Search For Schala Part Two

The Mystic And The Dino

By Taran

The blue and purple light surrounded Magus as he flew the Epoch through time. He was going to find Gaspar. If anyone could tell him where Schala was it was Gaspar. Magus flipped a switch to stop the time flux. Stopping Epoch by the bridge as always and jumped out. There was Gaspar, leaning on the lamp post Just as he was the last time Magus was here.

Gaspar realized he had a guest and greeted him. "Ah. Hello again Janus. What brings you here?” Being at the End of Time Gaspar witnessed everything and already new why he was here but he asked anyway.

“I’ve come in search of my sister.”

“Of coarse, princess Schala. I saw her a while ago I believe. As I recall she was forced through a gate into Prehistoria. She’s probably there now.”

“But I thought all the gates were sealed when Lavos was destroyed. How could she go through them?”

“Well, it’s really complicated and I’m not quite sure. I think it has something to do with Lavos’ existence in other eras. It wasn’t destroyed until 1999 AD. I suspect that all the gates existing before that are still opened. In fact, all the gates are accessible from here. I think that’s because The End of Time isn’t affected by alterations in the time stream. There’s probably some more to it but I haven't really comprehended this myself.”

“O.K. I think I get it. I guess I’ll be going now.”

“Sure. Say hi to mistress Schala for me. I do miss her, and Zeal. Oh, before you go, take a peek in the room behind me.” Gaspar started to mutter to himself, “Now where have I heard that before...?”

Magus opened the door and stepped into the presence of The Master of War, Spekkio. Spekkio was a being that was seen differently through all eyes. If you were strong, he reflected that. If you were weak, he reflected that too.

“Longtime no see Magus. I did see your sister though. That’s why I asked for you. She came by here earlier, and when she heard I knew you she wanted to see me. When Zeal was destroyed she lost most of her magic but I renewed it for her. Anyway, since she hadn’t been anywhere else, only two portholes were open. The one to the Dark Ages and the one to Prehistoria. She didn’t expect you here so soon so she went to Prehistoria. She’s searching for you ya know. Good luck Magus.”

Magus left the room and boarded the Epoch. He set the dial to 65 million BC. and hit the go button. He again entered the time flux. With every moment he was getting closer to Schala. Exiting the time flux, the ruins of Lurba village could be seen below. Lurba had been  destroyed by the reptites back when Ayla and the gang went to the Dino Lair. Epoch descended towards the ground where Magus got out and found a Nu. Magus covered Epoch with branches and bushes, and then asked the Nu to guard it and left.

Magus didn’t feel quite right about leaving Epoch but he couldn’t just park it anywhere and this was the safest place he could think of. No one but the solitary Nu had been to Lurba since the residents evacuated to Ioka. He walked towards Ioka. He was going to ask Ayla where Schala was. As he got closer he saw some smoke coming from Ioka, so he started to run. Something was wrong!

As he got closer he saw that Ioka itself was burning. Many of the villagers were getting water from the river and trying to put out the fire, but to no avail. As he came into the center of the village he realized that the fire was too big for the villagers. They hadn’t been able to save Lurba and they wouldn’t be able to save Ioka. He thought for a moment, what if Schala was in one of those huts! He quickly used his water spell to help put out the fire. It was vanquished within the minute.

Some of the villagers came and thanked him for saving their village and now he had some questions to ask Ayla, but where was she? He hadn’t seen her during the whole event, so he asked one of the villagers. “Where’s your chief, Where is Ayla?”

Kino came and started to answer his questions. “Reptites come. We thought they all gone. Ayla chased them into forest, then more come. We try fight but they too strong. They burn village when Ayla gone. Ayla not come back. Kino think she’s in trouble.”

“Where is Schala? The blue haired one?”

"Schala? Oh, Schala! She came from ruins of Dino Lair. She used magic for good. Reptites take when burn village. They make her do magic for them. Schala no want go with them. “

“Kino. We have to find Schala, and Ayla. Which way did they go?”

“Kino show you. Follow me “

“No! I need to go alone. It’s, uh, too dangerous.” Magus had no idea if it would be dangerous or not but he didn’t want anyone tagging along. He could do better by himself. Kino showed Magus the way and left him alone. Magus headed towards the forest. When he came to the forest he saw footprints all over the ground. They were old. Probably from the first time Crono and Marle came searching for the dream stone. He looked around and saw a new set of footprints, they weren’t reptite footprints, they were human! They didn’t go in any direction. They were all over the place as if there had been a struggle. Schala! This is where Schala was being taken. He followed the footprints as fast as he could, stopping only to get his bearings. When he came out of the forest he saw a huge mountain. He went around it and saw a cave.

