Cloud Nine Chapter 19


By Tenchi

Fiona could feel the heat of a prehistoric sun. A heat that felt different from the heat of her own time period. She looked up at the sky, watching a group of dactyls fly by and felt serene. "How peacful it is here!" she said to her cohorts. She closed her eyes and felt the radiance of the sun. "I just hope that in our future the sun may once more be as bright." She opened her eyes and looked around. To her left Ayla stood looking at her with curious eyes. To her right stood Magus, staring coldly at the crater in front of them.

"This is the place," said Magus with an almost whisper of a voice.

"So all we do is put this prism thing into the ground and Robo will be able to link this time period to the Chrono Trigger Deluxe?" asked Fiona rhetorically. "Easy enough." She slid down the side of the crater, Magus and Ayla following, kicking up quite a storm of dust along the way. When they reached the bottom, Ayla pulled out the prism and looked around.

"This place where gate used to be," she said as she walked into the center. She quickly jammed the shard into the ground where the gateway to Zeal used to be.

"What made this big hole, anyway?" asked Fiona. Magus snapped out of his gaze and said,


"Not much of a talker, huh?"

"More of a thinker."

"Or possibly a dreamer?"

"Dreaming is for the weak."

"Really now? Well maybe for one who's dreams never came true. My dream of seeing the forest in bloom once more was accomplished so would you say dreaming is for the weak?"

"Maybe not. It's just that I like to live in reality."

"But how do you know this is reality?"

"I don't know if this is reality, and if it''s not I'd like to know."

"Why do you say that, because of NegaLavos?" Magus nodded. "Well don't think of it then."

"Then what should I think of?"

"Don't, just feel." Magus almost smiled as he turned to see Fiona. She flashed a smile as he turned back around to see Ayla running back to the two fo them.

"All done!" said Ayla.

"Does that seem to easy to anyone else?" asked Magus.

"Not everything in life has to be a violent bloodbath!" said Fiona. "Besides, NegaLavos has no clue about what we're doing."

"The last words of a fool," said Magus sarcastically.

"What Now?" asked Ayla.

"Now you die," said a mysterous voice. Fiona and Magus drew their weapons as Ayla put up her fists.

"Show yourself!" yelled Magus. Suddenly a bolt of lightining jolted from the sky and struck nearby. From the static still in the air stood a tall young man with silver hair tied in a ponytail. He had white pupiless eyes and tightly gripped onto a black sword. "Who the Hell are you?" said Magus.

"I am Draco, one of NegaLavos' generals, and I'm also your living nightmare." He casuly strode up to Magus and jabbed his shoulder with his blade. Magus pulled the sword from his flesh and gripped his skythe. He swung it hard into Draco's flesh, pulled it out and jammed it into his thiegh. Ayla ran up to Draco and pummled him into the earth, clawing his face. Draco burst out from underneath her and flung her off. He charged at her, running his blade through her stomach. She gasped for air then fell to her knees. Fiona flung a ring of fire at Draco, cutting deep into his arm. She ran up to him and pulled it out. When she did he grabbed her arm and flung her over his shoulder. She hit the ground as he ran his blade through her shoulder. Fiona cried out in pain as Draco's blade tip touched the ground. Fiona began to concentrate on the wound, healing it and as she did a mysterous aura formed around the blade and it shattered into thousands of pieces. Fiona got to her feet and stared coldly at Draco. He smirked and raised his hands to the sky. Instantly he turned into a huge dragon with red skin and demonic wings.

"Now you see why they call me Draco," he said with a grim voice. Fiona silently floated upwards to the sky and stared the dragon in the eyes. Suddenly she began to glow white as she released from her fingertips a hazing white light. It was much more powerful and bright then the white fire she used on Queen Zeal. Draco screamed in pain as the light crackled and distroyed his wings. He fell to the ground in a bloody mess. Fiona floated back to earth and stared at Draco once more. This time when she began to glow white, trees sprouted from the ground. At first they were just little saplings, but soon turned into massive oaks and whispering pines. A huge willow sprouted out from undernreath Fiona, as she stood at the base of it. She raised her hands as the leaves began to swirl around her. The trees turned into a green energy and swirled around her like a twister. All of the energy soon swirled into a ball, which she held in her hands and violenlty relased into Draco. He didn't even have time to scream as he burned up underneath the massive amount of energy shot into him. Fiona stared at the spot where his body used to be, looked back at her comrades and said,

"Looks like we can leave now."

(I'm ending the chapter now, why? Because I can and I want to!)


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