Heart Moving

By Tenchi

Gaspar, the Guru of time looked out into the sea of bleak darkness that lay in front of him. All he could think of was her. Her golden sunshine hair and her ice blue eyes. Her skin was fair like cream and her voice was the whisper of a summer's breeze. His love Corrine...

He could remeber when he first me her. He was a young man and never expirenced love before. He could still rember sneeking out of Zeal to seee the Earth below. He could rember the sun on his skin and the breaze in his hair as he approched the beautful morning and heard her. He remebered her cry as she had fallen off a mountain ledge and was holding on for dear life. As he pulled her up her fell instantly in love, so had she, for the guru was a handsome young man. That day was the most incredable day of his life. Finally as he watched the sun go down and he kissed Corrine under the silver moon, he knew fate would bring them together again. That moment was the last they would share for Gaspar's parents made it so he would never see "That Earthbound trash" again. The pain in his heart swalowed him up like cancer.

Then again, that was awhile ago, but today was different. After searching the stars for the rest of his life he had found her and nothing would keep them apart now. He prepared to go into the gate that would take him back to the time he had forgotten, or wanted to forget. His own time peroid, an icy, cold, bitter time. "Where are you going?" said Spekkio.

"I am going to see her Spekkio, today is the day!!" he said with glee.

"Is it wise for you to leave the end of time?"

"I don't care if all time collapses,I WILL see her again!!"

* * *

Dead. They were all dead. The entire island of people killed by a Golem. Gaspar felt the anger come up as he lashed out at the vile creature. "Die you Bastard!!" he yelled as he smacked it in the head with his staff. It just laughed and punched Gaspar into the wall. He would not give up so easily. He came towards the hideous monster gripping his cane. He jammed it into the Golem's skull. The Golem screetched as a yellow puss like blood escaped through the hole in it's head. Gaspar raised his hands to the sky and opened up a gate behind the Golem, but instead of the Golem getting sucked in, Gaspar tugged and the gate ripped a hole through the Golem. "Death is the only salvation" he said to the Golem before it's last breath.

"Gaspar? Gaspar is that you??" said a voice. It was Corrine.

"Corrine!! I came to see you, are you ok?"he said.

"Ugh, I'm dying, i can tell..." She was hardly breathing and her toro was ripped up.

"No, I'll heal you, it'll be ok."

"It's too late...but please do one thing?"

"What is it? Anything?"

"Please take care of my daughter Celia"


(Author's note: To see what happens to Gaspar and his new daughter Celia, read Cloud Nine by yours truley)

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