The Light Wand and the Ice Blade Chapter 3

The Twins' First Battle

By Silveran

“There are three other bases we could use along with Arushan,” Bram informed Valta and Seth. “Demons Lab in the northwest, Pandemonium in the southeast, and the Photosphere.” He pointed to two of the three locations on the map.

“Where is the Photosphere?” Valta inquired noticing that Bram had not pointed to it.

Bram shook his head. “I do not know but when we find it, it will become most useful. The only clue I could find of its whereabouts is a crater just south of here. It might have been created by the Photosphere.”

Seth stared at the map on the table absorbing every word Bram spoke. Photosphere, Seth thought, the most powerful weapon the demon race had ever created. With it, we could use its full power and rule the world indeed. Mother never thought of using its power but we shall wield its power to its fullest. His midnight blue eyes flared at the thought. He turned to Bram.

“I will find the Photosphere,” he blurted. Bram gazed at him, prompting Seth to continue. “I will take the responsibility of finding the Photosphere,” Seth continued. “It’s a mighty weapon worthy of being wielded by us. Mother was feeble-minded to wield its full power. Under our guidance, the Photosphere will become stronger. Nothing will be able to stop us.”

Bram stared directly into his eyes. He slowly nodded his head, seeing the fire of determination rage within his second-in-command’s eyes. “I believe you will find it,” he agreed. “You may begin your search now if you like.”

Seth abruptly stood up, tipping his chair over. “I will not fail you,” he vowed.

“See that you don’t,” Bram muttered. Seth bowed and briskly walked to the door, opening it. He slammed it! shut and Valta and Bram could hear his hurried steps echoing in the corridor.

Valta turned to Bram. “What am I to do?” he asked, eager to be going.

“You, Valta, will explore the ruins here,” Bram answered pointing to an isolated island far to the south. “Razan told me that there’s powerful magic there, more powerful than the Photosphere even. Investigate this power and report back to me.” Valta was disappointed at the job, his face showing it.

Bram caught the expression. “You have the most important job,” he added, cheering up the cat-demon. “These ruins might hold the key to victory. Go and bring me a report on your return. I’m counting on you, Valta.”

Valta stood tall and swelled out his chest. “Yes, sir!” he roared and bounded off, leaping out a window. He landed on all fours and ran out into the tundra, his snow white fur blending perfectly with his surroundings.

Bram watched him go until he couldn’t see him, then returned to the table. He paced around it, looking at the map. He took out a dagger and with a flick of his wrist, the dagger flew. It hit the map on the table. “Now no one stands in our way,” he snickered as he exited the room.

The torches burned low. The dagger stood slanted on its target, the torches’ light glinting off its edges. The shadow of the blade hovered over the target and its surroundings.



Jill applauded along with the crowd. Cecil jumped off the ring and bowed to the gathering. “Thank you, thank you,” he shouted.

When the crowd scattered, the twins were alone. “T! hat was a very interesting fight,” Jill whispered to him. “You have trained well, my brother.”

“As did you,” Cecil replied, “though not physically.” Jill glared at him. He held up his hands in front of him defensively. “Not to offend you. The magical arts is the same as the fighting arts. I respect your training as I hope you respect mine also.”

Jill nodded in agreement. “I do respect your fighting arts, Cecil. I’m glad that we cleared that up. Shall we take a look around some more?”

“I’ll be glad to,” Cecil answered as they strode through the crowd and gazed at the various attractions.

They were all the same from the festival twenty years ago. There was Mole Catching, a game where you pick up moles as they pop from the ground and throw them. In Time Trial, you dash around the track to beat the scores of other contestants. In Strike Ball, you need to hit the bull’s eye, which wasn’t easy. Another game was Ultimate Chicken in which you dash towards the wall and try to stop as close to the wall as possible without touching it. These games were boring to Cecil.

There was one that caught his attention, the Fighter’s Ring. In this game, contestants were given a wooden sword and shield. They then have to fight and whoever knocks out their opponent, wins. Cecil had no problem with the rules of the game.

“It’s almost noon,” Jill uttered as she peered up at the sky. “Let’s go and grab something to eat.” Cecil nodded, realizing that he was indeed hungry. They walked to the food booths at the south end of the plaza, near the waiting demons.


Razan felt a tingle of power as the twins neared them. He ignored it, eager to fight, and looked up at the sky. It was almost time. “Get ready,” he instructed Bow. Bow nodded and raised his bow.

Razan watched the sun slowly rise to its zenith. “Now!” he exclaimed. Bow fired two arrows in rapid succession at the two targets he watched for most of the morning, Jack and Cecilia.

Razan jumped up from his perch and flew into the air. He unleashed fireballs from the air. Fireballs rained down on the confused people. Booths exploded and people flew everywhere from the power of those impacts. Bow kept on firing his arrows, killing people as they ran around.

“What’s going on?!” cried Jack as he saw the explosions at the end of the plaza. He shot up from his chair and unsheathed his sword. “We have to get everybody back to the castle!” He didn’t notice the arrows speeding toward him and Cecilia, so concerned was he for his people.

“Your majesties, look out!” one of the guards warned. He tackled Jack to the side as the other tackled Cecilia, the arrows buried in their chairs a second later.

Rudy ran towards the couple. “Are you two all right?” he asked concerned. Four of them stood up.

Jack rubbed his head and nodded. “Apparently so.” He walked towards his chair and gazed at the arrow. He pulled it out and stared at it, recognizing its metal shaft and fletchings. “Oh, no. They have come.”

