Search For Schala Part Six

The Entity At Rest

By Taran

“An entity, eh.” Gasper was trying to recall anything he could about this entity Magus was talking about. “Well, I do believe that Melchior was studying something along those lines. You might want to go talk to him.”

“OK. I will.” Magus went over to the gates trying to remember which one he needed to go through. He chose one and hoped he was right. Soon he popped out of the closet in Medina Village and knew he had made the right choice.

Magus walked out of the house and past a couple of mystics when he got to the edge of town. Knocking on the door, Magus waited for Melchior to answer.

The door opened a crack and Melchior’s voice could be heard. “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Ma, Janus.”

“Oh.” The door was opened the rest of the way and Melchior led Magus to a chair. “What can I do for you this time Magus?”

“I need to know about an entity.”

“Ahh, the entity. I did many studies trying to figure out what it was. It appears that it dwelled on this planet far longer than humans. What exactly do you want to know?”

“I think it’s been helping me throughout my quest to find Schala. I had this dream where I found Schala but there was this barrier in the way and I couldn’t pass it. I hope that the entity will be able to help me.”

“So, you want to communicate with the entity. I haven’t yet been able to do that, but I think there is one species that can, Nu.”

“The Nu? Those stupid brutes can communicate with the entity?”

“I think that the entity does not exist in this plain of existence, but on another. I think that it also created the Nu as a bridge between the two plains as a way of reaching this one.”

“So, how do I get a Nu to help me?”

“I’m not sure, but Nu’s are usually nice to humans, one might help if it can.”

“OK then, I guess I’ll go look for a Nu.” Magus left Melchior’s hut but before he could Melchior called out to him, “Good luck.”

Magus jumped back into the closet and was swallowed by the time gate. Reappearing at the End of Time he chose another time gate to pass through. He chose the one leading to 600 AD. He remembered seeing one in the Cursed Woods when he was with the rest of the group. He exited the time porthole in Truce Canyon. He had to walk all the way across the northern continent and across most of the southern one. Flying in Epoch was definiiely easier.

The tall trees and long branches shaded the forest from the hot sun. Magus walked passed all the frogs that hopped around on the ground. It would be very hard to find the Nu here with all these annoying frogs jumping about. Magus quickly disposed of all the frogs with a small lightning spell. A bush rustled and he went over to examine it. The Nu was probably hiding in there. Reached into the bush, Magus grabbed something with his hand, and pulled something out. It was Frog!

“I would greatly enjoy it if thou would unhand me and placeth me in my proper position.” requested Frog. Magus nodded and dropped Frog onto the ground. He landed with a thud. Frog muttered under his breath as he pulled himself up, “Twas not what I hadeth in mind.” Now back on his feet he addressed Magus who was now looking in some other bush.

“What brings thee here, Magus?”

“It’s none of your business.” He responded as he went over to search through another bush.

“If there art no reason for searching the shrubbery, why has thee roused me from my sleep?” When hearing no response Frog spoke again.

“If you shall not state thy business in my home, I should ask that thee would remove thyrself.”

“I’ll stay here as long as I want and you won’t do anything about it! So unless you want to end up like that fool, oh, what was his name, oh yeah, Cyrus! Unless you want to end up like Cyrus I would get out of my way!”

“Cyrus was no fool, Magus. He was defending the realm from you and he died with honor. Alas, poor Cyrus.”

“Honor or not, he’s dead, and if you would like to keep that body of yours, although I don’t see why you would want to, I’d leave here before I loose my temper!”

“Before eh? I have grown accustom to this body you gave me, and since I am of no service here, I shall be on my way.” Magus watched as Frog headed out of the woods and towards the town of Porre. Thinking back to his dream and all the other emotions he had experienced, he decided to accept Frog’s help after all. “Wait! I’ll, I’ll tell you.”

“Very well, I shall offer my assistance to thee.”

“I need to find a Nu.”

“A Nu eh, why would thou have a use for one of those creatures, never mind. It is fair enough that you hold your tongue and keep your counsel to yourself. I believe that one does live here. There is a small cave deep in the woods. I assume it lives there. I shall show it to you.”

Magus followed Frog through the forest and soon enough, just as Frog had said, they came to a small cave covered with leaves and shrubs. There was a strange noise coming from the cave but Magus could not tell what it was. They pushed aside a hanging branch and entered the dark cave. The noise kept getting louder and Magus eventually recognized the noise to be the snoring of a Nu. Magus shook the Nu until it woke up.

“Why have you awaken me? Ah, it is you Magus. I've been expecting you.” Frog looked at Magus wondering why the Nu was expecting him but Magus didn’t know either. “Welcome, welcome. Now, about your question...”

