By The Demon

Marle woke up with tears in her eyes. She had been dreaming of that day. That day that she had lost him in the ocean Palace .That day she lost Crono to Lavos. The Day Crono died. She remembered that day. Crono had stabbed the ruby knife into the mammoth machine. The machine had gone haywire and Lavos apired. Crono Lucca and Marle had tried to fight but Lavos was too powerful and defeated them with easily. Crono has sacrificed himself so that they could live and save the world. She remembered bolts of light shot out from him and he just vaporized as if the very act of escaping drained him.

After that they had gone up to the north cape and Magus joined them and they went after Lavos. With Magus's aid they defeated him.

This did not help Marle. She had thought that killing Lavos would bring her some happiness but it did not. It only made her miss him more. She would give anything to be with him again. "ANYTHING!" she yelled out "To be with Crono again to be Together with him. "This started her crying again.

She swung her legs off the side of the bed and grabbed some coins of her night table and instinctively grabbed her crossbow. She then left her room going down 4 flights of stairs and into the main hall. She then left the castle heading towards the ferry dock.

She had to pass by Crono's house and when she did she just stared at it and cried at the memory of Crono again. She choked back a tear and walked towards the ferry again. She entered the shop that sells tickets and she bought one. She knew that she would be the only passenger and she could get the driver to take her where she wanted to go. After buying the ticket she got on board the ferry she handed the driver her remaining gold pieces and directed him towards where Death Peak was in this time.

The ship's motor came into action and sailed out of the dock heading towards death peak. She had done this trip tons of times. She would go up there and sit on the summit and stair out into space until dawn then head home with Lucca who would show up and stay for a few minutes. Marle guessed that she missed him to. Crono and Lucca had been best friends and Lucca loved him to but It was Marle that he liked in the end and Lucca had excepted that. Tonight was different some force was calling her up there.

She was shaken out of thought by a lurch the captain came up to her and said "Well Princess Nadia we are here"

"Call me Marle she" said as she got off the boat

"O.K." said the captain "We will pick you up at the usual time?"

She nodded and watched the boat pull off of the beach. When it was out of site she started to climb up the mountain. It was spring and there were flowers all around. If Crono was here he would have picked one for me thought Marle. She was very careful climbing up the mountain and watched so as not to fall on any of the jagged rocks. Or fall off the edge to here death. She walked thought the 2 caves and climbed up the ladder to the summit. She looked down at the land below "Oh Crono if only you were here you would have loved to see this"

The sun was just coming up Lucca would be here soon. She closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them.

"Crono" She cried.

She saw him he had come back to here she thought. He was a foot out from the cliff just staring at her.

"Crono" She cried again

There was no response. He still just stared a her and then motioned her to come to him. She looked down and saw the ground below a shudder ran though her. Crono motioned again and she understood what he ment. She started to walk towards him.

"No!" yelled Lucca

She had just arrived Marle looked at her and pointed to Crono Lucca could not see him and said "What Marle"

"Crono" was Marle's only response and she continued to walk towards him. She reached out and hugged him.

There was a loud thud that echoed from the bottom of the mountain. Lucca had only seen Marle walk off the edge and fall. She looked down and saw Marle's body impaled on one of the jagged rocks.

She began to cry then she saw it Crono and Marle just floating there and staring at her. A smile came to Lucca's face and she wiped off the tears. Crono and Marle were together again. Marle had given her life to be with him. Crono and Marle started to float away and they waved at Lucca. She waved back and the two of them dissapired.

Lucca headed down the Mountain it only took her fifteen minutes to descend it. She stepped onto the boat and the captain looked at her and said " Where is Nadia?"

Lucca said "She is with Crono "

The captain looked at her questionably and then Lucca said " They are together"


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