managed to fire an arrow amidst the chaos. The bolt found its mark true, hitting Lavian at her side just below the ribs.

The brunette had nearly lost her seat on her chocobo if it weren’t for Alicia’s quick reflexes. And with her quick thinking, they lost their pursuers and managed to take refuge in another cave. This time, Alicia made sure that it was well hidden so that Lavian could have the chance to rest and heal...

...while she continuously kept their pursuers occupied.

Feeling that she had rested enough, Alicia cautiously emerged from her hiding place. She readied her bow as she looked around for a good place to ambush the hunters. Deciding on a course, she disappeared into the crags...


Lavian slept fitfully, her wound chafing her as she shifted positions. Her chocobo, which she was using as a pillow, warked softly sensing her distress. The giant bird, worried for his rider, placed a wing over her shuddering form and used his power—a power inherent in all chocobos—Choco Cure.

A warm light emanated from his wing to Lavian’s prone form, enveloping her in its glow. Soon after, the light faded and Lavian slept soundly.

Seeing that she was still, Lavian’s chocobo relaxed tucking his wing back besides him. He then turned his great head towards the entrance of the cave where two other of his fellows stood watch. He knew that one waited anxiously for Alicia’s return while the other...

The other hoped.

Chocobos are loyal beasts, loyal to each other and loyal to their riders. So loyal, in fact, it is said that during battles, if their rider were killed, the chocobo would go wild as if seeking revenge for its rider’s death. It is also said that if its rider were separated from its chocobo or if the rider were dead, the chocobo would not take another in its place. Thus, these chocobos become untreatable, their handlers choosing to let them go back into the wild.

But the other chocobo, whose owner is now in a cold place, chose to stay hoping to be reunited with his rider knowing that she was alive.

Lavian’s chocobo then warked softly as he prepared to rest, tucking his head into a wing and closing his big eyes. They were safe.

At least for now.


Lavian awoke with a start. She scanned her surroundings as she grabbed her sword that was lying at her side and slowly unsheathed it. Something had awoken her.

Or someone.

She slowly sat up, wincing as she leaned against her chocobo. Suddenly, she realized that her chocobo had not responded to her movements. If danger was present, he would’ve been up and alert.

But he sat on the ground asleep.

“Fleet, wake up.” Lavian nudged the giant bird hoping to get a response. All she received was a soft wark as the chocobo shifted his head within his wing.

Alarmed, Lavian looked at the other two chocobos by the entrance and was dismayed to find them also asleep. She then sensed the reason why they were asleep. She could feel the tingling of magic in the air.

They had been placed under a spell!

Whoever had cast the spell is very clever, the wounded knight maiden thought, clutching her injured side as she prepared to stand. She nearly cried out as she stood, pain lancing down her side. Breathing heavily from the effort, she leaned against the rock wall, her sword held lightly in one hand while the other continued to clutch her side.

Injured she may be, she wasn’t going to get captured without a fight. She remained alert, her eyes scanning the surrounding area and her ears attuned to the slightest noise. Slowly she became aware of soft footsteps echoing eerily in the cave.

And they were heading towards her.

The knight maiden raised her sword, pain flaring anew with the movement, as she prepared to strike. As the footsteps grew closer, she caught something flashing within the darkness where moonlight met metal. Using that flash as her guide, she slowly swung her sword towards it.

She almost lost her grip on her sword when steel met with steel, her wound hampering her movements. It was a perfect opportunity for her enemy to attack as she recovered from their first encounter but surprisingly, they didn’t. Instead, her enemy spoke:

“Is that any way to greet an old friend?”

Shocked, Lavian dropped her sword and cried.


Another man—a mercenary—gurgled in his own life’s blood when Alicia’s arrow pierced through his throat.

One down, many more to go, the elusive redhead sighed as she readied her bow only to find that she was out of bolts. Stifling another sigh, she slung her bow and took what remained of her shuriken supply. She was dismayed to find that she only had nine more left, enough to stop one of the smaller companies of mercenaries. And to add to her grim predicament, it began to rain.

Wonderful, she thought miserably as she resumed her hit-and-run tactic.

Fortunately, the rain slowed down her pursuers somewhat giving her ample time to choose her last nine victims. Unfortunately, she realized too late the reason why her pursuers had slowed down when she slipped on a slick rock and fell...

...right into the midst of a contingent of knights.

The knights, at first, were surprised. However, they quickly overcame their surprise as they drew their swords and pointed them at Alicia. “I thought this rain was a curse but it turned out to be a blessing from God,” one knight remarked. “Not only did He bring us nourishment from the sky, He also brought us our quarry.”

