By Taran

I can do anything
I can jump twice as high
       Or fly if I choose
I can walk or run faster than any man
       All are slower than me
I can lift more than ever before
       Without even straining a muscle
I can control fire and lightning
       None can control me
I can heal my wounds
or inflict them on my enemies
I can hold anything
       Nothing can escape my grasp
I can cast a gaze that inflicts fear
and can cast a gaze into a mirror
I can see that I am a beast

I can do nothing
I cannot jump out of this body
       Or fly above the beast
I cannot walk down a city street in the day
      All are afraid of me
I cannot lift a finger to help a soul
       Without scaring them away
I cannot control my own body
       None can help me overcome this
I cannot heal the wound in my heart
or avenge those who caused it
I cannot hold you, Lucrecia
       Nothing compares to that
I cannot cast a loving gaze towards you
and cannot receive one in return
I cannot live as a beast

Taran's Fanfiction