Rudy saw the arrow and knew that the town was in great peril. He turned to the two knights. “Alan, Ted. Escort as much of the people into the castle, then shut the gates.”

“Sir, but what about you and the family?” Alan asked.

“Just do as I command!” Rudy ordered.

“Sir!” Both of them crossed their halberds in front of their chests in salute before dashing off to guide the people into the castle.

“Where’s Jill and Cecil?” Cecilia asked as she scanned the crowd. As a mother, she was concerned for her children more than her people at the moment. She to! ok a step towards the blazing booths at the end of the plaza intent on searching for them.

Rudy motioned for her to stop. “No, I’ll look for them. You gave me a duty to watch over them. At least let me carry it out.” Before they could respond, he jumped down from the platform and ran into the blazing inferno. He told himself that if he failed, he couldn’t face his friends and tell them the news. I hope you guys are all right, he prayed as he continued to run towards the disturbance.


Jill and Cecil were about to pay the man for their food when the attack began. The fireballs landed real close to where they were but was fortunately unharmed by them. Was it pure luck or some other power that protected them? They had no time to find the answer to that question as people were running around them, trying to escape towards the castle. “Let’s find mother and father!” Cecil yelled over the tumult as fireballs exploded near them.

Jill nodded as she covered her face from the debris from an explosion nearby. Cecil took her hand and together ran towards the platform where their parents were, trying to make sense of the explosions. Fortunately, Rudy bumped into them. “Good. I found you,” he said in relief.

“Rudy, what’s going on?!” Jill yelled over the tumult.

People screamed in the background as Rudy answered, “No, time to explain! Now let’s go!” He pushed them ahead as he watched their backs. He held his ARM as he looked out for the demons. He yelled to as many people to go to the castle. He noticed that the plaza was almost deserted. He looked cautiously a! round the area before turning his back and running after the twins.

He saw that they had reached the platform. Both of them stood behind their parents as little children would when they were afraid. Jack held his sword to the side and Cecilia held a crest graph, the words to the spell upon her lips. Rudy joined them and loaded up his ARM to its maximum, ready to defend the kingdom and his friends. They waited together, anxiously awaiting the demons to show themselves.


Razan and Bow stopped their relentless attack. Most of the people have gone into the castle already. Only a few stragglers remained. Bow stepped out of the brush and placed an arrow on his bow, occasionally firing it at a straggler. Razan floated down and landed softly on the ground. Both smirked as they walked through the flames and towards the platform.

“Jill. Cecil,” Jack whispered, “go to the castle.” When they didn’t make any move, he repeated the order more fiercely. They took tentative steps, not wanting to leave them. “Go!” Jack shouted harshly.

“But . . .” Cecil protested. He looked to his mother for help.

“Do as your father tells you,” she said without looking at him. The demons were coming closer.

“But I can fight too!” objected Cecil.

“This battle is not yours to fight,” Jack said. He turned and glared at him. “Now do I have to say it again?” He pointed his sword at Cecil. “Go to the castle before I lose my temper!”

Cecil took a few steps back, staring at his father in shock. He turned when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jill looked at him and slowly sho! ok her head. She then turned and jumped down from the back of the platform. Cecil looked at Jack sadly but he remained firm, his sword still pointed at him. Cecil turned and followed Jill.

Jack lowered his sword and sighed. His shoulders sagged from either bearing the weight of being a king or of being a father, he did not know.

Rudy placed a hand on his shoulder. Jack turned. “It had to be done,” the blue-haired knight said.

Jack straightened and whispered, “Did it?”

Cecilia took his hand and stroked it. She lifted his face and looked at him in the eyes. “You did the right thing. It’s not their time yet. They’re confused and afraid. You have made the right choice in sending them away.” She smiled despite the danger that loomed before them.

Jack admired her bravery and grinned. An arrow then whistled by his head and buried itself to the chair. He turned and clenched his teeth, glaring at the direction where the arrow had originated. He moved Cecilia behind. “You’ll be safe behind Rudy and I to work your magic.” He turned, his sword held tightly in his right hand. Rudy held his ARM in both hands, staring into the fire.

Two figures were seen walking through the dying fire. They stepped through the flames and out into the open. “I knew it!” Jack declared as he got into his fighting stance.

Both demons gazed at their objectives. Bow’s blue armor flashed in the noon rays. His green cape flapped noisily in the wind. Snow white hair crowned his head and flowed down to his shoulders. His purple eyes bore down on the group, his left hand gripping his curved bow. Razan was cloaked in brown. His face was hidden beneath the cowl of his robe. A belt was wrapped around his waist, bags hanging from it that held different types of items.

Bow willed an arrow to his weapon as Razan weaved his hands in preparation for a spell. Rudy and the others got ready to do battle. They knew that the hour has arrived when the demons would confront them again. “Guardians be ! with us,” Cecilia prayed as the battle began.


Cecil walked toward the gates. He didn’t even notice Jill moving towards the remaining booths, so glum was he. “Cecil!” Jill whispered to him from behind the counter of a booth.

Cecil turned and saw Jill waving to him. He looked towards the battle then towards Jill. He ran over to her. He jumped the counter and landed beside Jill. Both knelt down as he asked, “Why aren’t we going to the castle?”

“Why should we?” Jill replied. She peeked over the counter and motioned Cecil to do the same. “Look,” she said pointing to the demons.