Magus went into the cave and stepped into total darkness. He took out a match and lit a candle, but he could still barely see the wall. Continuing deep into the cave and saw light. It was coming from an open chamber. Magus blew out his candle and went to the edge of the rocky opening. He stood just inside the shadows and looked into the room. There were reptites all over the place. They were huddled over fires. Their cold blood didn’t react well to the coming ice age. Magus was far outnumbered but he was determined. He leaped from the shadows and into the chamber. Strangely, all of the reptites fled into other crevices and tunnels. Only one reptite remained. His round green head and scaly skin was similar to that of the other reptites but he wore the clothes of royalty. “Stay and fight coward!” Magus cried to him.

“I am no coward, ape. I am Scar, descendent of Azala!” Scar turned and ran into a tunnel. Magus fallowed him. As he stepped out of the tunnel he saw a huge, black Tyrano. It was similar to the rusted one he had battled in the Tyrano Lair when it had risen from the ocean as Giant’s Cave but this one was bigger and stronger. Luckily Magus new from previous battles that all reptites were week against lightning.

“Roarrrrrrrr!” the monster screamed in his face causing the room to shake.

“Meet Stone Tyrano. He’s mighty hungry. Ha ha ha.” Scar left through another tunnel and Stone Tyrano moved to block the entrance. Magus now had a sure win.

“Prepare to die Tyrano!” Magus blasted him with a bolt of lightning.

“What the...?” The Stone Tyrano didn’t even move. It seemed to grow stronger instead of weaker with each bolt Magus sent to him. The tyrano roared and clawed at Magus sending him flying across the room. Magus used his strongest Magic attack, Dark Matter. His Black triangle came capturing the depth of space and his pure energy blasted at the tyrano. Stone Tyrano was stunned and started spitting fire around the room.

Some flames engulfed Magus and wounded him greatly. He was running low on magic power and he couldn't keep this battle going without some method of defense against Stone Tyrano’s force. He leaped at the tyrano and slashed at him with his scythe. The stone skin was pierced but not greatly. Stone Tyrano roared and grabbed Magus with his tongue. Before Magus could react, the tyrano pulled his tongue in and spit Magus out in a gulf of fire. Magus saw the burning glow and blacked out.

He awoke in the hut of the chief of Ioka. Kino was there. Magus could guess as what had happened. He had failed and Kino had saved him. Why? Why hadn’t he been able to destroy the tyrano? What was different about Stone Tyrano that made him immune to his previous weakness?

“Thank you, Kino.” he was finally able to spit out.

“No need thank. You said dangerous. You were right. You try protect Kino. Kino follow anyway. Kino find you in Dino Lair. You hurt bad. Kino bring back.”

“Thank you anyway. Don’t worry Kino. We’ll find Ayla, and Schala.”

“But how we beat reptites? Even you lose.”

He hated his failure being brought up again. He swore to kill that thing and bring back his honor as soon as possible. “Don’t worry, I have some favors to call in. I’ll be back as soon as I get some help.”

“O.k. Kino see you later. But first, you rest.”

“No! There’s no time. I've got to leave now.” Magus hauled himself up. It hurt a lot but he could rest in another era where time here wouldn’t go buy. He walked out of the village and back to Lurba. He made it to Epoch and went back to the End of Time. There he rested for a day or two but no time went by. Now, who could he get to help him?

There was always someone from the old gang, Crono, Marle, Lucca, Glenn, Robo, but they couldn’t do anything he couldn’t. There were only two people he knew that had magic power that was able to defeat Stone Tyrano, Schala, and Ozzie. Of course Schala wasn’t an option, so he was off to find Ozzie.

He boarded Epoch and turned the dial to 600 AD. He hit the switch and he was ready to go. Soon he saw the ocean of the land he had grown up in come into view. Now, where would Ozzie be? He might still be in his private fort, but he probably evacuated when the group came to defeat him. They thought they actually killed him but he was probably just dazed for a while. Still, that probably flushed him out. He most likely went back to Magus’ castle. So, it was back to his home after all these years.

The stone dragon came into view. All the towers and such trying to match it’s height. He landed in the courtyard. It had pretty much been abandoned but he could tell someone had been here. He journeyed through the dark corridors till he came to Ozzie’s throne room. There was Ozzie sitting on his throne with some of his fellow mystics around him. Ozzie stared at him in surprise. They both stood without speaking. Ozzie broke the silence. “So, the traitor has returned. What brings you here?”

“I’m no traitor Ozzie. Lavos was more powerful than even I imagined. He sent me far away and I now have returned, and I need your help.”

“Why should I help you? You, who left the mystics. You, who I found and raised in the ways of magic. You, who sided with the humans!”

“I sided with no one! But, your war is hopeless. Humans will rule the world. I have glanced at the future and you won’t believe what I saw. The mystics are reduced to a single village and they worship neither you or I. They praise peace with the humans! You must help me Ozzie. Your cause is lost. You, my only friend, must help me save my sister.”

“Peace, with the humans!? It’s not possible. Very well I will serve you again Magus. I must set an example and make a name for the mystics! You,“ he glanced at one of the biggest mystics, “You’re in charge while I’m gone. I follow Magus again.” The two left the castle and boarded the Epoch. “What is this?” Ozzie asked.