“Farlem to that,” another agreed echoed by the others.

Alicia couldn’t believe her luck! She was doing well until it began to rain. Now there was no chance of escaping with all those swords pointed at her. But she would rather die than be a slave for the Church.

Still on the ground, she watched as a knight came towards her, the circle of swords widening as the other knights moved back. “On your feet, heretic!” he demanded as he kicked her on the side. “You’re under arrest!”

Alicia bore the blow but still remained prone on the ground. “I said on your feet!” the knight repeated harshly as he pulled his foot back for another kick. This time, however, the redhead was ready.

As the foot came towards her, she grabbed it in both hands and pulled on it making the knight lose his balance and fall. Seeing that the falling knight distracted the others, she rolled back onto her feet and released her remaining shurikens.

Then all became chaos as the remaining knights, who were not struck by the throwing stars, gave chase as Alicia made her escape. Completely unarmed, she had no choice but to run. She turned back to see that they were right behind her, shouting, demanding her to halt in the name of the Church.

The knight maiden ignored their cries as she turned her face forward and stopped when she saw a company of mercenaries ahead of her. They had not noticed her but when they heard the shouting knights, they turned and recognized her straight away.

And began chasing her as well.

Alicia resumed her run taking another course through the valley with both knights and mercenaries behind her back. She weaved around the rocks, sometimes slipping, but she continued on determined not to get caught.

It seemed that the whole valley was at her back as more mercenaries and knights joined the chase. She ran blindly, turning at an outcropping, only to find herself surrounded by sheer walls. She began to climb but the surface was too smooth, unable to get a firm grip. Becoming desperate, she jumped hoping to reach the top of the wall but it was well below her reach and she landed back where she started in dismay. She then gasped and looked back when she heard a shout:

“There she is! She’s trapped!”

Her pursuers appeared at the mouth of the cul-de-sac. Seeing no other way out, Alicia decided to stay her ground. Having her back against the wall, she prepared to fight her way out, taking a battle stance as she clenched her fists.

“The first one to capture her receives the reward!” another proclaimed.

That declaration had a profound effect on the group as they all ran towards her shoving each other regardless of their safety. All that matters was that reward. Mercenaries suddenly forgot about their contracts in their greed for the huge bounty. Shrine Knights forgot about their discipline in their hopes of receiving praise, and perhaps a promotion, from the Cardinal.

Alicia tensed up as she watched the tide of men rush forward, a human wave that would soon suck her into their depths. Her first adversary came wielding two mythril daggers. She dodged his wild slashes, preparing to launch a counterattack, her fist already glowing a light blue from the energy she was gathering.

“Burning anger rising... Burst!” she recited, her fist flaring brightly. She then finished her chant by shouting, “Wave Fist!” She released the stored energy in her fist at the dagger-wielder.

It was a direct hit, her enemy pushed back by the force of the blow, bowling those behind him. As they tried to untangle themselves, Alicia turned to see two knights approaching, one wielding a sword.

The knight swung his sword at the redhead, who simply stepped to the side and caught his sword arm in one hand and backhanded the other knight with the other. While that knight recoiled from the attack, she pulled the knight she held closer, bringing her knee to connect with his gut. She heard the knight grunt and felt his hold on his sword loosen.

The knight bent over as Alicia took his sword. She then kicked him in the face knocking him down. Seeing that the heretic was armed, the knight that she had backhanded drew his own sword. He then engaged her in combat.

Alicia quickly unarmed him and sent him flat on his back with a punch to the jaw. She then grabbed his sword, which was conveniently standing point first in the ground, before charging into the fray, a pebble against a wave.

She hacked and slashed her way through the current of men, praying she wouldn’t drown amidst them. After a while, however, her arms began to ache with the effort of swinging two swords. Fatigue soon set in and she felt herself sinking in that ocean of blood and steel. And no one was there to throw her a lifeline.

As she was about to sink to oblivion, there came a shout from atop the mountains: “Absorb power in the sky and strike! Lightning Stab!”

There was a brief flash before five lightning bolts came crashing down among the group. Their pained screams were heard, evidently shocked by the attack.

It took the rest of the group by surprise. “What was that?!” Alicia heard one exclaim in fear.

“A Holy Knight!” someone panicked and the group became uneasy as they looked around for the said knight, forgetting their quarry in light of a greater threat.