“So what?” Cecil asked uninterestingly.

Jill slapped him on the head. “Have you forgotten what father taught you or mother? About our history, our legend?” Cecil looked at her as if she had gone mad. Jill sighed. “Those are demons! The Metal Demons!” she exclaimed excitedly.

“The one from the legend?” Cecil queried, unbelieving. Jill nodded enthusiastically keeping her eyes on the fight. “But what do they want with them?” he continued.

Jill shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know but isn’t it exciting? We finally get to see demons. I wish I could be with them and fight.”

“I thought you don’t like fighting,” Cecil said as he watched his parents fight Razan and Bow. Bow had fired a couple of plain arrows and Razan followed with a couple of thunderbolts. Both his parents and Rudy dodged out of the way as the arrows embedded themselves on the chairs. The thunderbolts left blast marks where the trio were just a moment ago.

Jill shrugged! again. “I just want to test out my magic. Have you been eager to try out your sword skills against formidable opponents? I’m very disappointed in you, my brother.”

“As a matter of fact, I had a desire to fight a demon,” Cecil objected. “I guess today is the day.” He smirked, an eager grin on his face. He moved his right hand towards the hilt of his sword.

Jill grabbed his hand. “Not yet,” she said. “Let them have a go at it first. If they need help, we’ll rush to their aid. Do you agree?”

Cecil groaned and lowered his hand. “All right. Only when they’re in real trouble.”
Jill smiled and peered over the counter again, watching as the battle intensified.


Bow’s arrows turned into black fiery bolts that exploded on impact. A staff materialized in Razan’s hands. He held it, chanting a spell, runes appearing on the staff’s curved end. He thrust the staff onto the ground creating an earthquake that split the earth. Fire spewed from the cracked earth, burning anything it touched.

The trio managed to balance the earthquake. Rudy started to retaliate by firing his ARM a couple of times. The bullets fell short of their targets. “H-How do they do that?” Rudy stammered. A black arrow answered his question. He managed to dodge the dangerous bolt at the last second. “I wish I had my other outfit on,” he muttered as he struggled to get up quickly. “I can’t move as quickly in this uniform!”

Jack charged into the fray. “Trump Card!” he shouted as he jumped into the air. His sword gleamed as he raised it high. He swung his sword down, spears of multicolored energy rus! hing out to connect with the enemy. Razan waved his hand at him and a blast of wind blew Jack back. He landed on his back still maintaing his grip on his sword.

He landed near the booth where the twins were hidden. Cecil nearly rushed to his aid but Jill stopped him. “He’s fine,” Jill insisted as she struggled to set Cecil down. “Don’t worry about father. I know he’ll be all right. Patience is a virtue, my brother.” Cecil glared at her then sat down, growling to himself. “Don’t worry. Our time will come very soon,” she assured him. She then got up and observed the continuing battle.

Jack was a little disoriented from the flight that Razan had given him. He shook his head to clear his whirling vision. “How are we suppose to defeat them when we can’t even get near them?” he muttered hopelessly. He slowly stood up and looked at his bearings. An arrow flew to the side of him and exploded at a booth, bits of burning wood flying outwards.

The twins ducked as that same booth exploded. It was dangerously close to their location. Again, it’s a coincidence that it wasn’t them. It’s as if someone was watching over them.

Jack stood defensively when he saw Bow. Bow smirked and shrugged his shoulders. His purple eyes sparked with an inner fire. He lifted his bow and fired a couple of arrows at Jack. Again, the arrows missed the booth the twins occupied.

Jack dove to the side. “Guilty Blade!” He threw his sword upward. It then spiraled down towards Bow.

Bow stepped to the side and fired at the sword. The sword flipped back towards Jack. It landed in front of him, the tip buried in the ground. “That was a very impressive move,” Bow commended, “but a very foolish one.” He looked over his shoulder at Razan.

Razan was pressing his attack on Cecilia and Rudy, unleashing two balls of flame at them. Bow glared at Jack from the corner of his eye. “Looks like Razan will finish your friends soon.” He threw his head back and laughed mockingly.

Jack stared at him. S! o close, he grimaced. He glanced at the hilt of his sword in front of him. If only I could reach him. His hand inched towards the handle.

Bow caught sight of the movement. “Go ahead. Pick it up,” he challenged with a smirk. Jack cautiously grabbed the hilt and lift his sword up. He then heard soft chanting.

“Typhoon!” Bow cried as he spread his arms out wide in front of him. Jack’s eyes grew wide as a vacuum of wind formed in front of Bow. He dove to the side as the whirlwind approached him quickly. He managed to dodge the whirlwind but the force of the winds that emanated from it flung him into the air. He waved his arms frantically as he plummeted to the ground, dropping his sword in the process. He crashed on a wooden bench, flattening it.

Bow slowly approached him, stringing his weapon. Jack groggily stood up. “Don’t move,” Bow warned. Jack looked up and saw a black arrow aimed at his heart. “Funny it had to end this way,” Bow continued. “It was a pleasure knowing you.” He fired the black bolt.

Jack stared at the flying bolt as it flew towards him. He accepted his fate yet fate sometimes takes a twist. Cecil suddenly jumped in front of him. “Father!” he yelled as he swung his sword at the magical arrow. He managed to deflect the bolt to the trees on the side. It exploded, sending leaves and branches raining down around them.

