Shinra Eternal

By Taran

How your brain could work
Your intellect may have matched Gast
With the power of your mind
You were able to create
the perfect soldier
Where is your mind now?
Splattered across the Sister Ray

What riches you held
The world ate out of your hand
They fed off your Mako
And they were controlled
by your endless gold
Where are your riches now?
In the hand of those you exploited

How beautiful you were
Your body inticed the most stubborn men
The perfect way for a woman to look
A one night stand
each and every night
Where is your body now?
Ugly and deformed, buried in the earth

What power you held
The Turks obeyed your command
They would kill at request
You ordered life
and ordered death
Where is your power now?
Killed by the Masamune

How great you were
A culmination of all Shinra:
Your father's gold
Sharp intellect
Power over Tseng
And Rude certainly
was jealous of your hair
Where is it all now?
Where is Shinra now?
It is all dead

What secrets you held
The last of the Ancients
You talked with the higher
You were granted their love
and shared it
Where is that love now?
It, and you, live on forever
In the hearts of those here
And with the stars in the heavens

Taran's Fanfiction