The wave receded as mercenaries assembled back into their companies and knights moved according to the discipline of their training. A few fanned out, searching for the source of the disturbance while the rest still surrounded Alicia. But she took the opportunity to strike back, to at least float in that sea of armor and leather until rescue would come. She didn’t get that chance, however, when she heard another voice shout:

“Sea fang, attack with water’s power! Leviathan!”

Mercenaries and knights cried out in horror when they saw a giant sea serpent appear above their midst. Leviathan shrieked as cascades of water suddenly poured down the mountainside. Alicia watched as the surge of water went around her and swept the men away in its flow.

They screamed in terror as the water swept them away from the alley like a flowing river. Alicia was glad to see them go. She then looked up hoping to see a glimpse of her rescuers but saw none.

She did see a rope, however, hanging down the side of the cliff inviting her to climb. “Hurry and climb!” a voice instructed her hastily from the top of the cliff.

Recognizing the voice, the knight maiden didn’t have to be told twice as she dropped her swords and eagerly climbed up the rope to safety. When her hand gripped the edge of the cliff, she felt someone pull her to the top effortlessly as they said, “Up you go!”

“Thank you,” Alicia sighed gratefully as she took a few deep breaths to calm her wildly beating heart. “That was a close one,” she added relieved.

“You’re telling me,” the person who had helped Alicia up replied. “You’re lucky that we came when we did.”

Alicia turned towards the person and smiled as she said, “And for that, you have my thanks.” She then studied the person a while and added, “It seems five years has not changed you, Beowulf.”

Beowulf chuckled softly at the knight maiden’s comment. The former Temple Knight looked quite the same, his handsome face not yet marred with age. His flaxen hair that was usually combed neatly, was now slightly disheveled and hanging limply, beads of water dripping effortlessly down the strands from the rain. Green eyes shone under the pale moonlight, glowing slightly with amusement.

“Nor you,” Beowulf replied in kind. “Five years... Has it been that long?”

“Yes, it has,” a deep voice suddenly inserted before Alicia could reply.

The redhead turned towards the voice and saw a figure emerge from the shadows. “I knew it!” she exclaimed when she recognized the brown-cloaked figure. “Count Orlandu!”

Cidolfas Orlandu, also known as “Thunder God Cid”, nodded towards Alicia in greeting. “Well met, Alicia,” he began with a hint of a smile. “Acts of bravery have become very uncommon in knights these days. It’s good to see that you have not neglected your training.”

“Lady Agrias taught us well,” Alicia declared proudly.

“Indeed she has,” the Holy Swordsman agreed solemnly then frowned when he added softly, “About her...” His voice trailed off unable to put his thoughts into words.

“What?” Alicia asked apprehensively, her eyes filled with worry.

“We’ve heard,” Beowulf supplied and the knight maiden turned towards him. “We’ve heard what has happened,” he explained. “But I think it’s best that we talk and catch up on news in a dry and warm place. We may catch a cold if we continue to stay in this rain.”

“You’re right,” Orlandu acquiesced. “Lavian is also waiting for us along with the chocobos.”

“Lavian!” Alicia exclaimed suddenly recalling her partner. “I almost forgot about her! Is she all right?”

“Don’t worry,” Beowulf grinned as he patted Alicia’s shoulder comfortingly. “She’s fine. She just needs some rest until her wound heals.”

“We’ll take you to her,” Orlandu added. “Then we’ll take you somewhere safe from any more pursuit.” He then began to walk away. “Come along now,” he called to them. “The night is not getting any younger.”

Beowulf obediently followed the old knight. Alicia, however, stayed behind awhile mulling over her sudden reunion with her friends.

She had believed that she would never see them again. After the defeat of Altima, they had gone their separate ways, resuming the lives they once knew or starting new ones. They did nothing to hide from the Church except for Ramza, who had disappeared along with his sister, Alma. They were safe.

Correction. They had been safe.

Now that the Church were after their heads, Alicia wished that they had kept in touch with each other to see how they were doing. Seeing Orlandu and Beowulf alive, she had no doubt that the others were too.

The knight maiden gave a small smile as she looked down at the gorge she once was trapped in. There was hope that the others had escaped as she had. They would just have to find them.

With that thought in mind, the redhead followed where the two men had walked off.


Lavian rubbed her chocobo’s neck as she patiently waited for the others. She and the three chocobos were under a huge ridge that provided them shelter from the rain that had begun to pour down incessantly.

Fleet warked happily, lifting his head to get a better rub. Lavian laughed knowing what he wanted, answering to his motion by shifting the pattern of her rubbing. “You like that, don’t you, Fleet?” she said and the chocobo warked in response.