Jack stared in disbelief at his son as did Bow. “Who are you?!” Bow demanded.

“My name is not important,” Cecil answered calmly. He stood protectively in front of Jack, his sword held out towards the demon. “I am your enemy. That’s all you need to know.”

Something about this person made the hairs on the back of Bow’s neck rise with caution. The person was too calm for his liking. He cautiously backed away, his bow cocked. Cecil just stared calmly, making Bow feel uneasy.

“Are you all right, father?” Cecil asked, never taking his eyes off Bow.

Bow stopped. Father?, he wondered. He looked a! t the young man and then at Jack. He smirked at his ignorance. The resemblance was there--the blond hair, the alertness in his brown eyes, the fighting stance--everything. Yet something separated one from the other, something that was making him feel nervous.

A force.

A powerful force.

A force that could equal that of Bram’s.

He tucked the information away for later reference and for Bram’s knowledge. He watched warily at the young man as Jack answered Cecil’s question.

“Yes, I’m all right,” Jack nodded, “though I don’t know about you when this is over.”

“Is that a way to say ‘thank you for saving my life’?,” Cecil grinned, a playful gleam in the corner of his eye.

“Thanks,” Jack returned the grin, “for disobeying me.”

Bow pulled back on his bowstring, two black bolts forming. “Whoever you are, you are making a big mistake in participating in this fight.”

Cecil caught the movement and so did Jack. “I’ll think of a punishment for you later,” Jack whispered as he tensed. He reached for his sword at his hip but cursed when he remembered he dropped it during his fall. “My lucky day,” he muttered.

Bow unleashed the arrows, one aimed for Cecil and the other at Jack. Cecil calmly deflected the arrows with his sword. “Is that all you can do?” Cecil taunted. “Why don’t I show you how to fire a real energy bolt.” He held his sword up high above his head, concentrating on gathering energy into the blade. Jack backed away as he saw the energy building. Energy cackled around his body as he continued to gather more. His sword began to glow red as the energy intensified. He smiled and yelled, “Now I’ll show you how it’s done! Blade, release your fiery fury! Blazing Blade!” He brought his sword down and a line of fire spewed forth.

Bow jumped and activated his levitation spell. He watched as the booth that was behind him exploded into flames. He shielded his face as the explosion threw bits of wood outwards. He had to float away from i! t, so powerful was the attack. “What an incredible power!” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like it!” He looked down and saw Jill hiding in one of the booths. “Who is she? No matter. As long as I get to kill someone.” He fired a flaming bolt at Jill.
Jill saw the arrow aimed at her. She stood up and held her wand before her. “Vortex!” she yelled and a gust of wind emitted from her hands. The arrow wobbled through the wind but was cast down to the side when it could not resist no further. With one hand on the counter, she vaulted herself out of the booth. She saw Cecil and Jack jogging towards her. “What next?” she asked as they reached her. All of them looked up at the floating demon.

Bow gazed down at them and then to Razan. Razan was unleashing simple fireball spells as Rudy and Cecilia tried to retaliate. Rudy fired a couple of shots at the demon wizard who shrugged them off easily. Cecilia faltered a bit as she unleashed a rainbow spell. It seemed like they were on their last legs. He smirked and flew in that direction, ignoring the trio. “Where’s he going?” Jill asked.

Cecil didn’t answer as he followed the demon on foot. He held his sword at his side as he ran. “He’s going after Rudy and mother!” he yelled behind. Jack and Jill followed him as they rushed to his aid.

Bow saw that the trio was following him. He willed an arrow onto his bow. “Flash Arrow!” he yelled as he fired it at the trio. The arrow sped towards them but before reaching the group, it emitted a bright flash. He saw the threesome stagger as they adjusted to the bright light. “That will give me more time,” he grinned as he sped towards the platform.

“Damn him!” Cecil swore as he rubbed his eyes. He kept on seeing little spots of light before his eyes. “Damn it!” He struggled forward slowly, his steps slow and wary.

“I’ll fix this,” Jill said. “Restore!” A healing light emitted from her hands. She then placed them on her own eyes. When she removed them, she could see more clearly. She ! saw Cecil and Jack still rubbing their aching eyes. She walked to Cecil. “Hold still,” she ordered him. Cecil was startled but quickly nodded his head in answer. Jill held her hands over his eyes. “Restore!” Again, a healing light emitted from her hands and flowed into Cecil’s eyes. “There. Much better?”

Cecil nodded. “Thank you.” He looked over to the platform and saw that Bow was attacking the couple together with Razan. “Oh no,” he groaned. He ran towards the platform. “Heal father and hurry into the battle!” he yelled as he rushed toward their aid. He prayed that he would be in time to save them.


Bow reached the platform and landed besides Razan. “Have you taken care of the swordsman?” Razan asked from within his hood. He deflected Rudy’s bullet by whirling his staff in front of him.

“There’s a problem,” Bow answered. He lifted his bow up and pointed it to the sky. “Rain of Fire!” he fired his arrow and it flew above the couple. It then exploded into tiny flaming arrows that rained down on the ailing defenders.

“No time to explain,” Bow shook his head. “We must finish these two off before the others come.” Just as he finished his sentence, he heard someone yell, “Guilty Blade!” He turned in time to dodge the flying sword aimed for him. “Too late,” Bow muttered.

The sword flew back to Cecil. He then turned towards the platform that was starting to blaze from the small fire arrows. He saw that Cecilia and Rudy were hiding beneath the chairs.

