Escaping Fate Introduction

By Taran

Resting inside the space pod, the creature flew through the blackness of space. It had come from it's home planet, where it's mother had landed and used the planet's energy to spawn. Now, it was the child's turn to seek out a new promising planet in which to settle. The space pods where created at birth and would serve as a shell after landing. The creature inside had no form. It would soon adapt to Guardia, the planet it had chosen for it's new home, and take pieces from the DNA of all creatures there, forming the ultimate stage of evolution.

The creature would land at Guardia at which time the residents would call 65,000,000 BC. The creature would forever change that world, shaping Guardia's future to fit it's own purposes. This was the fate of the planet, it was meant to be, or was it? As the creature sped towards it's chosen planet, a rip in space took shape. The rip was small, a two dimensional circle only a little larger than any of the creatures from the planet. This gate would serve no threat, but as the creature soared closer, massive amounts of magical energy poured through and shot in the direction of the creature. By the shell's own quick maneuvering, the creature was barely able to dodge the blast and the rip closed up.

Another rip the same size and shape formed and shot forth another magical blast. The creature again changed it's course to steer clear of the blast. Several more surges of energy came, following the creature. It was as if these rips knew where it's course would change to. Despite the rips and magical energy, the creature continued to stay out of harm. It would not let this strange occurrence disrupt it's landing. Two rips then formed simultaneously and shot forth one blast of magic each. The shell automatically avoided one of the beams, but was struck dead on by the other. The creature was thrown to the other side of the shell and the whole thing was hurled backwards, away from the planet. These magical blasts were stronger than the creature had thought, but not nearly strong enough to pierce it's protective shell.

The blasts finally ceased. The creature let out a laugh as the shell now corrected course, heading back towards the planet Guardia. It entered the atmosphere. The shell began to take on immense heat, but it was designed for just that purpose. The creature could sense the planet. There were many creatures, all primitive, not nearly advanced enough to form a rip in the time stream. There were only a few structures, nothing that would endanger it. Where had the magic energy come from?

The creature zoomed to the destined crash site. It was a huge plateau with a large structure built on it. This would soon be destroyed upon impact. Another rip formed, a few meters above the top of the structure. This one was much larger than the others had been. A giant magical beam shot out, as responding to the size of this rip, this beam was also much larger than the others had been. The shell was too close. It had no time or space to altar the course. As the beam engulfed the shell, the creature inside began to worry, a lot. The ride became rough. The creature was thrown about around the interior of the shell. The energy started to break down the shell, and it was soon destroyed. Hundreds of shell fragments rained down on the crash site. The creature was now unprotected. The magic energy engulfed it as well, instantly destroying it.

The planet had escaped it's fate...


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