I Have Sinned

By Taran

I have sinned
And now I pay the price
I could not protect my love
So now I fall with her
Into an eternal sleep
Yet unable to rest
Struggling with things that were
And when I woke
You were held in the grip of death
I am left to suffer

I have sinned
And solitude is my punishment
Trapped in this vile body
I used to think not my own
But as I look in the mirror
It becomes apparent
And now I know
That this body is a reflection
Of the evil within
I am left alone

I have sinned
And now seek redemption
By extracting justice
On those who caused you pain
Yet, as I seek your vengeance
As I kill all who deserve it
There is no refreshing rain
My sins are still blood red
And though I seek cleansing
It is in vain

I have sinned
And deserve no mercy
I must pay for what I’ve done
Thus, even if God up above
Offers forgiveness
I must decline
For you, as innocent as a dove
Were made unclean at my feet
As if by my hands
I am unworthy of your love

I have sinned
And the crimes committed
Cannot be undone
I cannot pay the fee
Unless with my life
So as I take of this cup
As I set myself free
As I slip into an eternal sleep
Never to wake
Lucrecia, forgive me

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