The chairs were turned, their back sides facing above. “Hi-Freeze!” Cecilia yelled as she! quenched the fire with her magic.

Cecil ran towards them just as Jill and Jack reached the platform. “Are you two all right?” he asked as they crawled out from their hiding place. Cecilia coughed from the smoke that floated around the extinguished platform and nodded.

Jill remained behind Cecil as Jack walked over to Cecilia. Cecil then heard a whistle as something sped towards them. He turned quickly and deflected the missile with his sword. “Be careful,” he warned them as they all went to the defensive.

“See what I mean?” Bow stated as another arrow formed. “Watch again.” He fired the arrow at Cecil and he deflected it as before. “And listen to this. That’s his son and I believe that the girl is his daughter. See the resemblance?”

Razan observed the twins. “I see. The boy looks more like his father but the girl resembles Cecilia. I think she has a hand in this too. How could they bear children stronger than they? We must take this information back to Bram.”

“Not without fulfilling our mission,” objected Bow. “We must at least kill one of them.”

“Of course,” Razan agreed. He waved his hand high and a huge rock formed above his head. He then motioned his hand forward and the rock flew towards the group.

Rudy fired his ARM at the rock and it exploded into small fragments. Everyone shielded themselves from the shards of rock that flew outward. “We have to attack them at the same time,” Rudy said. Everyone nodded in agreement. “On the count of three. One . . . two . . . three!” Rudy fired his ARM, Cecilia and Jill casted Saint, and Cecil unleashed Cosmic Nova. They waited anxiously for the dust to clear.

A blast of wind emitted around the demons and the dust cleared. The demons glared annoyingly at the group. “No way!” Rudy exclaimed in unbelief. “It didn’t even scratch them!”

“Wait,” Jack said as he observed his enemies. He saw both demons stagger a bit before regaining their composure. He also saw a burnt mark on Bow’s armor where Jill! ’s spell had hit. Jack nodded, more to himself than to anyone else. “They’ve been hit, just not hard enough.”

Cecilia suddenly felt a little lightheaded. Her vision began to blur. Her legs gave way as she fell to the floor. Jack caught her and asked, “Are you okay?”

Cecilia nodded. “I’m fine. I’m just a bit exhausted from casting too many spells. I have no fight left in me.” Jack helped her up and steadied her. “It’s not our fight anymore,” Jack said. He looked at his children who continued to stare at the demons. “It’s theirs now.”

Razan and Bow felt the Cosmic Nova attack and Bow was the unlucky one to feel the sting of Saint also. Bow growled as he saw his scorched armor. “They’re going to pay!” He pulled on his bowstring ready to fire a barrage of arrows.

“Wait,” Razan said as he lowered Bow’s weapon. “If you fire your arrows, the boy will easily deflect them while the girl will counterattack with her spells. That’s a double trap.”

“I take it you have a plan,” Bow whispered from the corner of his mouth.

Razan nodded. “Concoct your fastest arrows. Keep shooting them. I don’t care if they don’t hit, as long as you can keep them occupied. As for me, I will be casting my most powerful spells. That’s the plan for now.”

“That doesn’t sound like a plan to me,” Bow scoffed.

“Any better ideas?” Razan snapped. Bow didn’t reply. “I thought so. Now move!”

They exploded into action once again. “Multiple Arrows!” Bow screamed as he fired arrows that exploded into little arrows during mid flight.

Cecil swore under his breath. “I cannot deflect them all!” he shouted as he kept on deflecting the arrows with his sword. He alternated his sword from one hand to the other as he tried to deflect the arrows from side to side. His hands moved so quickly that he too was soon confused on which hand held the sword.

“I’ll help you, Cecil,” Jill said. She was about to cast Hi-Shield when a thunderbolt crashed down from the heaven’s next to her,! barely missing. She yelped and turned about to see Razan standing calmly.

He weaved his hands in front of him. “Let the dark side of each thing come forth,” he chanted. His staff materialized in his hand, glowing a blackish color. He held it high above his head, a black sphere appearing above him. “Negative Bomb!” He swung his staff towards Jill’s direction and the sphere flew. Jill stared at it and planned on flinging it back towards Razan. “It will do you no good,” Razan laughed. “The Negative Bomb touches those with a pure heart and mind.”

Jill ignored him and planned on facing the sphere herself. Razan snickered under his cowl, confident that he’s going to win, but the unexpected happened. Cecil swung his sword and casted Magnum Fang while Jill casted Hi-Shield on everyone. “I-Impossible!” Razan gasped. “That was my most powerful spell! How could he have defeated it with pure thoughts in his heart and mind?!”

Bow had stopped firing his arrows when he saw that Razan’s spell had failed. Cecil stared at the wizard, smirking. “Magnum Fang was a technique used by one of your kind,” he answered the demon’s question. “Therefore, it was full of negative energy and not positive.”

Bow looked towards Razan to see what he was planning to do. Fire your arrows again, Razan instructed.

But they have casted a shield over themselves, objected Bow. It will harmlessly bounce off of them.

I don’t care!
, exclaimed Razan frustratingly. Just fire! I’m planning to blow up the platform.

As you wish
, sighed Bow. He lifted his weapon. “Multiple Arrows!” Again, a barrage of arrows flew towards the group.

