A New Land Chapter 6: A Dream Come True

By Thanqoul

TIME: 1000 A.D.

The whole team awoke. They gathered up all their supplies and they went on exploring. They went on exploring the island.

"Ahhh. This place is beautiful. We shouldn't disturb it anymore after this expidition", said Marle. They all agreed.

They explored for many hours, finding lot's of new animals. Lucca took photos of them with her handmade camera, and they put them in the photo album.

"I know. We would find much more if we all went exploring by ourselves. Let's all meet here in one hour, and tell each other what we found, ok?", said Marle.

"Brilliant!", said Jon.

"Well, maybe we shouldn't...", said Crono. He remembered the dream, and this might be it.

"Oh, come on! We'll find much more that way!", said Marle. At that they were off, all except Crono.

"Why didn't I tell them?! AAARGH!!", shouted Crono. He slowly followed Marle, without her knowing.

He hid in the trees, slowly following Marle, careful not to be detected. She stoped by a bird with it's leg caught in between two rocks.

"Oh, you poor thing!", said Marle. The bird shrieked in pain. Then Marle tried to seperate the two rocks, but they were stuck in the mud. She started digging the mud out so she could get the two rocks loose. She got them loose and the bird fluttered away. Marle smiled.

Then a tremendous roar came from behind her. She heard the bird squeal. Then she saw the green monster. It had the bird in it's mouth slowly eating it. Marle shrieked as she reached for her crossbow. But it was gone. She saw the monster holding it in his hand.

"Oh god...", said Marle. The creature ran at her, opening it's bloody jaws. She knew if she just sat there, she would be gobbled up in no time. She ran for it. The monster ran after her.

Crono leaped out from the trees onto the monster's back. It stopped and swirled it's neck at Crono. Then it shook him off it's back. It stepped on him, which hurt alot. He shrieked in pain. Marle ran to the monster and tried to grab the crossbow, but it resulted of the monster flipping her to the ground. The monster opened it's jaws and-


"Crono?", shouted Lucca. It had been an hour and Crono and Marle hadn't returned from their little trips.

"Crono? Where in the mother of god are you?", shouted Lucca.

Lucca thought a minute and decided to use up her question at the Raal-Usha. She made her way back, along with Jon and Lucy. She touched the orb, and the apparition came soaring out fromt he orb.

"What is your question?", said the apparition.

"Where is Crono and Marle? They should have been here sooner!", said Lucca.

"You will finaly understand. When that boy, Jon, came to this island, he dropped a canister.", said the apparition. "That canister had a vile green liquid in it."

"Wait a minute!", said Lucca.

"Yes, I know! You created that liquid! A wandering reptile found the canister and drank the liquid. That green beast you encountered before is what has become of it.", said the apparition.

"Oh no!", said Lucca.

"Oh yes! Crono and Marle, your two friends, have just met that monster...unarmed.", said the apparition.

Lucca's eyes filled with tears. How could she have done this? Her two friends were gone now because of her inventions.

"By disturbing the balance of nature, the humans are destroyed. I know that in the future, the monster will find you, and your two companians there, and then your boat. It will sail to your origanal continent and-", said the apparition.

"Stop!", cried Lucca. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. "What can I do to prevent it?"

"Just close your eyes...", said the apparition.




"What?", said Lucca.

"What about what?", joked Crono.

Lucca saw. They were walking on a sidewalk in Truce. She saw Crono and Marle at her side.

"What? waht about the green beast and Jon and Lucy and-"

"Lucca, what ARE you talking about?", said Crono.

Lucca realized. The apparition had undid the previous time. Warped her back in time. She was the only one that remembered this. But where were Jon and Lucy?

She looked around, and in her head, she saw the apparition, smiling at her. At his side were Jon and Lucy, both smiling. Then he image snapped out of her head.

She smiled and walked along the street with her friends. My, how great it was to be back!




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