The brunette smiled as she continued to give her chocobo her undivided attention that Fleet didn’t mind as he continued to wark softly. Suddenly, his neck became rigid as he gazed towards a specific spot out in the darkness.

Lavian knew that the chocobo was warning her of danger. She turned about slowly and noticed that the other chocobos stood rigid, looking at the same exact spot as her giant bird.

She slowly reached for her sword as she yelled, “Who goes there?”

For a moment, Lavian could only hear the rain’s endless drumming. Then a familiar voice shouted back: “It’s us, Lavian! We’ve returned.”

Recognizing the voice, the knight maiden withdrew her hand away from the hilt of her sword and stood watch as three figures emerged from the pouring rain.

Beowulf, Orlandu, and Alicia finally reached the safety of the ridge soaking wet but, otherwise, unharmed. “It’s good to see that you’ve returned safely,” Lavian said. “You had no trouble avoiding the search party?”

“Actually,” Orlandu began pausing as Alicia walked pass him towards her chocobo, “we dispatched them. There’ll be no search parties, at least for awhile. But as Beowulf stated to Alicia, it’s best that we talk of this in a friendlier environment. The Pass is no place for travelers to wander the night especially when it’s raining like this.”

“So where are we going?” Alicia queried as she mounted her chocobo.

“To our home,” Beowulf replied, “at the summit of Mount Randoria. It’s not too far from here.”

“Then please, lead the way,” Lavian requested as she too mounted her chocobo with the help of Orlandu.

The former Temple Knight nodded before walking ahead into the pouring rain once more. Lavian followed on her chocobo with Alicia by her side, who pulled Agrias’ chocobo behind her. Orlandu brought up the rear, safe guarding his friends who had experienced quite an ordeal.

The group walked in silence, four sad individuals burdened with the forbidden truth. The heavens seemed to mourn them, the rain their tears. But within each individual’s heart there burned hope, the hope that they would see their friends again and the hope for a peaceful Ivalice.

As they continued to climb the mountain path, the rain soon abated which caused some much-needed relief amongst the group. A couple hours later, they reached the summit.


It was dawn, the sky turning slightly grayish as the sun began to rise, when they saw the stone house that sat on a plateau at the end of the rise. It was a simple structure made from the stones of their surroundings, the roof thatched with a thick layer of grasses that one could find in the Pass, impervious to the rain that had passed. There was a hint of smoke rising from the chimney and the smell of bread was evident in the air.

Alicia took note of their refuge; temporary or permanent remains to be seen. She then saw a dark-blonde haired woman emerge from the small house and realized that it was Reis.

It seemed that, as Beowulf, Reis has not changed during the last five years. Her hair, which was straight and usually down, was now bound from a face that was now brimming with happiness as she held both arms to embrace Beowulf, who now approached with a wide smile on his face. He swept her into his arms, crushing her against his chest as she held him. Their exchange reminded Alicia of the time when Beowulf had reunited with Reis at Nelveska Temple.

Their embrace lasted until the rest of the group gathered around the couple. Alicia dismounted and Orlandu once again went to Lavian, who was having trouble getting down because of her injury.

Reis turned gray eyes towards her visitors. “Lavian, Alicia,” she said with a smile, “it’s good to see you again. Welcome to our home.”

“Reis,” Alicia began as she smiled as well, “it’s good to see you too. I must thank you in advance for your hospitality.”

Reis chuckled softly. “There is no need to thank me. I want you to consider this as your home now.” She then stepped to the side of the portal. “Please enter. Breakfast will be served shortly. Beowulf will take care of your chocobos.”

Alicia smiled her thanks to Reis as she entered the humble looking building. She was followed slowly by Lavian leaning heavily on Orlandu.

“Place her on one of the beds,” Reis instructed the old knight as they entered. “There are probably some potions in one of the cabinets that you can use.” She then turned to Beowulf and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before she too entered the house.

The former Temple Knight sighed as he watched the door close behind her. He then looked at the chocobos that were standing around looking unsure of what just happened. “Hope you fellows don’t mind standing there while I build a place for you to stay,” he told them before leaving them to go find his tools.


The first thing Alicia noticed about the house when she first entered was the lack of furniture.

The interior of the home was quite spartan. The floor was no more than packed dirt. The windows were small with wooden shutters, which Reis went to open to let the morning sunlight brighten the home. There was a hearth at one end of the house where a small pot hung over the fire.

