The Rainbow Shell Chapter 2

By Skankin' Lionel

Masa and Mune stood in front of the sword that was once the ruby knife. “What should we do Masa? I think that it’s time to merge with it. It would entrust it with all our powers and make it twice as powerful.” Masa lifted his head, pondering the decision at hand. He lowered his head, jaw set, with a look of determination burning in his eyes.

“It’s the only thing we can do Mune. I know that we won’t feel the same ever again, only our bodies living outside of the sword. Our souls will always control ourselves from within the sword. It won’t be that bad, we will always have each other.” Mune shook his head in sorrowful pride, sad about his decision but glad to know he would be part of the destruction of Lavos. He smiled grimly as he and Masa placed their hands upon the sword hilt.

The sword, glowing bright blue, and the brothers exchanged power, flames erupting outward from Masa and Mune. As the flames licked the air Masa and Mune continued to clutch the searing sword. As the burning raged on, the sword, drawing away the two brothers’ souls into the blade, slowly absorbed the flame. The sword was complete, reforged as the Masamune.

Masa and Mune, their souls forever exiled from their bodies, had met a fate that would later befall another. Their bodies, still functioning, guided by their souls, were to call their sister Doreen. They had to make her aware of the convergence they made with the sword. So the crystal growth spread across their cavern wall and Doreen appeared in their sight.

“What is it little brothers? Is something wrong? Why did you call upon me?” Doreen rattled off questions with an inquisitive air. Masa and Mune commanded their bodies to respond to her truthfully.

“Doreen, we are no longer the brothers you knew. We are just the bodies of them. Our souls have been fused with the sword, now called the Masamune. We are still under the power of our souls, only they will always be a part of the sword we now guard. We think that you should also fuse with the shell you found. It would make it even more powerful than ever possible without such a merge.” Doreen stumbled back, aghast by what her brothers had revealed to her.

“It will be alright Doreen, we can still talk to you and see you just like before. We think that if you merge with the Starshell that you found it would be the same for you. Your body could remain free, controlled by your commands. We love you Doreen…” And with that, Masa and Mune let the cavern wall consume the crystal screen. Doreen sat atop her cot, exasperated and confused about what she should do. If Schala weren’t there, Doreen wouldn’t hesitate for a second to fuse with the shell. Since the princess was there though, she felt obligated to stay there as a friend. She couldn’t bear to leave her in their catacombs by herself! The applications for fusing with the shell could be amazingly greater than that of the sword Masa and Mune had merged with. She decided there was more obligation to the continuation of the world than to one person. She came to her conclusion on a very difficult debate with herself.

Doreen approached Schala with her decision to fuse with the shell. She wasn’t expecting a happy response now that she decided to tell her. “What! You want to merge souls with that shell? Isn’t it powerful enough Doreen? I need you with me as a friend.” Doreen turned away in sorrow.

“I know Schala, but the power I could share with it could mean the outcome of our world. I know that our friendship would be tested, my body speaking as the middleman between you and my soul, but I think it would work.” Schala’s lips were drawn tight as she responded to Doreen’s proposal.

“Well Doreen, if you’re planning on doing this then we better do it right. Masa and Mune didn’t charm the blade, did they?” Schala didn’t wait for Doreen to answer. “I didn’t think so. Well we will. I’ve been practicing incantations that will enhance the shell’s power. If you will still be there for me I won’t care that you are really somewhere completely different. I think you’re the best friend I could ever wish for.” They moved toward each other and embraced in a heart-filled hug.


Four days later…

“Alright Doreen, I wrote out a list of helpful spells that would do nicely if we used them. I think that we are ready.” Schala stood in front of the shell as Doreen sat on a rock a mere four feet away. She watched intently as Schala chanted and waved her arms in the air. The room darkened and the shell grew even more luminous. Everything flashed pure white and quickly burnt out. Schala and Doreen were left alone in the darkness with the shell.

