Enemies Once Again

By The Demon

Glen and the King entered the portal in Leene Square. They watched their friends (Crono, Lucca, Marle, Robo and Magus) start to fade out of existence as they returned to there time. Just as the portal began to closed Magus ran into it and The three of them disappeared completely.

They landed in Truce Canyon. Truce canyon was a normal canyon with trees and bushes and they were all different colors. Magus took his normal stance floating 2 inches above the ground his cape draping behind him blowing in the wind. It was cloudy and rather gloomy looking. They walked to the bottom of the canyon the trees were losing there leaves it was fall. They got to the bottom

"Well Magus" Said Glen "I guess this is it"

"Yes" said Magus "it is"

"Twaz a pleasure fighting with you but tiz time we go our separate ways"

"Well sir Croak" Said Magus "I was only fighting with you cause it served my purpose. If it had not you would not be standing here now. Now that your usefulness is over you will die."

What is he doing thought Glen. A small fireball appeared on Magus's hand. His eyes glowed red. The fireball flew at Glen. He jumped out of the way. Glen drew the Masamune. "If its a fight you want Magus its a fight you will get" Yelled Glen.

The clouds broke a little and a beam of sunlight reflected of the Masamune it sparkled. Glen jumped at Magus not believing what was happening. His alley was attacking him and he did not under stand he thought Magus and him had become friends. Magus raised a hand and glen was stopped in mid air. Magus opened hid hand and motioned Glen nearer. Glen floated towards him. Magus held him there and drew his Dark scythe and put it to Glen neck. A wave of terror flowed though Glen as he realized that magus was actually gonna do this. Magus was actualy gonna kill him. Glen gulped down a plea for mercy. He would not give magus the pleasure of having him on his knees. But even the gulp made Magus smile with pleasure. But the smile soon vanished

"and now Glen you will join your friend Cyrus" Said Magus To be with Cyrus Glen thought It sounded nice but no! I wont let Magus win this. A ball of water appeared on the tip of Glen's finger. It floated towards Magus and exploded. The explosion sent Magus back against the wall of the canyon he was startled. Glen wasted no time he attacked. Slashing at magus he got him in the chest. He then brought the sword back and attacked again but this time magus was ready for him he blocked with his arm and was injured mildly both his wounds bleed "this is not over Glen" said magus" "Thow art beaten Magus" said Glen "Now leave Magus or I shall have to destroy you"

"I shall leave" said magus "But I will be back"

Why am I sparing him thought Glen as magus floated above the trees. He attacked me and would have killed me If he got the chance so why didn't I kill him? Because He helped Crono and me defeat Lavos.

Magus Floated towards hid home. "Enemies once again Magus" Yelled Glen "enemies once again."

He watched magus disappear. He felt regret at seeing magus go. He had lost a friend. Once an enemy then an alley the enemies once again.


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