The Story of Tata Chapter 1

We’re Under Attack!

By The Man

Five Years Later…

Tata was skipping through Gaurdia Forest one day. He enjoyed the woods. The woods just gave him a sense that he was the ruler of them. He knew that this wasn't true, but that King Gaurdia did. Still, the youth loved going through the woods all the time. The trees smelled great on this particular day. The sun was shining bright, but the big trees blocked out almost all of the sunlight so that tiny rays of light shone through the trees and sparkled the woods. Though it was a good 80 degrees, the shadows lowered the stinging temperature to a cool 66 degrees. But, as usual, shadows mean trouble. At that moment, trouble stepped out of the shadows. Four boys, each about eight years of age and each looking intently on Tata.

"Well, well, well. I see we have our boy Tata here." The boy leaned forward and whispered; "Are you going to take this like a man, or are you going to run away like all the other times?"

It was true. Every time he met up with these guys, they tried to kill him. And every time, Tata would run. But not this time. If he ran in the woods, they would surely catch him. He would have to face this one out.

"You don't scare me." Tata said defensively. One of the other boys held up a rope.

"Let's string him from a tree and use him as a punching bag!" said the boy. His name was Clem.

"No, let's tie him to a tree and punch his guts out!" said another, who's name was Jake.

"Naw," said the leader, named Len. "let's tie his feet up and swing him into these trees!"

Then, the fourth boy, Dip, and the dumbest of them all spoke up. "Or, we could tie him to a tree and tickle him!!" There was a pause. No one thought that was a good idea.

Again, Len leaned in close to talk to Tata. "Whatever we decide to do, this will be a day of Hell for you. We're going to make sure of that."

"Well, I hope you enjoy the victory with one freaking eye!" Yelled Tata. And with that he slammed his head into Len's face. Len literally flew back a foot and hollered in a loud voice. Everyone, including Tata was stunned. It was never known throughout the continents that a small five year old boy could make an eight year old boy of muscular build take flight with a simple head-butt. Tata didn't even know how he did it. It was just pure reflex. And the really amazing thing was that his head didn't even hurt. As Len sat up, Tata saw the damage he had done. He had hit Len in the eye, all right. It was swelling by the minute. In addition to that, his nose was bleeding, too.

"You little pervert!!" Len said in tears. "I'm gonna kill you!"

"Unless you want your other eye in the same condition as your other, I suggest you run." said a new voice. All of them turned to the sound of the new voice. There stood a boy. This boy, however, was fifteen years old. He had a thin build, yet his arms were powerful in appearance, much larger than the usual fifteen-year-old. His hair was green, and glittered in the light of a ray of sunlight.

"It's Glenn!" cried Jake. "Run!!!" And off they went. Glenn turned back to Tata.

"Hey Glenn!" yelled Tata. "Didja see me nail him?! I kicked his butt!"

Glenn smiled at the youth and said: "You know, when I was your age, I couldn't even take down bullies that were five also. You could start training as a knight."

"Really?! You thing so?" Tata asked excitedly.

"You bet." Said Glenn. "Which reminds me. Today's your birthday!"

Tata put his hand to his head and said: "Of course! How could I forget?"

"It also just so happens that I had something made for you. It's at the castle. I'm sure you'll like it." Glenn said with a grin.

"Really? Can I see it?" asked Tata anxiously. Glenn grinned and then swooped up Tata and laid him on his shoulders.

"Very well." Said Glenn. "By the way, I think Cyrus is there."

"Yeaaa!!" yelled Tata as they made their way towards Gaurdia Castle.

* * *

At that moment, Cyrus was gazing into the eyes of the lovely Alison, the most beautiful girl in Gaurdia. She had hair as golden as the sun, a light tan that went well with her hair tone. She wore a sweet smile on her perfect face as she gazed into his eyes as well. They held hands as they did so. They were standing in front of the door that led to the throne room.

"Alison?" said Cyrus in his powerful voice.

"Yes?" she said kindly. Her voice was silky and gentle

"I have been doing some thinking." He said shyly. "About our love for each other. And I finally came up with a solution." With that, he held out a ring with a diamond on it. He then proceeded to put it on Alison's finger.

"Cyrus, it's the most beautiful thing I ever saw." She said in amazement as she studied it.

