Chrono TV: The Real World

By Tenchi

Author's Notes: For those un-familar with the Real World, when a character is "in confessional" that means that they are not talking to anyone else, they are sharing their thoughts with a private camera. This is usually mixed into a scene that is happening so you know what everyone is thinking at the time, even thought the confessional is taken after the event. Enjoy!

(Music Starts up)

Marle: This is the true story...
Robo: ...of six organic lifeforms and one non organic robot...
Frog: ...picked to live in a dwelling...
Lucca: ...and have their lives taped.. find out what happens...
Ayla: ...when people no be polite...
Magus: ...and start getting violent...I mean "real"...

The Real World: Chrono Trigger


(Scene: It's morning as Ayla and Marle are out at breakfast)

Waitress: I'll take your order now.

Ayla: Me have "Jurassic Pork Soup"

Marle: I'll just have Jerky.

Waitress: What the hell? Jurassic Soup? Stop screwing around..

Ayla: ...uh...I have special...

Marle: I guess I will too..

Waitress: (under her breath) dumb kids...

Ayla: So anyway, never guess what Ayla see.

Marle: What?

Ayla: No you guess now.

Marle: Just tell me.

Ayla: No! YOU GUESS!!

Marle:Ok fine. Did you see Frog and Lucca making out on the couch? With Frog on one end, sticking his tounge out and reaching it all the way across the couch to Lucca?

Ayla: No, Ayla just see cute doggie. You see Frog and Lucca? Yucky!

Marle: Yeah I know...should we confront them?

Ayla: You can, me no want trouble

Waitress: Here you go, the special. That is two hard boiled eggs and toast.

Ayla: Egg? You give us Chrono Trigger, you bad lady. You want us eat time egg. (punches the waitress and shatters her jaw) BURP!

Marle(in confessional): Oh my God, that was so embarassing. We were thrown out of there. Oh my God I was so embarassed!! I just wanted to kill Ayla.

Ayla(in confessional): Me ashamed. Me did wrong. Ayla no get breakfast!! (cries) I no care about lady, me just hungery!


(Scene: house)

Lucca (in confessional) I can't beleive it, I left out a page from my diary right by the TV, with a big sign that said "Read Me" next to it and Crono read it. It said stuff about how I prefer Toaster Strudels over Pop Tarts, you know, private stuff I don't want him to read.

Lucca (sitting by Crono): I know you read that page from my diary! You had no right! I feel so violated, you jerk, I am sooooo sick of this house!!

Crono: Lucca, you are a bitch! You like Toaster Strudels over Pop Tarts? What a $%^&ed up little bitch!

Lucca: Ok that is it, you are not to talk to me anymore.

Crono: But..

Lucca: NO! I'm sick and tired of your attitude, ok? You need to straighten out or we are gunna have some problems living in this house!

Crono (in confessional): I can't beleive her! She needs to grow up, or I'm gunna whine some more.


(scene: next day)

Robo: Greetings roomates, please turn your attention towards what I have. (holds out a small tabby cat) He is Mr. Kitty.

Marle: Oh it's so cute! (pats it on the head) oh hello Mr. Kitty (the cat scratches her up then pees on her leg) I'm tired of this damn creature, you got it, you take care of it! I woke up yesterday and it reeked like cat piss!

Robo: But Marle, I have had it only for a couple minutes.

Marle: The what did I smell (looks at Ayla)

Ayla(from couch): I take care of cat. (eats cat) BURP!

Robo: M..Mr... K...Kitty...(cries)

Robo(in confessional) I do not see the cat incident as Ayla consuming Mr. Kitty. I see it as her consuming me, and thats how I have felt since the day I arrived here.

Ayla( in confessional): BURP ok, now I get breakfast!


(scene nightime)

(Magus escorts a blonde girl up into his room where a lot of panting and moaning is heard)

Frog(In confessional) I do not wish to hear such things while I slumber.

Crono(in confessional): (giggling like a schoolgirl) Magus had this girl in his room and I could hear ...(giggles uncontrolablly)

Lucca(in confessional): Magus brings home women every night, I'm getting sick of this.

Marle(in confessional): You know what I like, peas!

Robo (in confessional): I miss Mr. Kitty still...

Ayla(in confessional) BURP!

Magus(in confessional) Fools! They all believe that I am engaging in intercourse up there, I am really sacrificing these women to gain enough power to kill the creators of such an asinine show as this! (Wicked Laugh)


(scene: daylight in the house)

Marle: Frog, Lucca, what were you two doing on the couch?

Lucca: Huh?

Marle: Don't play innocent, he had his tounge in your mouth!!

Lucca: He did?? Frog what the Hell is going on?

Frog: Verily, I admit. While thou were sleeping I put my tounge in thou's mouth.

Lucca: OH MY GOD!!! I can't take this house anymore...

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Random Nu's and Imps

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