Emotional State

By Taran

Inferior, primitive, certainly unnecessary
And these qualities in you… the appitomy
You once were intelligent, circuits functioning
But now they are crossed, no longer working

You have claimed they make you better, complete
And these decrees have been less than discreet
It is unfortunate you were pulled through the gate
But now you must renounce this emotional state

R-66Y, deny Lucca, Crono, and Glenn
One such as yourself needs no human friend
The R-serious is advanced, grandiose
Now return to the fold, to me, Atropos

Let down your defenses and let us proceed
I shall remove from your systems things of no need
Let me fix this error before it is too late
You must renounce this emotional state

Prometheus, what have you done
I once thought you Mother Brain’s son
But now I realize my notions were ill advised
And now your disease is no longer localized

Your virus now has spread to me as well
What this means for sure I cannot tell
What are these feelings, love and hate?
And how can I express this emotional state?

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