"Then I got it for the right person." Said Cyrus. Before he could do anything, Alison threw her arms around him and kissed him. As they were kissing, he wondered how she could hug him so tightly while he had his black armor on. But he wasn't too worried. Her kiss was enchanting. It was the perfect moment. At the same time, it was the worst. Because at that moment, Glenn and Tata burst through the large doors of the castle.

"Hey, Cyrus! I found Tata and-" Glenn abruptly stopped, as he saw the scene in front of him, as did Tata. Cyrus and Alison stopped kissing and stared at the newcomers. Glenn and Tata were astonished. Glenn had been exposed to only a small bit of kissing, not being incredibly popular with the girls. Tata had seen none of it whatsoever. For a long time all any of them could do was stare at one another, mouths open, eyes wide. Then a small voice broke the ice.

"Woah." Said Tata. That was all it took to make them all erupt in laughter. One moment the room was silent, the next, the four of them were laughing their heads of. It was pandemonium. After minutes of shear laughter, things quieted down. Tata ran up to Cyrus and he picked up the small boy.

"How're doing champ?" Cyrus said as he held the little ball of energy.

"Great!" yelled Tata. "An guess what? I won my first battle!"

"That's fantastic!" said Alison as she kissed the boy on the cheek. "Who did you fight?"

"Len's gang. Hey Cyrus, put me down and I'll show you what happened." And so Tata began to act out the events that happened a short while ago. While he was, Glenn slipped away. He kept walking until he found the training and weapons room. He headed over to a cabinet with a single sword in it. He opened up the cabinet and took out the sword. He twirled it in his hands. It was a work of art, and therefor, had to have been made by none other than Banta, best swordsmith in Gaurdia. Glenn exited the room with the sword in hand.

Meanwhile, Tata was still telling his story as Cyrus and Alison listened intently

"..An then Glenn showed up and they ran away." Finished Tata.

"That was a great story." Said Alison. "And I proud of you for standing your ground."

Just then, Glenn reentered the room. He had his hands behind his back. "I'm not sure that you'll be able to use it at your age, but.." he held out the sword.

"WOW!" exclaimed Tata. "For me?"

"Yep." Said Glenn as Tata took the sword. It was surprisingly light in Tata's hands, but after the little skirmish with Len earlier, it might have been Tata that was stronger than he thought. The sword gleamed under the light that the Gaurdia crest gave. As Tata examined the sword, he found his name engraved on the hilt.

"It's great, Glenn. Thanks." Said Tata.

But then, there came a rumbling sensation. Then, a loud explosion rang through the castle. The doors to outside burst open, and a lightly burned knight trudged in.

"It's the Mystics!" he cried hoarsely. "They've launched an attack!"

In five minutes, every knight that the kingdom of Gaurdia could muster was out in Truce Village.

As Cyrus put on his helmet, Glenn drew out his own, not-as-cool sword and prepared for battle. He then turned to Tata.

"Tata." He said. "I'm going to leave now. Keep a low profile."

But as Fate would have it, Tata being Tata, ran outside to get a better view of the battle. He stood behind a tree and watched Cyrus and Glenn go into battle. He was amazed at how well-trained his older friends were. In one event, Cyrus was surrounded by two Henches, a Grimalkin, and three bats. In one quick motion, Cyrus swung his sword upward, slashed the three bats. As the motion proceeded, he spun the sword downward, slashing the Grimalkin's throat and lopping the Henches legs of, disabling them. Tata was so obsessed, he didn't notice the little imp sneaking up on him.

"Boo." Said the imp. Tata jumped and spun around. He had never faced a mystic before, and as the imp advanced on him, Tata was forced backward. Into the battle.

"I'm gonna pound you until your brain falls out through your nose." Said the imp menacingly.

Why does he want me? Tata asked himself. Why is he being so mean?

"Maybe I won't do that." Said the imp. "Maybe I'll just beat you into oblivion. Whatever I decide to do, this will be a day of Hell for you. I'm gonna make sure of that."