The furnishings were simple and few. Stools and benches provided seating and a table at the front of the hearth provided a place to eat. Reis went to one of the wooden cupboards that stood along a wall just beneath a window and pulled out a glass bottle filled with a bluish liquid.

Alicia watched as she crossed to the other end of the house, which accommodated the bedding of the occupants of the house. Lavian lied on one of the beds made of straw while a small figure slept in the corner, who began to stir slightly.

The knight maiden looked curiously at the figure and decided to ask about it during breakfast, whenever that may be. Instead, she settled down on one of the stools and began stripping off her heavy equipment. She was safe and amongst friends and have no need of them for now.

While she was pulling off her gauntlets, Reis walked by and began taking out an assortment of items from the cupboards. She then replaced the pot in the hearth with a kettle.

After unbuckling her sword, her last piece of equipment, Alicia decided to help Reis as much as she can. “Anything I can do to help?” she offered.

“Yes,” Reis replied as she continued to move around the place, going from cupboard to cupboard pulling out more items and laying them on the table. Soon the kettle began to whistle, which stopped when Reis pulled it out of the fireplace. She began to pour the hot water into a basin.

“Take these to Orlandu,” she instructed as she gave Alicia some rags and the bowl of water, “while I’ll set breakfast.”

The knight maiden took the proffered items and joined the old knight who was examining Lavian’s wound. “Her wound needs some tending,” Orlandu explained to Alicia when she arrived with the items.

“I figured as much,” the redhead nodded as she settled down next to the old knight. “We didn’t have any items. Her chocobo tried to heal her but it only managed to ease the pain somewhat and I’m not very skilled in white magic.”

“I told you we should have stocked some potions for emergencies,” Lavian chided wincing as Orlandu wiped her wound with the damp cloth.

“Well, it couldn’t been helped,” the grizzled knight stated while dressing the injury. “All you need now is some rest and you’ll be fine.” He then stood up when he was done. “Rest,” he instructed the knight maiden. “Your breakfast will be brought to you.” Carrying the bowl and rag back to Reis, he left the two knight maidens alone.

Alicia turned to her partner and smiled. “We’re safe now.”

“But we can’t stay up here forever,” denoted Lavian.

“You’re right,” Alicia agreed. “But now that we’re safe among friends, we should take the time to think of a plan, of what to do next.” She then became thoughtful. “Perhaps Orlandu can help us somehow.”

“Perhaps,” Lavian allowed.


Alicia soon found out that the sleeping figure in the corner was none other than Beowulf and Reis’ son, Draco. The knight maiden met the young lad when they had gathered around the table for breakfast.

The boy was only three years of age with the looks of his father and the repose of his mother. He sat on his mother’s lap carefully spooning the bowl of soup in front of him. Reis smiled as she wiped some of the soup that dribbled down his chin.

“So that‘s what happened,” Orlandu mused after hearing Alicia’s story. His expression was thoughtful as he absorbed the tale. “Then that means that carriage we saw a month ago was probably carrying her,” he added thoughtfully.

That statement caught Alicia’s attention and she gazed at the old knight from across the table. “Do you know where they had taken her?” she inquired.

“Yes,” Beowulf replied and Alicia turned her gaze towards him. “I believe they were taking her to Limberry, to a Lord Birch.”

Alicia sighed in relief. “That’s good. I was afraid that the priest would have given Ramia to a harsh family that would treat her differently. Lord Birch is a good man. I have no qualms that he would raise her well.” She then sighed again, this time out of exhaustion. “Now what? As Lavian said, we can’t stay here forever. We can’t sit by and do nothing.”

“Those were my thoughts exactly,” Orlandu agreed.

“You have a plan in mind?” Alicia asked hopefully.

“Indeed, I do,” the old knight nodded solemnly. He then stood up to stand in front of a window and stared at the view, which showed him the surrounding mountains. He turned back to look towards the group before stopping his gaze at Alicia.

“Your being here has given me hope that the rest of our comrades are still alive and well,” he began. “We need to find them before we can confront the Church.”

“But where will we search?” Beowulf questioned. “Ivalice is a huge continent. They could be anywhere.”

“True,” Orlandu agreed. “I was thinking to start our search at Orbonne Monastery where we had parted ways. It is considered haunted by the populace so no one dares enter there even the Church. I’m sure those who had escaped capture are staying there now.”

Alicia nodded in agreement and Beowulf said, “That sounds like a good place to start.”

“Good,” Orlandu said pleased. “We’ll leave as soon as Lavian is fully healed.”

Chapter 5

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