“Question? I haven’t asked any questions yet.”

“You haven't asked me, any ways. You see, we Nu’s can communicate with the “entity”. The entity is not linear. It exists in all eras. It has been helping you, Magus, and it will until you find Schala.”

“But, why?” asked Magus.

“The entity was greatly disturbed by Lavos. When Lavos fell, the entity’s life was changed. It helped Crono destroy Lavos and that returned part of the entities time stream back to normal. Now, it wants to correct all the other disturbances that Lavos created. Your sister is out of place in time, that is why it chose to help you.”

“So, what do I have to do to find Schala?”

“Even if you found Schala, she would not willingly go with you.”

“Why not? I’m her brother!”

“No, Janus is her brother. To her, you are only “the prophet”. You must prove to her that you have regained what you lost when Lavos transformed you into Magus. The entity has been helping you accomplish this. That is why you are starting to experience new emotions.”

“Well, what else do I have to regain?”

“There is one emotion you have still not recovered. You have forgotten, to love.”

“What do you mean? I haven't forgotten, I love Schala, why do you think I've been trying to find her?”

“You did love Schala, and that is where your journey to gain this final piece of the puzzle must begin.”

“So, what exactly do I have to do?”

“You must find someone to love.”

“How will I know when I do?”

“Because the entity knows the future, I can provide you with some information. When you forgive someone for what they have done to you, even if they have done nothing to deserve this, then and only then, you will love someone again.”

“OK. I know what I have to do, but where do I go?”

“I do not know but, the entity will guide you, zzzz, zzzz, zzzz.” The Nu then drifted off into a very long, undisturbed sleep. His job was done.

“I never knew those creatures could stay awake for so long.” said Frog. Magus had forgotten all about the dumb little amphibian. “Whatever, now get out of my way! I’ve got to go, somewhere.”

“Twas kind of you to put aside our grudge and let me assist you, does this mean that thee wishes for us to no longer be enemies?”

“Shut up froggy! Well, perhaps? OK. I’ll agree to a temporary cease fire, but it won’t last long.”

“Tis agreed.” Frog reached out his hand and Magus reluctantly grabbed it as they shook upon their new pact. Magus turned and headed out of the forest. His mind whirled with all the events that had so recently occurred as he headed back towards Truce Canyon. He used the gate key to open the time porthole that took him back to the end of time. Looking at all the different times and places he could go Magus realized that there was no way that he could guess which one to go through. He stepped off the platform and went over to talk to Gasper. He told him what the Nu had said and waited for a response.

“Well, he said the entity would guide you, so follow it. What do you mean “follow it”? It doesn’t exist in this plain of existence. I can’t see it!”

“No need to shout. I’m right here. Now, you can’t see it eh? If I remember what Melchior wrote about it... I don’t think it really communicates to people who are conscience. Maybe you just have to let go of your senses and take a wild guess or something.”

“Well, OK.” Magus walked to the center of the platform containing the time gates. He closed his eyes and started to turn. Hoping for a sign to point him in the right direction it seemed to get brighter. This was it! The entity was guiding him! He opened his eyes to see which porthole that he was supposed to go to. In front of him all he could see was the lamp post. That was the bright shiny thing. Great, now what? A glimmering thing caught Magus’ eye. He walked towards it. The light from the lamp post was being reflected off of the silver bucket. Was this a sign? Even if it wasn’t, Magus reckoned that it was the closest thing that he was going to get. He stepped into the porthole coming from the bucket and was again sent to the day of the Lavos but this time it was by choice.

When Magus emerged from the time gate he stood in front of the hollow shell of Lavos. It was still dark but the sun was about to come up over the horizon. Not a moment had gone buy since he had been here last. Luckily for him the time gate took him to a time after Lavos had been destroyed so he didn’t have to get hit by another earthquake.

“Now what?” Magus asked himself. Heading towards the Lavos creature he tripped and fell into a small crater. He landed on something hard, it was iron. Why was the floor of this crater braced with iron? Still not being able to see properly he felt his way to the wall of the hole. His leg caught on something. It was a handle of some kind.

Magus pulled on the handle and a small door opened in the iron. Light shined through the door in the floor. Magus saw someone crunched into a ball was laying inside. He pulled her out and saw that the iron floor was actually the entrance to some kind of little ship. Hopping inside and examining the interior he soon recognized this ship. Belsthar had designed hundreds of these to be used as escape pods in case the Ocean Palace started to take on water. Magus climbed out of the escape pod, grabbed the women by the waist, and hauled himself out of the crater. The sun had now come out and he could see again. The women he had rescued had blue hair and pointed ears, it was his mother!


The end of part six, The Entity At Rest

Continued in part seven, A New Omen


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