The arrows bounced harmlessly off of Jill and Cecil but unfortunately, it didn’t work with Cecilia, Jack, and Rudy. “Run behind the platform!” yelled Jack as he pulled Cecilia close. All three ran towards the end of the platform while the twins held their ground. Rudy was quick footed, able to dodge the arrows from a hair's breadt! h. Jack was struggling to help Cecilia steady her still wobbly legs as they ran. “Rudy, catch her!” he shouted as he threw Cecilia below when they were only a few feet from the edge. Rudy caught her and Jack jumped in after her. As he jumped, an arrow pierced his right leg, at his calf. He growled in pain as he landed roughly besides Rudy and Cecilia. He clutched his leg in agony.

“Hold still,” Rudy instructed as he clutched the arrow in his right hand while his left held Jack’s leg steady. “I’m going to pull it out. Brace yourself!” Jack nodded as he clenched his teeth to keep from crying out. Cecilia held his shoulders down as strong as she could to keep him from struggling. “Here we go!” Rudy pulled out the arrow, bits of flesh attached to it. The blood flowed more freely from the wound and so Rudy untied his sash and wrapped it around the wound to stem the bloodflow. It quickly colored the white sash red. “That should do it. I hated it anyway.”

“What’s going on out there?” Cecilia asked concerned.

Rudy peeked over the platform and saw that the arrows had no affect on the twins. Cecil faced Bow as Jill looked up at Razan floating above them. Rudy looked up also and saw his staff flaming red. He then saw him throw it towards the platform, seeing it transform into a fiery missile. He ducked behind the platform and grabbed Cecilia and Jack. “We have to move now!” he exclaimed. Cecilia and Jack were dragged by Rudy as they hurriedly moved from as far from the platform as possible. They ducked behind the huge fountain.

Rudy peeked to the side and saw a huge explosion that shook the whole plaza. He ducked behind the fountain to avoid the debris from it. He took a peek when the explosion died down. He gasped at the sight.

The platform was utterly destroyed. It was as if a hundred of his bombs were set off at once. Everything was blackened and smoke rose from the blast. “No one could survive that, prophecy or not, the twins couldn’t have survived.” Suddenly, a blue aura s! urrounded the area and the smoke cleared. Beneath the smoke and rubble, two figures were seen standing. “Incredible!” he whispered amazingly.

“Inconceivable!” Razan growled as he floated down. His staff reappeared in his hand, seemingly undamaged by the spell. “Not even a high class metal demon could survive a blast like that. It’s even unthinkable.”

Rudy turned to the couple by his side. He saw that they were watching from the other side of the fountain. He joined them and observed the scene. “Not impossible,” he heard Jack whisper. “Now I know what Anje meant about the Light Wand and the Ice Blade.”

“They are the key to Filgaia’s future,” Cecilia agreed softly.

Rudy took out his ARM which was hanging from his back since their run. “The legendary weapons or not, they may still need our help.” Before the couple could say anything, he ran off to join the battle.

Jack slowly stood up, leaning on the fountain’s edge, trying to balance his injured leg. He limped towards the group as well but Cecilia grabbed his arm. He turned and looked at her. “What do you think you’re doing?” she asked him. “You’re injured and have no weapon to fight with.”

Jack smirked. He took out a long dagger from his boot. “I’ve always kept a spare in cases such as these.” He twirled the dagger in his hand. “I may be injured but I can still fight.”

“But I thought you said that this isn’t our battle anymore,” Cecilia objected.

Jack nodded. “It will be their battle when they understand the nature of their enemies. Yes, they’re fighting right now but after? Will they still want to fight? It’s their choice to fight. Maybe if we fought alongside them now, they may agree on fighting. Please Cecilia. We must take a part in influencing them to continue the battle of Filgaia.”

Cecilia looked at his eyes and saw compassion and determination. Jack’s words whirled in her head as she debated on what to do. He always had a gifted tongue that could spin out words of persuasion. Sh! e looked at him again, then at the battle and nodded. She let go of Jack’s arm. “Thank you, Cecilia,” he smiled. He turned to the battle and limped his way towards the scene followed by Cecilia who was still unsure of what she was doing.


It was a standstill. The demons stood still as they thought of a way to defeat these troublesome children. The battle had taken them into mid-afternoon, longer than they had anticipated. “We should have been back at Arushan by now,” growled Bow. “We must end this battle soon.” Razan nodded. He was too preoccupied in observing the twins. The way they fought the battle was as if they were seasoned warriors but by their age, he could tell that they had just finished learning the arts of combat. He cocked his head as he heard the girl speak.

“Leave this place,” Jill demanded. “I don’t know what my parents did to provoke you to come here but what’s done is done. I say it again, please leave!” She didn’t even notice the trio were directly behind them. Both she and Cecil warily watched the demons.

Bow snapped then. The pressure and the confusion that were caused by the twins made him lose his composure. He could not think of any plan in defeating them so out of desperation, he let an arrow fly loose. This arrow was different from the others. Out of his desperation, he concocted a blinding arrow, an arrow that blinds a person.

Ironically, he shot it blindly. He thought it would go wide but as he followed its path, it flew straight to Cecilia’s eyes. No one but Bow saw the arrow, hence, another meaning to its name. He watched it as it neared h! er eyes. He clenched his fist as it was about to hit. To his eyes only, the arrow disintegrated into dust that fell into Cecilia’s eyes.

As she reached the scene, Cecilia saw Bow fire an arrow. She couldn’t see the arrow and so thought that it was a fake shot. Then suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her eyes. She cried out as she rubbed them. Jill turned, letting her guard down. “Mother, what’s wrong?”

