The Fall Of Zeal

By The Demon

Antria woke up in her warm bed. She pulled off the soft cover and stood up a ray of sun beamed in her face so she winced. She walked over to the window. It was a beautiful day in Zeal she thought.

A bird flew up to the window and chirped at her

"Oh hello" Antria said to the bird "How are you today?"

The bird chirped a response and flew off to somewhere. She looked at the clock on her desk

"Oh my" she said as she noticed that she was late. "I have to hurry I am already late as it is. Schala will be angry"

Antria ran out of the room on her way to Schala's chamber. When she got there she was surprised that Schala was not there. She went over to Janus's room. He was not there ether. Something was not right here. Usually she was already up and waiting for Antria but today there was no one around.

I guess I have the day off she thought. She went back to the main room. She was lucky. Most people lived in this room. Only the Line of Zeal and there attendants had there own room. A group of three people running towards the sealed door caught her attention. One had spickey brown hair and was Male. The other a female with a white jump suit and blond pony tailed hair. The other was weirder than the first two. She had all of there little inventions all over. Fool she thought only Dalton and the royal family could open that door. They would be back soon having given up on opening it. But then something strange occurred. The Blond haired girl produced a pendant very similar to Schala's She held it up to the door and it opened. How strange thought Antria they must be guests here at zeal.

There had been quite a few guests lately. But one stuck out. The profit. She had sensed something quite familiar about him. Sort of like she knew him but could not place him. A lot of weird things had been occurring lately. All the strange visitors Schala and Janus not where they were suppose to be. Then there was the Mount Woe. It had crashed into the sea for some unknown reason. All Schala would tell her was that the Guru was free. She finally gave up trying to explain the strange occurrences. The ocean palace had gone up without incident and that meant that things were fine. Right. She hoped as much.

Looking around the room again she noticed Janus playing with that stupid Pet cat of his, Alfrador if she remembered the name properly. That cat followed him everywhere. Janus came up to her

"Hello sir Janus" she said as she bowed before him. "how are you today sir"

"Antria" said Janus "The back wind is howling Strongly"

"What?" said Antria "What do you mean?" he had been saying strange things a lot lately and it was leaving her on edge

"Something is waking up" he said "Something Dark and Evil"

"What is waking up?" asked Antria "tell me Janus

"I don't have time to explain" said Janus "I must go to Schala" he ran off towards the sealed door.

She ran after him "Wait Janus" she yelled but it was no use.

Janus got to the door and produced his amulet. The door started to open and he went though Antria followed him in trying vainly to stop him.

When she went though what she saw puzzled her. Dalton dissipated and following him into the gate were the three people with there weapons drawn. What were those people doing her. Then she pieced it together. They were the ones. The once that came from another time. The ones that wanted to stop Zeal. They disappeared into the gate. Then she noticed Janus waking towards the gate. "No Janus don't go in there you can't"

He still went she ran for him as he entered the portal but before she got there it closed. She collapsed in a heap crying. What was she going to do. Schala was going to kill her for losing Janus. No she though Schala does not need to know that I was here. She does not need to know that I saw him at all. I will pretend that I only caught a glimpse of him as he entered the door. But never thought anything of it. Yes that's it.

She went over to the door. But it would not open. She punched and kicked the door. No use it would not budge. Schala would know that she had been here and it would not take her long to figure out that she had seen Janus. She sat down and though. Its all Janus's Fault she had only followed him because of his story. He jumped into the portal she tried to stop him but she was not fast enough to do it. That's what she would tell Schala. She sat there in self pity at being trapped here. Then a noise caught her attention. A rumble was growing below and it was getting louder.

"What now "She said out loud "As if I haven't been though enough already today."

She heard explosion in the distance they got more frequent and closer as time when on. She stood up wondering what was going on. A large explosion rocked the room and she realized that Zeal was under attack. But who was attacking it. No one had this kind of power.

If only she was not trapped in here. In this room with no way out. She was throne against the wall by a blast in the room. Another blast slammed though. Then all of a sudden the attack stoped. She wondered what kind of damaged Zeal had taken and tried to stand up. But a sharp pain in her leg stooped her. She looked down at her leg blood was pouring down from a rock that was in her leg. She pulled it out and collapsed in pain. She stood up taking the pain. she walked over to the hole and noticed the water coming up to meet her.

"Oh my god" she yelled as she realized that Zeal was actually falling. She looked around. Noticing a small room off to her right. She ran for it and barly managed to open the close the door before they hit.

Antria was thrown around in the room. She smashed her head against the wall and blacked out.


"Hello miss" said a friendly voice

Antria woke up to see an earthbound staring out at her. She tried to get up but a wave of dissyness hit her and she lay back down.

"Don't try to get up" said The Voice "You took a hit to the head. We barly pulled you out of the room you were in.

"Where is Schala or Janus?" she asked.

"Janus is dead and Schala hasn't been seen since the ocean palace disaster." Said The Voice

"Oh not Schala" said Antria "Who are you"

"My name is Doan" said The Voice "I am the leaded of the last village left."

" What attacked Zeal" asked Antria

"Lavos did" said Doan " It fell to the ocean and a tidal wave hit here. We barly managed to survive. There are a few people from zeal here."

"Thanks for saving me" said Antria A cat jumped up on her.

"Oh hello Alfador" she said "You miss Janus don't you"

So Janus was right she thought. Something was awakening. to bad Zeal had not noticed and it had cost her her kingdom. Alfrador Curled up and went to sleep.

"Mabey I should join you" said Antria as she fell asleep

The End

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