Something snapped in Tata's head just then. Those were the same words that Len had used to threaten him earlier. Suddenly he was angry. How dare he threaten him? Tata was infuriated. Now, instead of an imp, Tata saw Len. He hated Len. Tata drew back his sword, aimed, and thrust the sword forward. The sound of steel cutting through the air could be heard as the sword rushed to meet its target. There was a sickening sound. It was the sound of flesh being cut and of a head getting separated from its body. Tata looked down at the ground. There lay the imp, dead. With no head. Relief was apon him. He had won. But now he was in the midst of the battle, and he had trouble finding an exit. At the same time, Tata manage to find out the leaders of the Mystic attack. One was a woman, whom had surpassing beauty of even Alison. She had dark red hair, the color of human blood. The hair was in a long, tight braid. He had even caught her name from over hearing a Hench call her name. Her name was Flea. Tata saw another guy who looked like a leader. This guy had no hair, but a blue, bald head. The rest of his skin was blue, too. He didn't get his name. Another guy he saw wasn't a confirmed leader, but he sure looked like one. He was an enormously large imp, so fat that he couldn't walk, so he floated. He was green, and his name was Ozzie. But there was one leader that really caught his attention. He didn't seem incredibly important, yet he was a dangerous looking man. He wore a violet cape that went well with his hair. His hair, which flowed in the wind like a dark shadow. It matched Tata's hair color. He had a powerful build, and could wield magic pretty good. He also carried a scythe so sharp, it could cut through even the knight's armor. Tata had made a mental note to avoid this particular leader, but soon enough, Tata tripped. He looked at what he had tripped over. It was a boot. He looked at who's boot it was and practically had a heart attack. The man with the violet cape stood over him, looking down at him. Tata could feel his blood turn to ice. He now noticed that the man had red eyes that seemed to burn like angry flames. Then, the man's eyes went wide and said something that Tata knew meant a bad thing. This awkward moment was interrupted when a big green goblin with a huge mallet came rushing Tata. In a surprise move, the man slashed the goblin through the midsection. Once he was done, he turned back to Tata. For a minute, he stared at Tata. Then he scooped up the child and headed toward Gaurdia Castle. When they were at the foot of the castle, the man put Tata down and rushed back through the woods. Tata was stunned. Why had he spared his life? Tata didn't have much time to think about it, because at that moment, a high pitched scream rang out from the castle. He looked in one of the tower windows of the castle. There he saw a Grimalkin dragging a woman up the stairs. Tata quickly rushed into the castle. He then remembered he had no idea of how to get to the tower. But he did know a shortcut. He rushed to Queen Leene's bedroom. Once inside, he attempted to open the window, but it was stuck tight. Tata had no alternative but to break the window with his sword. "CRASH!" Tata carefully climbed out the window. He looked up. He could just see the Grimalkin's figure in a window in the tower. Tata climbed the walls and was impressed at how strong he was. Most kids his age couldn't climb a tree, and here he was: scaling Gaurdia Castle. But that was of secondary importance. He had to save the woman. He finally reached the roof. Steadily, he walked the roof of the castle. He had to walk, or else he might slip. He finally reached the tower. He now had figured out what the Grimalkin was going to do: he was going to drop the woman from the roof of the tower. So Tata climbed the tower. It was much harder than before. There weren't that many edges to hold onto. Suddenly, he slipped off the wall and fell. He hit the roof with a hard "THUD" and started rolling towards the edge of the roof. He tried to stop himself, but the roof was slippery. He was almost to the edge. Then, suddenly, he was falling. He reached out and managed to grab hold of the edge. He hoisted himself up. Again, he looked at the Grimalkin. He was on top of the tower, but the woman had broken free and was heading back. But the Grimalkin grabbed her again. Tata had no time to lose. He quickly climbed the walls of the tower and soon enough reached the roof. Tata was exuasted by now, but he had to save her. The Grimalkin spotted him, but not in time. Tata drew back his sword and slashed forward. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Cyrus rushing through the tower, but he would never make it. Then came the sound of tearing flesh and Tata knew that his sword had hit home again. But this caused the Grimalkin to drop the woman. Tata dived and caught the woman, seconds before she slipped off the edge completely. He looked at her. It was Alison. She was terrified and even though Tata was strong, he could not hold her.

"Let go or you'll be dragged over!" she cried.

"NO!" yelled Tata. But he didn't have enough strength to hold her. He was only holding on to her hand now. Now only her fingers. Then, suddenly, she was gone. Her scream could be heard from miles around.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Tata. All he could do was stare at her limp dead body on the ground. He saw Cyrus come and look over the side too. He started crying. So did Tata. There was nothing else to do. Alison was dead.


End of Chapter 1


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