Cecilia knelt down, trying to sort out her confusion. Jack knelt beside her, his hands around her shoulders. “Cecilia, are you all right?” he asked concerned. “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Razan couldn’t believe his luck when Jill exposed her back to them. “Bow,” he called, “fire a plain arrow at the girl. Quickly! While her guard is down.” Bow did not hesitate to obey. He took quick aim and fired. Razan murmured some words, a sphere of white light forming in his hand. He released it at the arrow. The sphere of light binded with the arrow, turning it into a disk. It crackled with energy as it sped to its target.

“My eyes,” Cecilia moaned, “they feel like they’re on fire.” She stopped rubbing them and blinked several times. All she could see were various shadows, all colors blended into one blurry picture.

“Here,” Jill said as she knelt down beside Cecilia. She examined her mother’s eyes. “Let’s take a look.” She was too busy trying to heal her, never noticing the sphere approaching her.

But Cecil and Rudy took note of it. Cecil tried deflecting it with his sword. He swung at it with both hands. Razan’s hand was still clenched after unleashing his spell. He snickered as he lowered his hand, the sphere responding to his motion. Cecil swore as the sphere moved below his swing at the last moment. He turned and yelled to Rudy to fire his ARM to intercept it. Rudy was way ahead of Cecil and he fired his ARM. The sphere blasted through the bullet, never slowing down during its flight. “Damn!” Rudy cursed. He knew that nothing could stop it so he yelled a warning to Ji! ll. “Jill, watch out!”

Jill turned and saw the disk speeding towards her. She prepared her reflect spell but it was too close.

Too close.

Cecilia saw a white shadow that was approaching Jill. She then heard the words, ‘Jill, watch out!’ She knew that the white shadow was a spell concocted by Razan. Without thinking for her own safety, she pushed Jack aside and vaulted up. She then pushed Jill out of the way of the sphere as it was about to hit her and flung herself in the path of the white light. Jill landed hard on the cobblestone floor. She pushed herself up and yelled, “Mother, no!”

Another sharp pain went throughout Cecilia’s body as the white light pierced her torso and exited through her back. The force of the blow threw her into the air. She landed a couple of feet away from the group, near the fountain’s edge, her blood spilling on the cobblestones. Then everything went black.

“CECILIA!!!” Jack cried in anguish. He limped towards her prone body as fast as he could. “CECILIA!!!” he continued to cry as he stumbled and fell. He forcefully got back on his feet and continued to limp only to fall again. He called out again as he crawled towards her, always calling out to his wife.

Jill ran over to Cecilia’s body, tears pouring down her face. She assessed the damage. Blood poured out in an endless pool around her mother’s body. She had to act quickly for if she lost too much blood, she would surely die. She knelt down, staining her beautiful dress with her mother’s blood, and placed her hands on the grisly wound. She began to chant softly, a sphere of pure light radiating from her hands.

Jack managed to reach them, his heart heavy with grief. He knelt by the prone body, soiling his pants with the spilt blood pooling around it. “How is she?” he asked chokingly. Cecil and Rudy cautiously backed away from the demons while their hearts were concerned for their fallen comrade.


Razan and Bow stayed frozen in place. Bow’s eyes gleamed in satisfaction. “They won’t be able to heal her,” Razan spoke from within his cowl. “If they do manage to cure her, she will become frail as time passes. We need not worry about her anymore.”

“But that’s only one of them,” Bow said. “We still have to take out the other two.”

“But haven’t you taken care of Jack?” Razan asked. “The arrow that was embedded in his leg? Wasn’t there something within the arrow’s head? I don’t see any negative effects. I thought you had always placed some poisons on your arrowheads.”

Bow smirked. “As a matter of fact, there was something on those arrows. A type of poison that cripples whatever it pierces. He’ll be limping forever if I’m certain of this poison. It takes time for it to take effect though.”

“Excellent!” Razan exclaimed. He continued to stare at the scene, chuckling in triumph.


Jill sighed as she finished casting her spell. She had managed to close the wound but knew that it wouldn’t be enough. “I have stopped the bleeding but without proper medical attention . . .” Jill’s voice trailed off.

Cecil, who stood close by, listened to the whole conversation. Rage burned within him. They have wounded his mother a! nd they would pay. He clenched his sword tighter before him. He had to make a decision: for them to retreat altogether or for him and Rudy to stay and fight while the others withdraw. He knew what choice he’ll make. Mother’s life is more important than my own. I will stay and fight. I’m sure Rudy will feel the same. “Go, Jill,” he said never turning his back toward the demons. “Go. You, too, father. Rudy and I will handle these fiends.” Rudy cocked his ARM to accentuate his point.

Jack looked up at his son from behind. He saw much of himself in him. He saw the anger written in his eyes, the same anger he had when he faced the demons that turned Elmina into a demon. He remembered the weakness to his anger and how the Guardians had taught that to him. “Be careful, my son,” he advised as he stood up unsteadily. Cecil continued to stare straight ahead as Jack continued to speak. “Revenge is not the way, Cecil. When you know this, only then will your true power be revealed. Know this and victory will be yours.” He knelt down and picked up Cecilia. He cradled her body in his arms, being careful not to move her too much which failed miserably as he hobbled about trying to balance. He finally found his center of gravity and turned to Jill. “Let’s go, Jill,” he spoke softly as he turned towards the castle. He started hobbling toward the gates without waiting for an answer from Jill.

