Death and its Realms Prologue

By The Man

This is my newest and (hopefully) best story. It takes place after The Story of Tata, so I’m afraid that until I finish The Story of Tata, I cannot give you anything more than this explanatory prologue, that is, unless I feel differently between now and the end of the other story. There are a few things you need to know about this philosophy of Death, as that it is extremely important to know. Remember, this is what is what the story evolves around.

There are three different realms of an “afterlife:” Ji`groo, which is basically Hell for the evil and the villainous. Oske`, which is for normal, good folk. Finally, there’s Eimla, which is like heaven, namely for heroes and exceedingly honorable people.

When a person dies, he passes nine gates of life, which lead to the nine parallel universes. In other words, slightly different Earths. When he passes these gates, he is fully aware, and can choose to enter one of those gates and be reborn in that world. But what the walking spirit does not know is which one he’ll show up in. The gates constantly change which dimension they lead to, so there is simply no way of knowing. You have to leave it up to chance. They also change time periods, as well, so you may well end up a prehistoric man.

If the wandering spirit chooses not to go through any of the gates, he/she goes into whatever afterlife his life has chosen for him/her. If you do that, you can never go back to the land of the living. It is cut off from you in all perspectives, and you reside in the afterlife for all eternity. Ji`groo is not like the fiery Hell that you usually picture when the name “Hell” is mentioned. Ji`groo is a place where you lose yourself, to completely lose your mind. All you do is wander aimlessly, a lifeless, dull husk of your former self.

Oske` is pretty much like real life, except for a few things. For one, you can’t die, but you aren’t much different than what you were before you die. There are things you like there, but also things you don’t like. Oske` can look different to suit ones purpose in some respects, but like I said, only halfway.Eimla is basically Heaven for the dead heroes. Like Oske`, It looks different to every individual there, but it has everything you want, not just some. You want to be able to fly? You can there.

Ways of getting into Eimla include leading a successful and productive life for the most part, being a life saver, and other things like that. Now as I said before, the life gates constantly change time and realm. In all realms, in a certain time period of that realm, there is a gateway to another realm. But they can lead to the time period that does not have the gate to another. At that point, you are stranded in that realm until you die again. Of course, if you are reborn in a realm, you have no knowledge or memory of a past visited one or a past life.

But in addition to these special gates, there are also gates that lead into the three afterlife realms. The same rules apply to these gates, as did the ones mentioned earlier. Both of these kinds of gates can be anywhere in time and space. It can be as easy to find as running into a tree or as complicated as diving to the bottom of the ocean. The gates, once opened, stay where they are for at the most 150 some years. Sometimes people accidentally fall into them, at which point, they ado have a memory of where they came from. But like I said, in different realms means different times and places that the gates exist in, so sometimes, people fall in and never get out until they die.

But the gates that lead to the afterlife realms also change. If you fall in, you have equal chances of going into each of the different realms. This can be tragic, because sometimes good people fall into Ji`groo, and bad people fall into Eimla. You get the idea.

That should explain it all. I truly hope you enjoy this story, and like I said on my title page, if you got any comments or ideas, feel free to send them. Adios, Amigos!


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