Mystery of the Masamune Part 6

Return to Guardia

By The Game God

Glenn glanced over at the Masamune. “Maybe I am the one… but I does not feel right.”

“What happened after you were changed?” Mune asked.

“I couldn’t return to Guardia… not like that.”  He shook his head, “I could not even return for Leene’s wedding.”  Glenn stood up and moved toward the Masamune.  “But I had to keep my promise to her…”

- - - Mystery of the Masamune - - -

After the wedding of King Toran and the newly crowned Queen Leene were riding in a carriage that would take them to their ship for their honeymoon.  The carriage was protected my six knights, all on horseback.  The entourage came to an abrupt stop when they saw Slash, the Mystic Régime’s top swordsman, and an entire battalion of soldiers standing on the road.

Slash smiled and raised his curved sword toward the group of humans.  “Death to the Mystics’ enemies!”  The Mystic soldiers advanced, forcing the human soldiers away from the carriage.  Slash slowly moved toward Toran and Leene.  He lifted a hand and froze the royal couple’s hands to the carriage.  “The Guardia line ends here!”

Suddenly, a dark figure leapt over the back of the carriage and landed on the ground in front of Slash.  He was dressed in black and wore a golden chest-plate which bore the symbol of the Knights of the Square table.  In his right hand was a sword.  Though changed into a humanoid frog, Glenn stood between Slash and the royals, determined to protect them.

“Well, well… what have we here?” Slash mused.  He raised his sword into a combative pose.  “You’ve come back for more, even after what Magus did to you.”  Glenn said nothing.  “They say you’re the greatest swordsman in the land… time to test that theory.”

Slash advanced with his best move, which was easily blocked by Glenn.  Their blades continued to clash, sending sparks flying in all directions.  Their skill seemed matched until Glenn swung with intense fury, breaking Slash’s sword in half.  Slash looked up to see four of the remaining knights approaching.  All of his soldiers were gone.

“You may have won this round…” Slash hissed, “… but there will be a reckoning!”  The blue-skinned swordsman vanished as Glenn approached the royal carriage.

He struck the ice holding the royals in place with the hilt of his sword.  Once her hands were free, Leene wrapped her arms around Glenn.  “Thank you, Glenn.”

“How did you know?” Glenn asked.

She smiled, “Your eyes…”

Glenn bowed to her, “I swore I would protect you, your Majesty.  No matter what form I take, no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I will keep my promise.”


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