True Knight

By Taran

True Knights stand tall
Their shields defend the people
Their swords strike and avenge
The honor of all

A True Knight was he
Sir Cyrus, mighty and strong
Our hero, brave and courageous
But his heart was the key

In the beginning he made a vow
To protect his kingdom and his king
To cleanse this land of all black poison
So where is this True Knight now

When he died all Guardia wept
With Masamune he fought the wizard
Light versus dark though evil consumed
You shall follow his footsteps

True Knights stand tall
Yet you are small, short, and weak
And you cannot avenge your friend
With you our hopes fall

All of this is what you claim
But I can see past your distorted form
I see the strong heart that he had
You can become what Cyrus became

Go now Glenn, continue the fight
Take the Masamune and march bravely
Confront your enemy, avenge your friend
You are truly a True Knight

Taran's Fanfiction