“Now which spell was that Schala?” Doreen asked inquisitively, her large eyes catching every little bit of the light that was present in the cave.

“Um… That was the one that made it denser. It was already extremely dense and now it should be virtually indestructible. A blade forged from it could shatter a solid diamond sword with one swipe. Only an extremely strong warrior could wield it effectively though, it’s very heavy now.” Schala stated confidently. Doreen grinned.

“So my soul should stay intact for the next few millennia then, if this thing won’t ever break.” Schala smiled and nodded, though inwardly petrified of what my happen to her friend if something went wrong.

“Don’t worry Schala, everything will be fine. The water level is much lower now. Another week or two and you should be able to leave and join with any other survivors. You might even be able to find those other outsiders if they made it. It will be okay, maybe even a little bit better than okay. Really, don’t worry about this.” Doreen said, teary eyed, as she thought to herself. I hope this turns out all right…

Schala went back to her incantations as Doreen silently contemplated her last few days as a real entity. She would go a step further than Masa and Mune. She would fully merge with the shell…


Three days later…

“I’m ready Schala, it is finally time. Are you sure everything will be alright?” Doreen asked, placing a nervous hand on the Starshell.

“Yes Doreen, everything will be fine. I’ll miss you, but everything will be for the best, for the future.” Schala turned away as Doreen placed her other hand on the shell.

“Goodbye Schala. I lied, this is forever.” Doreen whispered solemnly as she vanished, absorbed by the shell. Schala’s eyes widened, realizing what she meant.

“NOOOOO!!!!!!! Dammit!!! No…” Schala pounded her hands against the ground in despair. She was unable to come to grips with the loss she had just suffered. She felt weak all over. Just as she had when she first woke in the cave a few weeks ago. She turned and trudged out of the cave in sorrow. As she turned to face the shell one last time she realized it giving off all colors, shining with the hues of a rainbow, much more radiant than the yellow it had once been. Schala felt Doreen’s presence one last time. Live, Schala. Live and love, find those who will do the same for you.

Schala smiled faintly and left the Rainbow Shell to return to the cave she had called home the past few weeks. She just lay there thinking of her life. How happy she had been back in Zeal, before the Mammon Machine and when she, Janus and Mother had been so happy. She thought of the future, traveling the gates the outsiders and prophet had introduced to her to find Janus. She knew how that key they had worked and could replicate it with her magic. She would not rest until she had found her baby brother…


Nine days later…

“Out of the darkness, into the world once again… The happiness is so empty without anyone to share it with…” Schala said to herself as she emerged from the Giant’s Claw. She began to glide across the sea towards smoke in the distance when she heard a deep yet familiar voice behind her.

“The black wind howls sister…” She turned to face the figure that addressed her.

“You…the Prophet.” She said, stunned. “Sister…”

“Yes Schala, I said sister.” He spoke, pulling back his hood. “It is Janus. You’re little brother, all grown up and now my quest is over. It has been so long…” He said, teary eyed for the first time since he was a child.

“Oh, oh Janus…” She said, embracing him. Even though he had matured greatly, she knew it was him just by looking into his deep, defiant eyes.

“I missed you so much. I thought I would never see you again. I know it has been less than a month but…” she sobbed.

“No Schala, it has been much longer for me. I’ve suffered through twenty years of anguish and hate for this. It’s over at last.” Magus said, truly knowing happiness for the very first time in his tortured life…


This is the first of many stories in a line of many. I wrote this to clear up some things that have been bothering me. Such as what happened to Doreen and what would happen when Magus finally finds Schala. I wasn’t interested in writing about his search for her. It has been greatly overdone. I have many more stories planned for the Chrono Trigger cast. The next deals with Magus (He likes being called Janus again) and Schala reacquainting themselves with each other after so long apart. (For Janus anyway.) Many more can be expected, addressing those of what happened to other characters. I will write stories involving Frog, the three from 1000 A.D., and other, less prominent characters and their fates. Thanks for reading my story. (Or at least scrolling to the bottom)


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