Chrono T.V.

By Tenchi

Robo: Hello and Welcome to Chrono T.V, I'm your host Robo.

(Audience cheers)

Robo: Today we have an unusal group of guests today ...first there's

Marle who is tired of her overbearing father.

Marle: Hello.

Robo: Now you say your father tried to have your boyfriend executed...

King Guardia: He was a fugitive of the law...he kidnapped my daughter..

(Auidence boos)

Marle: Daddy, for the last time, we were 400 years in the past saving our ancestors!!!

(Ozzy stands up)

Ozzy: Hello I have a comment Robo....


Ozzy: Hunny, you need to dump that Zero and get yourself a hero...if you were my kid, I'd knock you out...

Marle: Say it to my face fatso!!!

(Ozzy tries to come down to the stage, but Marle throws a chair at him)

(Auidence cheers)

Robo:Violence is not the answer now...ok, well let's meet Chono!!!

(Crono walks out, half of the audience boos, half cheer)

(Guardia stands up Crono and him scream at each other and Guardia shoves him....a fight breaks out but is stopped b three security guards by the name of Vicks, Wedge and Piette)

(Crono sits down, still agitated)

Robo: So Crono Guardia tells us you kidnapped Marle, is this true??

Crono: No way, she fell into an interdimensional Gateway and fell 400 years into the past!!! Why can't anyone believe us??

Guardia: and look at the people he hangs out with!!!

(Ayla , Frog and Magus walk from back stage)

Crono: Whats wrong with them??

Guardia: Blondie's a playboy model in disguise, Blue hair looks like a wizard who tried to overthrow our kingdom 400 years ago..and well, THAT ONE'S A FROG!!!

Frog: I am only a Frog because of Magus!!

Magus: I only changed you into a Frog cuz...cuz... you stole my girlfriend!!!!!

(They get into a fight and are carried off stage by security guards)

Guardia: See?? See what kind of people he hangs out with?? I bet he's in a gang!!!

(Tata stands up)

Tata: Old man, I think you need to stay out your daughter's life you ain't her keeper!!!

(Auidence cheers)

Robo:Today we have a special guest, pshychatrist Lucca!!!

Lucca: Hello, my advice to you, is get a life people, this is all rigged, you can tell!!! I saw them paying the guests!!!

Robo: How does that help Crono and Marle??

Lucca: I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about the audience, Go get jobs people!!

(Lucca is carried off stage)

Robo: I've been told to tell you to ignore what Lucca said because she's on drugs, ok so Ayla you know Crono, what kind of a person is he??

Ayla: Crono good, he beat up reptites!!

Guardia; oh shut up you slut!!!

(Ayla clobbers Guardia and he's taken out on a stretcher)

Robo: Well that's all the time we have for today!!! Join us next time when our guest, Flea talks about her secret life as a Transvestite!!!

(Audience cheers and repeats "Go Robo!! Go Robo!!

Tenchi's Fanfiction