Shadows of the Past Chapter 1

Pirates & Stowaways

By Summoner Momo


        "Sora, I'm heading down to the cave," Riku hollered up to the 15 year old boy, while climbing down the ladder of the tree house. He slung a towel over his shoulder and added, "So be sure to tell Kairi to steer clear, alright?"

        "Sure thing!" said Sora, grinning out from the tree house window. "But I'll be there in a sec, so don't worry about it!"

Yeah, right, Riku thought to himself, laughing, more like half an hour.

        He put his arms behind his head and began down the boardwalk. He walked past Selphie, a short brunette wearing a yellow dress, who was once again gazing out at the ocean, humming happily.

        "Hey, Selphie!" he called out to her.
        Turning around and giving him a big grin she said, "Hey Riku! By the way, when are you gonna teach me to swim? You know I still sink like a rock!"

        Riku laughed. Selphie had always admired the ocean and she was also very fond of Riku (but only because he was such a good swimmer).

"Sure Selph, but you really shouldn't sit on the dock like that; you're so close to the water. It really is dangerous on the island for you, you know..."

        She stuck her tongue out at him, "Don't worry, I'm not that stupid! Besides, you already won't let me near Paopu Island, and that's not fair! You'll see! Even if I can't swim, I'm gonna go there someday! Maybe even today! So there! "

        Ha, ha, sure she will...

        "Oooookay Selph, you do that..." Riku said mockingly as he left a pouting Selphie standing on the dock. She then flipped her brown hair, which was parted into three sections, and stuck her nose in the air as she turned around and sat down again.

        Walking along South Beach, he passed Wakka and Tidus, two boys who lived on a neighboring island, but spent most of their time on Destiny.

        "Hey Riku, going to the cav-OWWWW!" yelped Tidus, the younger blonde boy, as Wakka hit him in the back of the head with a blitzball.

        "OWWWWWWIEEEEE!" he wailed, tears pouring from his blue eyes.

"Heh, heh, I win!" the 14 year old red head taunted. "So stop actin' like yo' three, ya?"

"FYI Wakka, that means for your information stupid, I'm 10. You're such a jerk wad!" snapped Tidus, his eyes now just brimming with tears.

"Jerk wad? Is that the best your little brain cam come up with?" he mocked.

The little boy got up and charged at his 'ex-best friend', who held him by the head and dodged the swinging fists, chuckling.

Sigh, there they go again...

"But be careful Wakka, he'll get back at you someday!" Riku cautioned with a wink.

Wakka burst out laughing, "Wahahahah! Oooookay Riku, I'll take your word for it! Hahahahahaha!"

Riku rolled his eyes and continued towards the push door.

        He soon arrived at the tall wooden wall and walked through the door, coming to the cove side of the islands. He walked over to the boardwalk when Sora came bursting through the push door, making it smash against the tall wall and frame.

        "Wait! Riku, don't go on the board walk! I haven't re-YAAAAH!"

The door, while swinging back, caught the back of his heel, causing him to stumble right onto the rotting piece of the walkway, (which broke) and sent him crashing down into the shallow water below.

        "Smooth," Riku smirked hopping down next to Sora and heading toward the cave.

        "Hey! Wait up! Riku, you can be such a jerk!" said Sora, dripping wet as he got up, and raced after the 16 year old.

        They climbed into the small opening; against the crystal water's current, and into the gigantic cave. Walking over by the three waterfalls pouring into a hot spring-like pool, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, soaking in the melodic rhythm of the cascading water on rocks.

        His silence was broken as Sora called out, "Hey Riku, whatcha watin' for? Come on!"

        "Huh, alright, alright, I'm coming," He slipped off his shirt, shoes, and socks and placed them on a rock.

        "Whoa! Holy shit Riku! Have you been working out or somethin'?" Sora exclaimed, looking at Riku's well toned body, "Damn, you even have a six pack!"

        Riku smiled, "Maybe," he said, "a little" he added with a wink.

        "That's so not fair; you gotta lemme in on your secret! For Kairi's sake!" Sora pouted.

        "Who says I'm not still after Kairi?" he grinned, a mischievous glint flashing in his eye.

        "WAH?!" Sora exclaimed, bright red, "Kairi's mine! I thought we settled that a year ago!"

"Did we? Ha, ha! Hey, don't worry Sora, I'm just kidding!" He quickly added, noticing the tears forming in Sora's eyes.

        Geez, talk about overprotective...Ha, ha, but he's so much fun to toy with!

        Riku headed into the hot spring. The place would've been a suffocating sauna if there wasn't an opening in the top of the cave. The sun poured into the hole and sent a ray of light bouncing off the water, creating a beautiful assortment of blues and pale greens dancing on the walls of the cave.

Riku swam over to one of the rocks under the surge of crystal water and was beginning to relax when he got a strange cold rush, and it wasn't from the water. His eyes went cloudy and he saw a figure coming towards him. He couldn't exactly make out her face, but she has shoulder length dark hair that was layered and flipped out. He couldn't tell what she was wearing, if anything, but she was about a little over five and a half feet tall.

Sora glanced over at Riku, puzzled at his friend's glazed-over expression.

"Uh, Riku? You ok?" He asked his friend, and when no response came, he started to walk over to him.

Riku stared at the girl as her form came closer and closer. Soon, her lips were almost touching his. But she leaned in further, to his ear instead. As she passed him, he caught a glimpse of her hazel brown eyes with strikingly bright emerald green flecks in them. Then she whispered, "Riku, you have forgotten me...but do not worry, for we will see each other...soon..."

As her image faded, a name echoed throughout his mind, Azumi...Azumi..." it chanted, "Azumi..."

As his vision began to clear he saw Sora headed towards him through the water.

"Hey, uh, Riku? You ok? You were muttering to yourself for a second there. You had me worried!" he chuckled.

"Hm? Oh, uh, yea, I'm ok..." he said subconsciously, for his mind was fixed on trying to remember the name which has slipped beyond his memory's grasp.

Sighing, and deciding to think about it later, he began to relax again, but was interrupted when Kairi came dashing in red eyed and yelling for him and Sora.


"Sora! Riku! You gotta hurry!!" She cried anxiously, a hint of worry in her voice.

"Dammit, Kairi, what the hell are you doing here?! Geez..." said Riku grabbing his towel and getting his clothes together.

"What? Kairi! What's wrong?! Are you ok? Did you get hurt?! Tell me what happened!" Sora shouted, rushing over to her and grabbing her shoulders.

"There was this explosion in the water and-" she started.

"What?! An explosion?! Where?!" he cut her off.

        "O-on South Beach," she stammered.

        Grabbing her hand and spinning her around, he slid out the cave opening and splashed through the water to the ledge. He leapt up and then turned around, extending his arm for Kairi. She grabbed it with a shaky hand and held on tight as he pulled her up. She loosened her death grip on his arm, but still grasped his hand tightly as they ran through the push door, letting it swing behind them.

Meanwhile, back in the cave...

        "Yeah you guys; don't forget about me." Riku mumbled to himself, rolling his eyes, as he threw on his shirt and slid out of the cave after them.

        Kairi's earsplitting scream echoed throughout Destiny Islands.

        Dammit Sora, don't do anything stupid!

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