Understanding At Last Chapter 3

By Skankin' Lionel

Magus flew down through his courtyard and out into the world that hated him. He desperately needed to fix his relationship with this world. All he needed was someone to begin with, someone to get his “ball of good karma” rolling. He would start with his nephew. It would be a challenge.

“What a beautiful thy nature hath bless mine eyes with.” Frog said to himself as he climbed out of his hidden home. A shadow fell upon him. He unsheathed the Masamune as he whipped around to face his assailant. Nobody was there.

“Try looking up Glenn! It’s Janus!” Janus yelled from above. It was a good thing that amphibians can absorb a sufficient quantity of air through their skin, because Frog stood there for three minutes, breathless. He was so stunned. Janus was floating about twenty feet in the air, wearing a dark blue cape, grey leather pants, black leather tunic and boots, and a warm smile. It scared the piss out of him.

“Wha…What dost thou want fiend?” He managed to say.

Janus stayed in the air as he continued to talk. “I came to apologize, Glenn. I’m sorry for the suffering I caused you. I know it sounds outrageous, but I really, truly am.” Frog’s eyes flared with anger.

“Dost thou think that it be that simple, Magus? Thou hath killed mine friends and hath turned me into an outcast. I think thine forgiveness requires more than what thou hath shown me, fiend!” Frog roared casting a water spell at him. Janus merely knocked it away. He held out both his hands, after a moment they glowed a bright green. He shot a strange beam straight at Frog.

“Ahhhhhh!” Frog screamed in agony. He was spinning rapidly, just a few inches off the ground. He started glowing all different colors. Then a blinding flash illuminated everything for just a split-second. Then Frog fell to the ground, no longer Frog, but Glenn again. Magus picked him up and flew back to his castle with him. He put him in one of the twelve bedrooms and bound him with a restraining spell.

“Where the bloody hell am I? Oh my God! It’s you!” Glenn cried out. “What are you doing? Let me out of here! Where’s my sword? Ohhhh shit! It’s Magus.” Janus hit him with a sedative spell. Glenn got quiet.

“Listen Glenn. I wanted to apologize to you. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I wanted to prove it by giving you you’re human form back. I’ll do anything for my favorite nephew. Oh, and call me Uncle Janus from now on.” Glenn’s eyes got all big and Dragonballish like Mackie’s had a few days ago. He passed out.


The next morning…

“Oww! What a headache. I haven’t felt this wasted since the New Year’s party the knights held at the castle last year. Where the hell am I?” He looked around. He was in a pleasant room, decorated in all royal blue. His armor, cloak, and sword were lying on a big fluffy armchair next to his bed. He started to reach for them when he realized that he couldn’t. He wasn’t bound with anything; he just couldn’t reach beyond the edge of the bed. He felt like he was in a big invisible box. Just then his door creaked open and the person he least wanted to see walked in.

“Oh shit. Magus. Hey, now I remember… You kidnapped me.” Glenn said, oblivious to his situation.

“Call me Uncle Janus, God Dammit! You also failed to mention I changed you back to your human fo…” Glenn cut him off.

“Uncle Janus? What the hell? What’s with you?” Glenn was asking, frightened of the answers.

“It’s a long story. I’ll tell you anyway. I found Schala, and at that moment I realized what happiness was and what kind of person I wanted to be…” Janus began to go over the events of his time since the Lavos incident.


Fifteen minutes later…

“Holy shit, man… You’re my Uncle? My only living relative? Do you know how many of my friends you’ve killed? I watched you set my best friend on fire and laugh as he was turned to ash! We have a pretty f***in’ dysfunctional family!” Glenn yelled at Janus.

“Don’t remind me. I feel so horrible now. I just can’t think of any way to make up for what I’ve done.” Janus said, depressed.

“There is no real way. You just have to go one somehow. I had to cope with watching my friend being incinerated in front of me. Find your inner-peace and move on. That’s what I did.” Glenn tried to comfort him.

“That’s the problem Glenn. My inner-peace lies in somebody else. I have to find love. I’m twenty-eight years old and I’m at that point where I should have found someone. I’ve been too busy slaughtering people to get involved with anyone. I wasted twenty years of my life. And I took ten from you by turning you into a friggin’ amphibian! And nobody could ever love me because they’d be so scared of me!” Janus yelled.

“I think that I can forgive you sooner or later Janus. I don’t know if anyone else will. They won’t listen like I did.” Glenn tried to assure the distraught mystic.

“You do know that I had you magically bound the whole time don’t you?”

“Yeah, I was kinda trying to look past that. Anyway, couldn’t you go to some other time era to find a woman?” Glenn suggested. Janus lit up.

“That’s a great idea! Nobody will realize who I am in the future! Let’s get going!” Janus and Glenn headed for the Truce canyon gate to 1000 A.D. After they got to the gate, they paused. Lightning was shooting out around the edge wildly. Janus cast a spell to keep it stable just long enough for them to get in…


Read about the future of “Uncle” Janus and Glenn after they reach 1000 A.D. in the sequel, After the Lavos incident, which will be the longest, most in depth of the stories in this specific timeline. Thanks for reading!


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