By Swordsman

I’ve seen eons of life and death. The fall of a civilization, the rise of another, it’s all the same. For countless years I’ve been feared and coveted by creatures of every manner of description. I’ve shed the blood of countless mortals, both innocent and vile. My power always comes to a single purpose, the elimination of all who stand in the way of the one by which I am wielded.

Passed down from champion to champion, remaining the instrument of destruction my creators cursed me to be. A new swordsman for each generation, a new warrior faced with the decision to hold to his morals or leap over the brink of insanity, trusting his newfound power to hold him above the chaos. Those who jump rarely remain aloft for long. By my nature, I shall bring only destruction as long as mortal hands wield me. This is my curse.

For centuries I was buried, locked away by a race calling themselves the Cetra. This one race realized the danger of my existence, a blight on existence created from a dark god’s insanity. If only I’d remained sealed in my tomb, I could have existed in silence and solitude to battle my inner demons, so that I might never again shed the blood of the innocent. Then they came; the humans…the ShinRa.

A being of great power took me in hand the cursed day I was pulled from my prison. He wielded me with a skill I had not seen in millennia. Even then I could feel the torment of his soul. This, I knew, would be the darkest hour of my existence. The fragments of his inner mind shifted and twisted, as if he too were tormented by inner demons. It was all I could do to keep him sane as long as I did. His name was Sephiroth; a great warrior who would on day challenge the Planet itself to become a god.

After the deaths of hundred of mortals at his hand, Sephiroth was defeated in combat by several members of Sephiroth’s race. Sephiroth was then again defeated, as his very essence was destroyed by the called Strife. I now lay in what some call the lifestream, drifting. Hopefully I can rest at least a few centuries before I am found, once again bringing destruction to the creatures of this world in an endless dance crafted by the gods for their amusement. Or perhaps…perhaps I can finally end my endless killing and rest for eternity.

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