“It’s a way to travel. One of my friends invented it. Now, let’s go.” Magus flew Epoch to the End of Time where they took a brief stop to talk to Spekkio. They walked through the door. Ozzie was amazed but not as much as when he saw Spekkio. Standing before him was a giant blue monster.

“Hi Ozzie.” Spekkio said as he entered the room.

“H, h, how did you know my name?”

“Well, I am the master of war and you waged a huge one against the humans.”

Magus interrupted there conversation. “We came to measure Ozzie’s inner strength. Is he powerful enough to defeat Stone Tyrano?”

“Well, Ozzie is very powerful. You should have no problems with his barriers. Want to test out your magic?” Magus looked at him. “OK, OK, I guess not but hey, I couldn’t help but ask, I am the master of war.”

“Come on Ozzie, we’re going to save a friend of mine.” They boarded the Epoch. Magus set the dial back to Prehistoria and they were off. Ozzie was amazed at the new surroundings he was in. This was the first time he had seen the jungle. Magus let him look around as he silently covered the Epoch. He started walking towards Ioka and Ozzie followed. As they approached Kino came to meet them.

“Did you forget something? You back soon.”

Magus shook his head. “No. I’m back for revenge.”

“Already, you fast. Not one sun go down since you leave. Who friend?”

“He’s Ozzie. Now let’s save Ayla and Schala.”

“OK. Kino come to this time. Not let you get hurt again.”

“Very well.” The trio marched on in silence, through the forest and to the base of the mountain. They entered the cave and Kino ran into the chamber. “Kino, no!”

“Kino come back. Scar fight Kino!” The rest of the reptites ran away again. They had just come back from the first time Magus startled them. Scar was still in the back room as was Stone Tyrano. Magus and Ozzie ran after him and into the presence of Stone Tyrano. It roared after seeing Magus so soon, and reflecting on the wounds Magus had inflicted recently, he roared again.. The three drew their weapons and the battle began.

Stone Tyrano scorched Magus with flames and Magus fell to the floor.

“Is that all that’s bothering you?” Ozzie asked. ”I can take care of that. Ozzie Barrier Fire! Ozzie Barrier Fire! Ozzie Barrier Fire! There we go.” He had created a barrier around all three of them that completely defended against fire. “Now, how do we hurt this punk?”

“All dino stunned by lightning, except this one.” Kino replied. Magus demonstrated by shooting a bolt at Stone Tyrano.

“I see, I think I can take care of that. Let’s see, how about... Lock! That should demolish his barrier for a while, his magic is strong. I’m gonna have to concentrate to hold it. Strange, there is another magic force helping me...Oh well, do your thing Magus!”

Magus shot bolt after bolt of lightning at Stone Tyrano stunning him each time. Kino jumped onto his shoulder and bashed Stone Tyrano’s head with his club. Pretty soon they could tell Stone Tyrano was going to die, but before being destroyed, it engulfed the room with flames. Since Ozzie was concentrating on the lock the barriers were gone. Everyone was wounded but not greatly. As the smoke cleared they could see the remains of the Stone Tyrano.

Ozzie stared at the remains. “Was that it?” he asked. “Is that why I came?”

“That was the main part but we've still got to go after Scar.”

“Yes, Kino find Ayla and Schala.” Kino said as they ran through the tunnel.

They came to a cliff and stopped suddenly. Magus looked down. about twenty feet below was a raging fire. So this is how the Reptites were keeping warm. He looked up. There was Schala and Ayla tied around the waist, hanging from the ceiling, and dangling over the fire. They were a good twenty feet away from the cliff where he stood. On the other side of the fire was another cliff about ten feet from the prisoners. Standing on it was Scar and a few other Reptites. Two of the reptites held primitive axes and were standing near two ropes tied to the ground. Magus followed the ropes with his eyes. They went up the wall, to the ceiling, through some kind of pulley, and were tied to...

Schala and Ayla! If those ropes were cut, Schala and Ayla would fall into the fire below!

Magus, without thinking shot bolts of lightning across the chasm, but before they could hit their targets the ropes were cut. “Noooooooo!”

Magus leaped into the chasm. He used his ice spell to freeze the fire, but it wouldn’t last long. He caught Schala by the arm as she fell past the frozen platform. Ayla landed beside him. They looked up. The reptites ran, while Kino and Ozzie left to find another route to get down there. They quickly jumped off the platform and into a small tunnel Magus found.

Crawling through an exit of the tunnel they saw that following Schala was Scar. He quickly grabbed her and put a knife to her throat. Two more reptites came from nowhere and grabbed Magus and Ayla. “If anyone moves, she's a goner.

“OK.” Magus responded, “but don’t you dare hurt her.” They followed the reptites and came to the river. The reptites shoved Magus and Ayla in and ran off with with Schala.


The end of part two, The Mystic And The Dino

Continued in part three, A Name For The Mystics


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