Jill stood for a moment staring at her brother’s back. She clutched her Tear Drop, which hung around her neck, with her hand. “Don’t get yourself killed,” she told Cecil. “Promise me you’ll come back, my brother.”

His anger softened a bit as he heard her words. His hands loosened around the hilt of his sword and he lowered it a fraction. Sadness replaced his anger, as if they were saying their last farewell. He wouldn’t think of such thoughts. He had much to live for. He nodded, sadness replaced by determination. “I promise,” he solemnly vowed.

Jill nodded and turned, running after Jack. “Remember, you pr! omised,” she whispered to herself as she closed the gap between her parents and herself. Cecil watched her from the corner of his eye. “I’ll make good my promise,” he murmured as if he heard Jill’s parting words. “And I will heed your advice, father.” He snapped his eyes back at the demons when he saw Razan move.

“They’re not getting away that easily,” Razan growled. He held up both of his hands and began chanting. “Shafts of metal turned magical, may you fly true! Magical Lance!” He let loose shafts of green light at the retreating forms. The shafts of light fell short of their victims, shaking the ground at impact.

Jill could maintain her balance from the impacts of the magical lances but she knew her father couldn’t. Jack had almost tipped over from the last blast. Jill pushed Jack forward, always holding onto him as they slowly moved toward the gates. It was agonizing for Jack. His strength was almost spent. He couldn’t bear Cecilia’s weight any longer. Jill noticed that he was tiring quickly. “Hurry, father!” she pleaded. “For mother’s sake!” Jack’s strength grew at those words. He was reminded why they were retreating to the castle. His steps grew stronger and they moved more swiftly. He clutched Cecilia’s body as the castle’s gates drew closer. “We’re going to make it,” he whispered.

Cecil swung his sword to as many of the magical shafts as he could. Rudy fired a shot from his Arch Smash. Bow had joined in the assault as he unleashed his multiple arrow attack. “This is getting us nowhere!” Cecil muttered as he moved out of range from the arrows.

“You can say that again,” Rudy grunted as he evaded the magical shafts. He looked at his ARM. “Damn! Only one shot left. Better make this one count.” He holstered his ARM behind his back, waiting for the right moment to fire the bullet. He drew out his sword, placing his finger on the trigger to his Wild Bunch ARM. It mostly missed its targets but it’s the only backup he had. Suddenly, the assault ceased and both of them looke! d curiously at the demons.

Razan’s shoulders slumped with exhaustion. He leaned on his staff for support, his breathing coming in gasps. That assault had drained most of his power. Bow was suddenly alarmed by this. Razan had never tire before. The battle had lasted longer than intended. His cocked bow was aimed at Rudy, wishing to end this battle. “No, wait,” Razan whispered. Bow looked at him quizzically.

“I have one more trick up my sleeve,” Razan explained. He put his hand into one of the many pouches hanging from his belt. He pulled out a handful of sand and started murmuring. He threw the sand into the air and there was a blinding light. After the blinding light had subsided, Razan and Bow were nowhere to be seen.

“What?” Rudy whispered in shock. He lowered his sword a fraction.

“Don’t lower your guard, Captain,” Cecil warned. Rudy looked at him wonderingly. Cecil paid no heed as his eyes scanned the area. His teeth were clenched and he held his sword tighter. He suddenly had the impulse to duck. He ran over to Rudy and brought him down with him. A burst of light flew above their heads. It came from behind. Cecil whirled around and was about to unleash a Cosmic Nova. A nagging feeling made him turn to his left and unleash it there, which he did. Razan and Bow reappeared as the fast draw struck them. “Fire your ARM now, Rudy!” Cecil screamed. Rudy didn’t have to be told twice. He dropped his sword and unholstered his ARM. He took quick aim, using his ARM Lock On force, and fired.

The bullet struck the confused demons. They screamed in agony as the blinding lights pierced their metal bodies. Cecil held his sword with both hands. “Twin Blades!” He pulled his hands apart on his sword, splitting the sword into two identical blades. He held them to the side. “Cries that pierce the heavens!” he shouted as he jumped into the air. “Lightning Flash Strike!” He crossed both swords before him. Lightning flashed down from the sky, into him and into his swords. He then focuse! d the lightning into his blades that discharged to the demons below.

Just as the flashing lights stopped, the demons were struck down with lightning. Bow fell down on one knee, his arm raised in defense from the attack. He stared at Cecil through the blinding light. His power is more than I could imagine, he thought. He may be more powerful than Bram. “Razan!” he cried as he turned to his comrade. He growled when he saw his prone body. He remembered that he was weak from casting too many spells. He must have collapsed during the first attack.

Bow agonizingly crept towards his partner. He wrapped Razan’s arm around his shoulders. “We’re out of here!” he growled. He slowly stood up through the pressure of Cecil’s attack. “You’ve won the battle but the war will be ours!” he exclaimed as he teleported out of town.

Cecil stopped his attack and fell back down. He landed gracefully and melded his swords back into one. “No, it won’t. Not as long as I live to protect this planet,” he murmured softly, rebuking Bow’s words. He sheathed his sword and looked around the ruined plaza. He had always wanted to do battle with a demon but he wouldn’t have imagined that it would be something like this.

Rudy walked over and put a comforting hand on Cecil’s shoulder. “C’mon,” he said, “your family is waiting for you.”


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