Watching the Elvish Children Dance Part 1

By Solo-Angel

The elf was dragged into the centre of the fortress. He struggled in fear against the tight grip of the opponents. His legs were swollen and painful as he struggled to keep himself from being completely dragged across the craggy desert rocks. His knees and ankles chafed against the rubbing binds, cut and ripped, stones driving into the open flesh, his arms were raw with burning agony. The tight hands of the soldiers dug into his sensitive skin making it bruise and sting. In his hand he still weakly grasped his sword.

He was dropped heavily in the middle of the fortress on a raised podium. The soldiers walked away, they were all women dressed in black and red. Like outcasts their fortress lay in the middle of the desert and was constantly bathed in heat.

The soldiers watched him carefully, almost curiously. They hadn’t removed the sword from his weak hand. They knew he had no strength to lift it anyway. So the elven boy lay there tired and weak on his stomach his cheeks warm on the sun-baked stone.

Eventually he lifted himself up onto his painful knees to look around; he’d been here before. The soldiers that were around him occasionally moved to another post, chatting about this triumph that they had conquered. He looked down at the floor; his green tunic was red with his own blood, a puddle on the floor showed where his wound was. He weakly lifted one of his hands to his head to wipe his blond hair from his eyes as it stuck to the sweat from his brow

‘Why am I so weakly protected?’ he thought to himself. Looking around to see that no-body was actually guarding him ‘I could escape any minute’ he stared over at the gateway that showed the way out. He moved to stand only to realize the full extent of the damage to his body, he fell back onto the podium in pain, almost screaming. He lay on his side thinking he had a great possibility that his legs were broken and his arms strained or dislocated. He sighed in relief from the now calmed pain that he just felt, and stared spitefully at the sword that he still held in his hand. They attempted to disarm him when he was captured but it was almost binded to him he refused to let go even if it meant death, so instead of struggling they cut his knuckles and his arms so that even if he could carry it he would not be able to swing it without it flying uncontrollably into the air. He coughed out a spray of blood and stared at its redness as it reflected the clouds in a murky crimson, he closed his eyes in pain from the fatigue of looking into the sun-drowned buildings.

‘ I cannot remember’ he tried to think about what had happened the darkness of his closed eyes was suddenly lit up, it merged into a vision, he saw a beach, pearly and peaceful. A horse, palomino danced among the waves happily, he was remembering. He saw the horse disappear under the waves and emerged riddled with arrows, he saw the soldiers running behind him and the swords that were cold as they sliced through his skin. ‘I put up a battle’ he said reassuring himself, he saw himself fighting, the reflection of the sunset on his sodden blade, and the face of the princess smiling in the sun.

He opened his eyes, squinting in the brightness ‘princess?’ he yelled in his mind, he was confused now.

“You are a traitor now” he heard the voice echo in the stone and across the ground, he knew what she meant. He was a hero, he had saved his lands countless times, the world depended on him and his courage, and he was a traitor because he was fed up of always doing everybody else’s wish. He was lonely, sad and felt as if he meant nothing to anybody. All his one love did was yell orders at him and tell him about his next quest. Did the princess ever know that he loved her, no? She was always too busy to pay attention to his goodwill and wishes for her. He was just another subject; even after all he’s done for her. So he left, he wanted to live, grow old and die in peace. Not follow the orders of a loveless queen until he dies by the thrust of a sword. He was depressed and falling deeper into self-sorrow.

He had left to the shore to say farewell to his friends that were living under the seas when he was ambushed. And now he lays here. His hope dead and body broken. As he stared into the brown bricks he saw a small figure appear, she had two silver wings and spoke gently.

“Well, well” he scowled at the fairy not understanding its approach “get up boy!” it’s voice was deep and gruff he blinked and the fairy was gone. He saw instead the large dark boot of a man. “Never thought we’d get you” the boy looked up he saw the gigantic body of a king, dressed in black with hair the color of fire, he looked down at the small green fairy boy staring up at him with now murky blue eyes.

“Neith…er did I” he spluttered, laying on his back the wound in his stomach visible through his gashed tunic. “And…I am no boy,” the elf smiled he was almost 19 now, but even the people he talked to referred to him as the fairy boy. It irritated him that he was still referred to as a child. Even the princess did it.

“I understand” the man smiled back “I would like to battle you”

“Why?” the elf turned over and slowly he lifted himself back onto his knees “why do you wish to battle me?”

“You are the legend, I am your rival”

“Be my ally” the man was shocked,


“Let me be your ally, let me live your life.” The man was amused but also slightly confused by the boy’s change of heart. “Here, I think you’ll want this” the boy threw the sword at the man, and he picked it up “take it and destroy this wretched land, I care for it no more than it cares for me” the man stared at him almost proud. “I’m fed up of this shit” he fell back onto the floor fed up and tired, turning over to watch the eagles fly above.

“What about the prophetic princess, what’ll she do?”

“I…” he went quiet a tear sliding down his cheek “She doesn’t deserve my help no more.” The evil king could not deny an offer so miraculous.

“Agreed…tonight our fate is decided, here” he passed the sword back “you can destroy this wretched land and we will rule it in darkness”

That night Hyrule’s fate was decided and into the night rode the wrath that was once its protector, his tunic of green died black with his soul.

***solo= this is set after the events of ocarina of time and majora's mask, and is set in the world of the ocarina of time Hyrule.

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